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indiscriminately. Persons suffering from

TYPHOID FEVER. blood dyscrasias and with a very small quantity of this life Auid have blood-ves

Young physicians are inclined to attach sels and hearts whose strength is in keep

too much significance to intestinal antiseping with the state of the blood.

To run

sis, or rather the attempt to bring about a considerable quantity of blood into such

such a desideratum. Without good and an individual may mean to waterlog the

sufficient elimination there can be accomheart or rupture blood-vessels, and cause

plished no semblance of intestinal asepsis. sudden death. Such a case came under our

This should be done early and effectively notice. A man suffering from a constitu

before putrescent matter has made inroads tional disease in which anemia was a fac

upon bowel tissue, and the toxins have extor, was pumped full of blood from his erted enervating effects upon nerve and healthy brother. Death ensued in a very

ganglionic centers. Calomel, salines, and few hours. Transfusion, like everything

castor oil are our most effective remedies, else, has its limitations. Its special field

Colonic flushings are at times of the greatis in normal states of health in which

est service. In one case treated by the there is sudden loss of blood.

writer the hyperpyrexia resisted all remedial measures until the colon was thor

oughly lavaged, when the high fever CONVULSIONS.

dropped. There was washed out offending

scybala which had not been affected by First get excited relatives and attend- cathartics, but remained in quiet nooks of ants busy heating water and doing other the large bowels, a menace to the life of things while you can give your attention

the patient. Few typhoid patients will beto the sick child. Take with you a syringe

come dangerously ill, and in that low state

of inanition so suggestive of death if the to which you can attach a small soft rub

alimentary canal is kept reasonably clean ber catheter. Irrigate the bowels as high from start to finish. as possible with soap suds. A few ounces of glycerin or castor oil added to the water

THE BABY DOCTOR. increases its efficacy. If the stomach is loaded administer ipecac if the child can It is sometimes amusing to note the repuswallow; otherwise inject, hypodermically, tation and prestige a medical practitioner 1-12 to 1-20 grain of apomorphine. This unconsciously wins in the minds of his will produce emesis in less than five min- clientele and the public generally. If his utes. Meanwhile the spasms may be broken acute cases usually terminate favorably he or mitigated by inhalation of ether or may earn the credit of being a good "fever chloroform administered cautiously. The doctor," while if he chances to have bad mustard bath is very classic treatment with luck, either avoidable or unavoidable, with the laity, and is probably beneficial. The a woman or two in confinement, he sees his after treatment is to administer calomel reputation as an obstetrician go glimmeror rhubarb, followed by castor oil. If there ing. While this may be the case with is a strong nervous element bromide of Jones, perhaps with Smith it is a vice sodium or potassium should be given to versa case. The inexorable law of comprevent recurrence by sedating the nerv- pensation usually wins out, and every phyous syster Belladonna is also sometimes sician, however humble, will eventually get given. This little dissertation seems ab- to a plane where he is appreciated by a surdly simple, but it does the work.

certain number of people.

It pays any doctor to win the reputation diele between him and the doctor. The of being a good doctor for babics, provided examination of the child should always be he ever puts forth zealous efforts to make thorough and satisfying to the physician; good. There are not a great many medical too often it amounts to little more than a men who care to be known as good "baby momentary inspection. Often the doctor doctors.” When we contemplate upon the feels it his bounden duty to "give somefact that about nine-tenths of general med- thing" for the psychic effects upon the ical practice concerns women and children, parents when, in reality, no indicated line it is surprising that more physicians do not of medication has yet presented itself to pay more attention to the ailments of in- him. fancy and childhood.

It will pay any doctor in general practice There is no medical matter of more vital to give more attention to the troubles of interest than that of the scientific feeding babies. He should be especially painstakof infants. It is a subject with which all ing in his diagnosis and cautious in his doctors have a speaking acquaintance, but therapeutics, always working along the line of which few, indeed, are masters. Infant of least resistance. mortality has been prodigiously reduced since better sanitary and hygienic measures have been adopted in our large cities.

INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM. It should and will in time be reduced still lower. The education of mothers along

This subject may seem to you, dear the line of correct infant feeding and hy. reader, as being trite and commonplace. gienic management, depends largely upon

It is a matter that concerns you as well the family physician.

as the publisher. There seems to be a conThe doctor who

certed action on the part of a few to freeze would successfully tide these little ones

out the independent medical press. Will along until their growth and nutrition are

you, reader, stand for this? The indewell established, must be both vigilant and

pendent journal is the only kind that is versatile. He may not be able to change

untrammeled and without bias. It stands a bad environment into one that is alto

for the rank and file, "the hewers of wood gether sweet and wholesome, but he should

and drawers of water," as it were. It is work to that end.

opposed to cliques, clans, and trusts. It The diagnosis of infantile conditions is is the representative of the independent not usually so difficult, notwithstanding the doctor. It is his mouthpiece. And after oft-repeated lay platitude about the little all many of the best ideas and inspirations fellow not being able to tell where it hurts. come from men who are toilers in this To those who will carefully study the humble class. To be independent does not young child when ill there are symptoms mean to be iconoclastic or non-progressive. spoken in “a various language.” The ob- An independent man or organ is one who jective and subjective symptoms of disease vehemently opposes second-hand thinking and ill health are both manifest. It is much and cut-and-dried rules, and regulations easier to make an accurate diagnosis of a which others seek to foist upon him. Inyoung child's case by making friends with dependent journals have a mission to perhim and thus lessening his antipathy for form that cannot be subserved by those the doctor. The examination of the throat under the dominion and guidance of orshould usually be the last procedure, forganizations, no matter what virtue and this too often puts the little one in a bel- ideals the latter may claim as all their ligerent mood and severs the entente cor- very own.


and a prominent member of a State Board

of Medical Examiners: one a chemist of "With its March number THE MEDICAL reputation, and the other a practitioner of SUMMARY begins its thirty-first year. The

known ability. Summary is not as pretentious as some of our exchanges, but Dr. Andrews, during

DID YOU SEE IT? the period of its existence, has given to his readers a really useful journal, indeed; a In the April number of THE MEDICAL journal well suited to the class of physi- SUMMARY there is a very good editorial, cians for whom it was intended, namely, entitled “A Business Talk.”The Philadelthe average practician. The SUMMARY has phia Physicians' Business Journal. By the been clean, kindly, and uplifting in its way, this is a new monthly publication defield during all the years in which we have voted to the business interests of physiknown it. Andrews is a good man personi

cians. ally, a man who, throughout his journalistic The reader will notice that "A Business career, has tried to do right according to Talk," mentioned above, was continued in the light that was in him. There are other the May issue of the SUMMARY, and we exjournals which could be much better spared pect to have more to say on the same subthan the SUMMARY. Take any copy and go ject from time to time in future issues. through it, asking this question: What is there in this which would be likely to give

“THE GUN.” real help in his daily work to the average practicing physician? You would not find

This is the term employed by the dope a great many publications that would count

world to signify the hypodermic syringe. up as many useful suggestions as would the

Its use is becoming more and more comSUMMARY We hope that Dr. Andrews

mon by denizens of the underworld, as finds his work fully appreciated, and that

well as many who lay claim to education the SUMMARY is as prosperous as it looks."

and respectability. Doctors are largely re—The American Journal of Clinical Medi

sponsible for the quite general use of narcine for May, 1909. In reply to the above

cotic drugs hypodermically employed. we have nothing to say but Thank You, Gentlemen; Thank You.




The young doctor knows more than the

old doctor, but the latter gets more busiThe recent adverse report of the Council of Pharmacy on what is claimed to be a

How many SUMMARY subscribers employ

automobiles in their professional work? preparation of strictly chemical composi

We would like to have a symposium on tion by the manufacturers, The Organic this subject. Chemical Manufacturing Co., has elicited Calomel usually helps to mend the broken considerable controversy as to test given heart of a sixteen-year-old girl if her carit by that august body, which, it is claimed, diac wreck has been caused by unrequited

love. did not include one prescribed by the United States Pharmacopeia. The coun

Every old drunken doctor has his re

maining vestige of pride tickled every day cil's report does not agree with the chem

by his foolish friends, who say: "Doc. ical and therapeutic tests before made of

is a splendid doctor if he would only let same preparation by a well-known chemist whiskey alone."

Leading Articles

Brief and practical articles, short and pithy reports of interesting cases in practice, new methods and new remedies as applicable in the treatment of diseases, are solicited from the profession for this department. g Articles contributed for the Summary must be contributed to it exclusively. g Write plainly and on one side of the paper.

The Editor is not responsible for the views of contributors.



Usually he goes to a drug store and saves LIMIT THE "BLACK PLAGUE." money by having the man prescribe some

body's dope for him; or a friend who has By J. A. DEARMAND, M, D.

been through the mill knows of a sure cure.

If clap is the disease he knows (by hearAt the session of the Iowa legislature say) that a nickel's worth of sugar of lead just closed, a bill was again introduced but in a pint of water, and a two-bit gun and failed of passage in the House, calling for a cure is all but made. Later on some docthe registration, reporting, and providing tor gets this case, but if he does it is at a penalty for failure to report cases of a time when there is about as much danger gonorrhea and syphilis. The average leg- of his copulating as there is of his walkislator does not pretend to know anything ing other than bow-legged. If it is syphilis about medical acts, and thus it happens that

some kind friend directs a generous applisuch bills as this are referred to the mem- cation of iodoform, and then for a few bers of the medical profession for en- weeks the patient lies about an injury and dorsement and approval before they are makes sewer gas and carrion seem like taken seriously. In the case of this bill, perfumes in comparison with himself. as happened two years ago, it had some Later on he sees the doctor but not usudifficulty in finding a sponsor, and when ally long enough to get cured. Nothing in one was found there was confidence lack- the proposed bill even remotely conteming, and so it came about that the bill plates the remedying of these ills. The got but some thirty odd votes while nearly plan briefly is to compel every doctor to twice the number was needed. Had it report within twenty-four hours every case reached the Senate it almost certainly of either disease to a county board of would have found breakers.

three doctors appointed by the district The bill itself has been advocated with judge. The patient must also immediately a degree of enthusiasm and persistency pay one dollar to the board; he must give most commendable by Dr. Clark, of Water- a bond in the nominal sum of $100 that loo, Iowa. By way of endorsement he has he will not subject any one to the infecaccumulated the approval of many women's tion of the disease. If the patient has no clubs and societies of women-all of whom money the county furnishes a cure and are enthusiastic but often unacquainted presumably care and board. When the with the difficulties that lie in the wake patient is well all record of the matter is of reforms. Many doctors who assume destroyed except the data. By way of easy sailing for such a law approve it in making the dose of legal dope less somean enthusiastic fashion. Laws do not affect thing or other, a later modification exempts human tendencies, and human passions are from a report a husband or wife. In a law unto themselves. It is one thing to other words, in the cases where real dansuggest what weak human nature should ger and almost certainty of infection is do, and quite another to get it to do it. found, a loophole is left for escape. In general the victim of either of these I think the bill is a joke and that it is diseases should go at once to a reputable but another effort to secure goodness and doctor and follow the directions he there virtue by force. The average man who has gets, and stay with or by the doctor until the clap has just what he deserves, and he is pronounced cured. That is what he ought to have. I cannot now think of a ought to do, but it is what he does not do more reasonable and just case of the punin more than half the cases that occur, ishment fitting the crime than the average case of clap presents. It is the gambler That honor and health and happiness lic being robbed, the hold-up man being held ahead of those who shun the painted siren, up, the guilty caught, and very often the and that the sower reaps the crop planted, cure for those sensible enough to gain are lessons and truths never too trite to wisdom from experience. A patient who be overlooked or forgotten. Innocence and goes to a doctor and offers a case for virtue will continue to suffer and pay with treatment should be charged for the serv- their lives the price of the libertine's touch. ice and charged well, for the lesson other- But purity and decency and cleanliness still wise is lost. Many a man gets good when hold the balance of power. Day by day it is expensive to be bad. Next when he there is less reliance in ignorance, and let is told of the dangers and possibilities that us hope the day is dawning when educalie ahead of the further indulgence in in- tion will include that knowledge without tercourse while diseased, and yet goes which all education is but the shadow. It ahead and disregards all orders and in- pays to be good, and nothing is so expenvites disaster, he is only reaping what he sive as being bad. In no consultation is has sown. Why need the medical man there greater need of the serious talk than grieve over that condition of affairs ? Is to the patient who has the "black plague." it not the very thing that occurs day after He may forget the singer, but he won't day in innumerable cases of various kinds ? forget the song. It is just possible that a law that would

Davenport, Iowa. punish the individual who, knowingly, infected another might help some, but the difficulty in proving the charge would make

RENAL CALCULUS. that sort of law a dead letter.

The ravages of the “black plague" are more heard of than seen. All medical men

BY J. S. WARD, M. D. meet cases that succumb to the iodides and the tube cases that require or get operations On the second day of May I was called are sufficiently numerous, but that a law to see Mr. C. P. W., a farmer and brick such as this would affect the number or mason, and found him in great agony. reduce the severity of the diseases is a He had been taken without premonition matter for dispute. The social evil is one when apparently in the most perfect health. that we are likely to have with us for He described his pain as grinding, boring, some time to come. Its control and ban- and cutting, commencing just to the right ishment can be accomplished most easily of the spinal column and opposite the kidby men too old to be dangerous, and women ney, radiating down the course of the too good to be true. Other people know ureter and spermatic cord into the testicles; that human nature will have to be made also into the bladder and along the urethra over, and that moderation exercised by into the glans. The rectum was also af. parents and grandparents will be neces- fected by a heavy bearing-down pain. sary before the young can be expected to Nausea and vomiting, together with follow the narrow path. The sexual in- chilly sensations, soon followed the attack stinct is the product of generations, and of pain. when control is to be safely looked for, the Pulse about 60 per minute, small and effort must concern years and decades and weak, while his face looked drawn, shrunkgenerations before results can be safely en, and of an ashen paleness. counted on. Saner laws relating to divorce, I diagnosed his case as renal calculus, severer penalties for moral breaches, and and gave him 14 gr. of sulph. morph., hope may get an inning. Man's inhumanity hypodermatically, to relieve him, which it to man first makes countless thousands did within twenty minutes. suffer and then mourn. Personally, I have I then put him on concentrated tincture given up hope of seeing the millennium of rhus aromatica in teaspoonful doses, in ahead of time, and I have no confidence half a glass of water every three hours, in the short-cut methods designed by short- night and day; also a 5-grain tablet of sighted but enthusiastic champions to re

citrate (effervescing) three times a construct the human family. In the lan- day, and in conjunction with the above I guage of the street, people need "fixing." gave a heaping teaspoonful of sal. hepatica

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