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Soflance of the remonstrances made to the Gene-
ral by the commanding officers of the troops of
the convention, soon after their arrival at Cam-
The dićtates of humanity, as well as our
duty, prompt us to lay before your Excel-
lency our humble representation on the state
of ourselves, and of the officers and soldiers
under our command. We beg of your Ex-
cellency to interest yourself for us, and, by
your remonstrances, to remedy the ill treat-
ment which we now undergo, and of which
we have but too much reason to complain.
According to one of the articles of the con-
vention which your Excellency made with
Maj.-Gen. Gates, it was agreed, that the
officers should be conveniently lodged, ac-
cording to their different ranks. Instead of
this article being fulfilled, we are put into
barracks, made of single boards; five, fix,
and seven officers in one room, without any
distinétion of rank.
The soldiers barracks, in general, are so
very bad, that the men, are not sheltered
ficia the cold, or rain, though they have of.

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