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ter of Lord George Murray, who died on regiment, to be Major, vice Edward Drew. the unth of October 1960, and was father of 2110 foot : Capt. Nicholas Scarkie, from the late, and grandfather of the present Duke 71st regiment, to be Captaia, vice Malcola of Athol. She was married, first, to John Ramlay. Lord Sinclair, on the 24ch of April 1750, 220 foot : Maj. John Yorke, from 33d rea and her Lord died on the ad of November gimeot, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Jobs the same year, without iffue. She was mar. Campbell. ried to Mr Farquharson on the i$th of April 230 foot : Lieut. Charles Apthorpe to 5754; by whom, out of a numerous ifsue, Caprain-Lieutenant, vice David Hay The has lef: five daughters.

26th foot: Capt.-Lieut. Edward Thompa 25. At Bath, Dr John Green, Bishop of son to be Captain, vice Jobo Macdonalds. Lincoln

and Lieve William Blakeney Borough to be 26. Ac Edinburgh, Mr David Plenderleath, Captain-Lieutenant, vice Edward Thomps one of the ministers of the Tolbooth church soa. in that city

27th foot : Capt. Nicholas Wade, frog... 26. Ar Hope Park, near Edinburgh, John 49th regiment, to be Major, vice Michad. Watson of Maios, Esq;


33d foot: Capt. William Danrey to PREFERMENI S.

Major, vice John Yorke; Lieut. John Mag From the London Gazette.

ley to be Captain, vice William Dankey

and William Cleland, Gent. Hospital Mats: The King has been pleased,

to be Surgeon, vice West Hill. April 17. to appoint the Earl of Sandwich,

1, 35th foot : Lieut. James Lamb to he cap Tohó Bulier, Eig; Lord Charles Spencer, the taip, vice Thomas Bomford ; Maj. Edwards Earl of Lilourne, Henry Penton, Esq: Con- Drew, from 7th regiment, to be Major, rigt stantine Phn Lord Mulgrave, and Robert William Crosbie; and Lieut. Palliser Whecla. Man, Esq; the last in the room of Sir Hugh to be Captain, vice Edward Drew. Pallifer, who resigned, co be Commissioners

37th foot : Capt. Lieut. Stephen Cooke to: for executing the office of Lord High Admi• be Captain, vice Finch Tooley; and Licut ral of Great Britain and Ireland, and the do. Alexander Cameron, from 46th regiment, minions thereunto belonging. 139.679)

, to be Captain - Lieutenant, vice Stepbca - 24 to order letters. patent to be pafled Cooke under the great seal of Ireland,

38th foot: Maj. Henry Edward Fox, from - for constituting Robert Hellen, Esq; one 40th regiment, to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the Justices of the court of Common Pleas vice William Butler. in that kingdom, in the room of Thomas 401h foot: Capt.-Licut. Robert Shaw to Tenison, Esq; deceased; - and

be Captain, vice William Bamford; and containing his Majesty's grant unto Hugh Lieut. John Galon to be Captain Lieutenant Carleton, Ero: of the office of Solicitor. Ge- vice Robert Shaw. neral in that kingdom, in the room of Ro. ***

441h foot : Lieut. William Lewis Andres bert Hellen, Esq;

from 7th foot, to be Captain, vice Primrose - 27. 10 grant unto Arthur Duff, Esq; the office of Comperoller of the duties of

40ch foot : Capt.-Lieut. Lullum Bat well 19 Excise in Scotland, in the room of Walter

be Captain, vice Alexander Duffe; Lieute Coster, Efq; deceased.

Brian Bell, from 4th foot, to be Caprain) [P. S.] May. to appoint Mr James Cola

Lieutenant, vice Lullum Batwell; Licut. qulioune, to be one of the Six 0 dinary Clerks Peier Kemble, from ath regiment, to be of Sellion in Scotland, in the room of Mr Captain. vice John Hall; and Lieut. Charles Thomas Gibson, deceased.

William Morden, from yth foot, to be Caps W'ar-office, Feb. 6. 1779.

tain, vice William Lellie.

49th foot: Capt. William Browne, from 55th foot : Cape. John St Leger, of the

e sad regiment, to be Major, vice Henry Ed. ad hat. of the 73d foot, to be Captain, vice ward Fox; and Lieut. Charles Leigh, from Colin Lindlay.

15th regiment, to be Captain, vice Nicholas 50th foot : Lt-Col. Peter Craig, of 17th foot, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Henry 520 foot : Lieut. George Clewlow, from Johnson.

15th regiment, to be Captain, vice Williams, March 9.

Browne ; Capt.-Lieut. Loftus Cliffe to be sob foot : Lieut. Charles Stephedron, from Captain, vice John Gordon; and Lieut. Lin 35th regiment, to be Captain-Lieutenant, gonier Chapman, from 371h regiment, to be vice Lawrence Dulhuny.

Captain-Lieutenant, vice Lotius Cliffe. zih foot; Cape. Fdward Drew, from 35th both reg. 3d bat.: Lieut. Frederick de Dieregiment, to be Major, vice Lawrence l'are mar, from 4th bat. to be Captain, vice Jafons; and Maj. Wiiliam Ciofie, trom 3sih cob Muller; and Licut. James Rivers, from

syd regiment, to be Captain-Lieutenant, vi. Major ce George Mackay.

William Hamilton, of ad foot, - zest foot : Maj. John Maitland, from the To be Licutenant Colonci in the Army. Marines, to be Lieutenant Colonel, vice sir

'War-ofice, March 23. William Eskine; Capt. Simon Fraser to be Major, vice John Macdonnel ; Capt.-Lieut. 720 foot : Lieur. Charles Gunter Legge, Colia Campbell, from 7th foot, to be Cap- of the roth dragoogs, to be Caprain-Lieute. cain, vice Simon Fraser; Lieut. Nicholas Dant. Scarkie, from syth regiment, to be Caprain, 781h foot : Capt. Thomas Frederick Macice Alexander Ross; Lieut. Donald Macdo kenzie fiumberston to be Major, ald, from 261h regimeni, to be Captain,

War office, March 27. sice Nicholas Starkie; Capt.-Lieut. Robert Hutcheson, to be Captain, vice Boyd Porier 2d dragoon.guards : Lieut. James Durbam beld; and Lieut. Charles Campbell, to be to be Captain, vice Thomas Holme ; and puia-Lieutenant, vice Robert Hutcheson. Corn. Thomas Charles Hardy to be Lieute.

Dant, vice James Durham., March 16.

3d dragoon.guards ; Capt. Lieut. Henry 2nd foot : Capt. Archibald Erskine, from Yarburg to be Captain, vice Francis Boughand regiment, to be Major, vice Rawlins ton ; and Lieut. Thomas Cooper Everitt to diliman.

be Capiaio-Lieutenant, vice Henry Yarburg. zih foot: Capt.-Lieut. Alexander Came 19th" (light) dragoons : Maj. Gen. Ruffel ma to be Captain, vice Francis Graham; Manners to be Colonel. ang Lie it. Anthony Dalton to be Capraio 2011 (light) dragoons : Maj. Gen. Richard Lieutenant, vice Alexander Cameron. Burton Phillipson to be Colonel,

120 foot : Lieut. David Anstruther, from 25st (light) dragoons : Maj. Gen. John 18th regimeat, to be Captain, vice Archibald Douglas to be Colonel. Erkkine.

Coldstream reg of foot guards : Capt. John coth reg. 4th bat. : Lieut. Francis Erskine, Duroure to be Captain of a Company, vice from 33d regiment, to be Captain, vice James Mathew Smith. Allaz

Maj. Donald Macdonald, of the Highland Argyleshire reg.: Lieut. Peter Murdoch, Emigrants, to be Major in the Army by Brefrom 64th regimcot, to be Captain, vice vet. Campbell.

Maj. Donald Macdonald, of the Highland War-office, March 20.

Emigrants, to be Lieutenant-Colonel in the ud troop of borse-guards : Richard Barker,

Army by Brevet. di tbe 3d foot-guards, to be Surgeon, vice

War-office, April 10. Duncan Forbes.

10th dragoons : Capt. Robert Mason Lewis ud dragoons : Capt.-Lieut. Peter Smith to to be Major, vice William Morrice. be Caprain, vice John Rochied; and Licut. Coch reg zd bus: Brig. and Lieut. Alex. John Neibit to be Captain-Lieutenant, vicc ander Wright, of ad troop of hoi fe-guards, Peer Smith.

to be Captain, vice Daniel Macalpine. isth dragoons : Edmund Taylor, of 61st foot, to be Surgeon, vice Edward Hawkins.

War-office, April 20. Coldstream reg. of foot-guards : Capt. 2d troop of horse grenadier-guards : Capt. Thomas Slough to be Captain of a Compa. Thomas Leigh, of 17th reg. of light dra. py, vice Henry de la Douefpe.

goons, to be Lieutenant and Captain, vice 18th foot : Licut. John Joyner Ellis to be Erasmus Corbett. Captain Lieutenant, vice john Mawby.

6th dragoons : Surgeon John Crane, of Gift foot : Thomas to be Surgeon, 13th foot, to be Surgeon, vice William Portice Edmund Taylor.

ter, 79th foot : Capt. Edward Jenkins, of late 13th foot : Hospital Mate Houlton Harris 112th regiment, to be Captain, vice William to be Surgeon, vice John Crane. Gicaves.

soch foot : Hospital Mate Joba Maculloche Captain Commandant Dalrymple's corps : to be Surgeon, vice Trotter Hill. Capt. Edward Tildall, of soch regiment, to 761b foor: Capt.-Lieut. Juho Macdonald be Major of Brigade, vice John de Birniere. to be Captain, vice Macdonald ; and Captains

Lieut. Samuel Graham to be Captain Lieu. William Hamilton, of 2d foot,

tenant, vice John Macdonald. Joba Nairne, of Highland Emigrants,

Dr John Mervin Nooth to be SuperintendEdward lenkins, of 79b foot,

ant General of all the hospitals for the BriJames Barker, of soch foot, and

rith Forces in North America, and of all the Juha Freke, of 39th foot,

hospitals for the foreign troops in the pay of To be Majors in the Army.

Great Britain, serving in Norih America.


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As to the first of these, he could ne- of religious toleration, which have to ver be of opinion, that the introduction happily distinguished the æra of the Reof Popery would be attended with no formation, a moft diftinguished and emibail confequences, when he confidered nent one. It had indeed no being or exher doctrines is Antichriftian, her wor: istance in those ages, when, Christianity! Thip as fuperftitious and idolatrous, and itself being perverted into gross fuperfti. that the head of that church affumed a tion, fpiritual and civil Tyranny mainpower of dispensing with oaths, and all tained her empire over the nations. It moral obligations ; so that, if there was was then unpermitted to any to diffent nothing more in Popery but the Navish or to differ in the least, from the eftet submiffion which it taught the people to blished decrees of the church; and it was pay to their priests in all religious mat. then, that awful decrees against here ters, it was highly dangerous in a free made the consciences of men, which God ftate, as, by inuring the people to savith had subjected to no dominion but his principles and ideas in fpiritual things, own, tremble under the impofed yok. they were gradually fitted and prepared The dawn of the Reformation may to submit to the most despotic fway in accounted a miracle indeed, when it temporal matters, and even to become vailed to unhinge this yoke, and desig fit tools and instruments in the hands of those terrors. Its marvellous progre an inbitious and aspiring prince, to in- however, in ipite of all the power of it troduce an arbitrary or depotic form of adversaries, forced some intermiffion governmeni. As to the second argument, these severities. Yet the church of Rome That the repeal of the penal laws would though shaken to her centre, would ng not contribute to the growth of Popery ; tolerate but by constraint. She knew gentlemen who argued in this manner and learned, that the heaven-born prig might, in his opinion, as well maintain, ciple would subvert all the carved work that removing the legal barriers against of her idolatrous sanctuary. any crime, would not pave the way to What this nursery of error would ng the more frequent commiffion of it. And adinit, but declared execrable, the fa as to the laf argument, That it was of thers of the Reformation inculcated, a fisious and intermeddling in the clergy to a firit dictate of Reason and Christianity, interfere with a decree of the legilature; They taught and unfolded this principle we should view ourselves in two different in all its advantagevus lights. It was a capacities, as members of society, and proved, as the unalienable right and pn. a guardians of the religious interests of vilege which God had given to the ra the people committed to our care. E. tional mind of man ; and it was foun ven in the first of these characters, we to produce the most falutary and benefi poffered, in common with every British cial effects. As that was diffufed, th: fubjedl, a title to remonstrate and com- rage of religious wars was reprefied plain when our rights were attacked, or Men, no longer compelled by the fea in danger ; and, in the last character, of torture, became voluntary and fincent it was indispensably our duty to watch converts to pure religion and undefilet over the religious interests of the people before God. committed to our care. If they found W hence then came penal statutes is the Adembly disposed to do so, by ap- Protestant countries, with respect to ro pointing such a committee as was pro- ligion? Strong neceffity compelled them pored by the overtures, our people's because the Protestants, in a human com minds would be quieted, and they would parative view, were much the weaka repore perfed confidence in the atten. party. The Popith powers combined is tion of that committee to their interests: open leagues against them. They formbut if this was refused, jealousy and dir. ed and encouraged secret plots and coa trust would take place, and they would ípiracies against their domestic peace have recourse again to tlie same irregular and their emniffaries were often too fucand unconftitutional mode of oppofition cefsful in disturbing their tranquillity. as we have lately beheld with so muchH ence arose, and were enacted, thote Segret. :

laws and penal ftatutes against Popery. Rev. Dr Anderson ai Chirnside. It is and Popish priests and millionaries, in, fonir satisfaction to find, that the debate the British kingdoms. They were, ia to this day on the overtures may be con- their origin, purely defensive, and by na ducted with some regard to the principles means an adoption of the sanguinary and


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