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never set my foot on board a king's ship A. What I mean by rumour is, a great again."

many people were talked of to be tried Mr Pitt and Mr Lumley produced in common conversation, their log-books; and on being called up Q. When these alterations were ac on to take an oath of their being exact tually made, had you then heard of copies from the original log book, they Adm. Keppel's intended trial, or not? owned they also had made some trifling A. I have already said that I had not alterations in the month of October. heard of Adm. Keppel's intended trial,

Adm. Pallifer. What were the altera a Capt. Hood has referred to wha tions you made in the log-book ?

his matter said relating to these alteri Capi. Hood. The Grit alteration is in tions ; may I beg to have the clerk's ml sending out the lips to chace in the nute on that article read? morning ; my log-book first stated, that It was accordingly done; and the in the Vice-Admiral fent out the ships to nutes faid, “ That, to the beft of chale; I altered it to, “ the Admiral (Mr Arnold's) knowledge, the alter made signal for our ship and others to tions were made in the log-book after chace.” The second alteration speaks was known that Adm. Keppel was to more fully to the Admiral's signals in tried by court-martial.” the afternoon to wear down. The other The minutes neglected one maten alteration is the feeing the three Ships in expresfion of Mr Arnold's, which the morning of the 28th, which was o- within the recollection of all the com mitted in the original.

“ I think the alterations were mal Next day Capt. Hood was cross-exa- (says he), twelve or fourteen days ago mined by Adm. Keppel, thus.

Capt. Hood informed the court, that “ Q. Where is the entries of the Ro- must be more ; fince he was in Londe buste's log-book of the 27th and 28th, as by public leave, twenty days, viz. free it ftood originally ? A. I really do not the 16th of December to the 3d of know.

nuary. He then stated several reai Q. Did you fee any rough minutes of for invalidating the evidence of these two days transactions before they books, till he was stopped, it being! were entered in the log-books ? and reign to the subject. were they approved by you ? A. I cer- The President begged leave to rem tainly did see it in a rough manner, and Capt. Hood, as he had appealed to not knowing at that time but it was cor for the truth of his having been twet rect, it was inserted in the log-book. days in London previous to the ad

Q. Was it inserted by your approba January, that if he meant to use that tion? A. I directed it to be wrote in a proof of his not having heard of the log-book.

intended trial of Adm. Keppel, that Q. When was it that the alterations fore that time (that is before be and additions were made ? A. I do not Portsmouth on the 16th of December remember the day; but the master hao was known, though not officially, it ving been already before the court, I sub- the trial was to come on. mit the day to his recollection.

Adm. Keppel, Then I am to unde Q. As you cannot be precise as to the stand, Sir, upon the oath you have day, you can say, whether you then had ken, that you had not heard of my i heard of Adm. Keppel's intended court- tended trial when you directed thele martial ? A. When I took into confi. terations to be inserted ? A. I belie deration the alteration and correction of I have answered that question already. * the Robufte's log-book, I had not heard l. I do not understand that you have of any intention that existed of trying and I niuft beg of you to answer it nou Adm. Keppel.

ftraight and direct? A. I beg my fal Q. When you ordered these altera mer answer may be read. tions to be inserted, had you not then The clerk recurred to the former que heard of the intended court-martial ? ftions and answers, beginning with A. I had not heard of Adm. Keppel's words, “ When you ordered thefee court-martial, but it was rumoured terations," &c. here.

Adm. Keppel. I beg my question mal Q. Capt. Hood will be so good, as to be again asked. Am I to understand explain what he means by a rumour of a Sir, upon the oath you have taken, till court-martial which he never heard of, you had not heard of my intended tri

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the 27th and 28th of July, did it appear The Outside is fuperbly decorated to you as an old and experienced officer, with a variety of rich carvings and emthat Adm. Keppel did, on either of these blematic figures. On the top in the days, tarnish the honour of the British centre is a groupe of boys supporting fleet? A. Before I can give an answer the crown, with wreaths of laurel on to that question, I must ask the President the angles. On each corner are emblewhether any part of my evidence is to matic figures of the seasons, an eagle be taken.

on each centre pillar, and on the four The President. Your evidence is taken other pillars are the Heathen deities, fu. down, and stands part of the evidence. piter, Mars, Apollo, and Mercury, lus

A. I have long had the honour of pending festoons of flowers, and eacl knowing the Hon. Admiral, and I still diftinguished by his peculiar attribute respect him, notwithstanding my evi- two masks of Neptune and Minerva dence will not be farther requisite. His with palm branches, &c. decorating tb character is above my praise3. I have corners of the roof. On the centre given my evidence, as far as it has gone, the pillars and middle are Tritons, Ser with honour and integrity. The court nymphs, and Eastern trophies of wat must therefore judge and decide upon On the bottom-fides are lions head that question.

with feltoons of flowers, terminatin Adm. Moniagu. I do not think that is with the four corners of the world, an answer to iny question. It is a part presented by the horse, the camel, t. of the charge against the Admiral, and elephant, and the lizard. 1 Mould think that every captain com- The four standards are large emblem manding the British ships on those two tic figures of Europe, Asia, Africa, a days, can acquaint the court, whether, by America, with proper trophies. In tthe misconduct or neglect of Adm.Keppel, front is a large sea-horse with wing the honour of the British navy was tar- forming the foot-board for the coachmanished ? A. The court must know it two fine figures of Hercules, fupporti from my evidence. I cannot be a judge, the bind foot-board, with a malk of B:

Q. Did you see him? A. I have gi- chus, and supporters, the beds termin ven my évidence.

ting with lions, leopards, and dolphi Your evidence is to speak the truth, heads, adorned with fiags, foliages, & the whole truth, and nothing but the The iron work is moft curiously chale truth, so help you God.”

and the whole of the body and carria Capt. Cranston moved him to with- richly gilt with various colours. draw; and he accordingly did withdraw. The PAINTINGS. On one cent [ To be continued. ]

pannel, which does not open, are in la

oval carved frames, Maritime Fortune, i Description of a State-Coach, made at Lon.

: companied with Commerce, Plenty, a don by order of Gov. Rumbold, designed Friendship, each with her emblema as a prelent to the Nabob of Arcot, coft figures. b

J ACOT, coje figures, paying homage to the Nabt near 6000 l.

who is fitting in state with his attenda THE BODY is magnificently construct- guards, &c. On the other certre pa I ed, to contain the Nobob and eight nel, in a large oval carved frame also, attendants; the hind part being formed The Triumph of Beauty, a naked Vent as a coach, the fore part as a chariot, drawn by Cupids to her temple, atten and the doors, on each Gde, open to ed by Love and Pleasure, &c. and the front, which preserves the principal nymph crowning her with laurel, and centre paintings entire, and gives easy flying Cupid carelling her, with an er entrance to the nabob and his attendants, blematic figure of Love and Strengt who feat themselves according to their by a Cupid riding on a Lion, &c. ( rank, three on each fide fidewise, one the outside back, at the Nabob's hea on the right and one on the left hand of is a figure of Majesty and Power; ar the nabob on low feats, and the nabob on the opposite outfide front, two frame on a raised seat six inches higher at the supporting trophies of war. We thou back, so that none of his attendants (who fail in description, if we attempted to 1: are never permitted) lit fronting him. any thing of the richness and beauty The lining is a rich white fatin brocade, the paintings. On the whole, it is a cor decorated with filklaces, fringes, gold struction which does honour to tb and filver embroidery and jewelry of va. country. rious colours.


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