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of Pathology of Tulane Medical College, symptoms are as follows: The attacks New Orleans. He opened his lecture on come on sometimes once a week, and some“Laboratory Tests in Infectious Diseases," times once every two weeks, and sometimes by showing the advantage of making a only once a month. They usually come at more perfect microscopical test for rectal night after going to bed. He gets nervous sarcoma. If you snip off a piece of the or uneasy, grunts and groans, gets out of mucous membrane covering the sarcoma, bed and walks the floors for hours; somethe microscopist will not report a sarcoma;

times he is up all night, and during this hence cut out a piece of the tumor proper time he complains of having pain in his and you will receive a positive report from stomach and bowels. All this time he will the pathologist. His second subject was be belching, or trying to belch up gas off an "Improvement Upon the Diagnosis of his stomach. Of course, I have treated Scarlet Fever.” He agrees that it is caused him myself, and have had three or four by protozoa. To find them he proceeds in other physicians treat him, and he went this manner: He moistens a piece of cotton to Hot Springs, Ark., and was treated there the size of a ten-cent-piece with stronger by a physician, and also took the hot baths, ammonia water, and places it upon the all with but little or no effect. He is rather thorax (or sometimes in the groin), and thin, weighs about 145 pounds, 24 years permits it to remain until it smarts well. old, married three years ago, and one child. Then remove it and cover the part it oc- He has been afflicted in this way for about cupied with a thick layer of vaseline. In four years. His appetite is fairly good, five minutes you will have a blebs or blis- bowels somewhat constipated. He was ter formed. To extract the serum intro- raised on a farm, but never did much work duce a thin aseptic pippet, capillary tube, connected with farm work. He was elected or use a hypodermic needle for an aspi- county clerk last fall; prior tu that time rator. Place a drop of the serum on he had been teaching school. He is temslide, dry it, wash with methyl spirit, stain perate, does not chew or use tobacco in with methylene blue, and with a one-sixth any form, or use intoxicating liquors. He or one-quarter objective you can

is very careful about his diet. Now, docprotozoon. You will notice that where the tor, will you please give me your diagnosis protozoon is in contact with a leucocyte, and let me have a prescription for him, and that the leucocyte is indented and appears thanking you in advance for what you may as though the leucocyte was trying to en

do for my son,

I remain, gulf it; hence that part of the leucocyte

J. T. C. looks like a crescent. These protozoa are Mulberry, Ark. shaped quite peculiarly. Some look like thick flagella, some like an eggplant with

(He has gastro-intestinal indigestion, of a tail, and others like the rosette of malaria. In size they are as large and some

course, but his chief trouble is the forma

tion of gas which accompanies this indilarger than a leucocyte, hence no trouble

gestion. This is to be combatted by diet, to find. In closing, will say that Dr.

regulation of the bowels, judicious exerDuval's lecture was well attended.

cise, and the use of anti-fermentative mediR. D. FAIREX, M. D. . cation. He will not make a rapid recovILIO S. Rampart St., New Orleans, La. ery under any medication, and he must

consent to be patient and persistent. We

think a very short trial of the following GASTRO-INTESTINAL INDIGESTION suggestions will enable you to relieve him -QUERY AND REPLY.

so much that he will submit to orders and

will take courage. Editor Medical Summary:

The constipation must be absolutely elim

inated, but you must sedulously avoid those I have a son who has intestinal indiges- active cathartics which disorder digestion. tion, as I call it. I will give you his symp- Let him take some of the following drugs, tom: as near as I can, and I would learning by experience which one suits him very much like for you to make out best, and then adhere to it. Let him take your diagnosis and prescribe for him. His enough, only, to secure a mushy stool once

see the

a day. We list in order of our preference:

CLIMATIC CONDITIONS - AN EXPhenolphthalein, i to 10 grains, on retir- PLANATION AND CORRECTION. ing; extract cascara sagrada, 5 to 15 grains on retiring; Drysdale's aperient Editor Medical Summary: tablet, one to two tablets or pills on re- The table, in my paper on “The Influtiring, or night and morning. Let him ence of Climatic Conditions in the Treatdrink a pint of water just after rising in ment of Tuberculosis," printed in the the morning, and just after retiring at March number of your journal, is meaningnight. Before rising let him knead, with less as it stands. Evidently in my manuthe clenched fist, over the line of the colon, script I negiected to put the proper caption beginning on the right side and progressing over the different columns. to the left, and as low down its line as I give herewith the completed table possible, for ten minutes. After rising, or which, as a favor, I ask you to print in after breakfast, let him go to the closet and the May number as a correction to my take position for defecation even though no paper, and I ask the readers of the SUMdesire is felt; do not advise "strainging," MARY to note and ponder this comparison but remain on seat for at least ten minutes. of climates. There is not much difference After a few days of this regime he will in the temperature of the different regions, be able to select a regular hour each day but in sunshine and rainfall the difference for his evacuation, and the bowels will is extreme. You doctors who have tried move like clock work. When this occurs to treat tuberculosis in the Mississippi gradually reduce his medication till it can Valley or the Atlantic slope, note the difbe abandoned. It is possible that you might ference in the number of clear days. At get this same effect through the use of the Cincinnati you have 95 clear days during rectal dilators, twenty minutes, twice daily. the year; at Philadelphia you have 106;

Put him on the following tablets or in Rocky Ford we have 277. To live out pills: Betanaphthol, 5 grains, every four of doors is easy and comfortable here. If hours. Crush, and follow with water :- this alone were the only advantage to be R Strychnine

obtained from change of climate, which Powd. black pepper,

it is not, yet if it were, it would be worth Powd. ipecac ..āā. gr. 13. all the time and trouble and expense of Powd. gentian

moving Oleoresin capsicum

..m 18.

TABLE OF COMPARISON OF CLIMATES. M. Sig.–One every four hours.

No. Clear

Min. Days in Alternate these so that he takes a tablet

Temp. Temp. Year. Rainfall every two hours. This, we believe, will Rocky Ford, Col... 99

277 14.6 check this excessive fermentation.

Philadelphia ...106


41.7 He will know that certain foods cause Cincinnati


95 45 him to develop more gas than ordinarily;

L. P. BARBOUR, M, D. let him strictly avoid these. Do not con- Rocky Ford, Col. fine him to any rigid diet, as he can learn for himself better than any doctor can tell

QUERY? him what he may or what he may not eat.

Let him take enough physical exercise, Editor Medical Summary: out-doors, twice daily, so that he will re- Dr. Burnett's questions and a squib untire at night actually tired.

der heading of Summary Gleanings, page If he is nervous after he has been on 384, of February SUMMARY, along with the above line of treatment for one week, other things, puts me in mind of this cne: put him on the following pill or tablet Insert in an early number of the SUMMARY, every three hours till his nerves are abso- asking for a treatment of corns, one that lutely at rest; then suspend till he needs will cure, or can you advise where I can them again

procure a book dealing with this alone or RC Camphor ..

other such common, but unwritten subjects Ext. hyoscyamus,

or troubles. Any help you may offer will Ext. valerian .....āā. gr. 12. be thankfully received. We will be glad to learn how this treat

J. A. CORN, M. D. ment "pans out."-ED.)

Le Roy, Kansas.

.gr. 140.

·gr. 1/2.





gr. j.


SOME FACTS WORTH REMEM- above are old remedies, tried and true, that BERING.

have been tested in hundreds of cases and

found reliable. Editor Medical Summary:

When you have a patient that complains One remedy that I have found reliable

of a hacking cough and a sense of rawness in the treatment of diabetes is the lycopus

sore feeling of the throat and chest, virginicus (bugleweed), the plant is the

given him three tablets of kali mur., third part used. From an analysis of the plant decimal trituration, (potassium chloride), we find it contains 40 per cent. of tannin.

once in two hours, and notice how soon the If I have a patient passing large quantities cough and soreness will fade aawy. In of water in the twenty-four hours with

your cases of chronic catarrh, when the great thirst, I give the above remedy. patient complains of pressure at root of Take one ounce of the bugleweed (most

nose, “slugs and clinkers” form in the nose, drug stores have the pressed herb), make

and also a greenish discharge. They have an infusion with it in one pint of hot

dropping down in the back part of the water, give a tablespoonful four times a

throat-a stringy mucus. There is just one day. Dr. John King, in the American Dis

remedy indicated in such cases, and it is pensatory, says the above remedy has

potassium bichromate, the third decimal "cured cases of diabetes where other reme

trituration, two grains once in three hours. dies have failed.” In my own practice I

As a liquid for the nose, you may use : have cured many cases of this disease that

R Sol. nitre, had been “the rounds” and failed to get Sodium borat., any help.

Ammonium muriate, In the treatment of rheumatism we are

Sodium chloride ........äā. Zj. often puzzled to find a remedy for these

Mix and pulverize, then add :old "chronics” that have been “the rounds” Oil gaultheria

.3j. and claim that "no remedy can cure them.”

Alcohol ...

..Oj. Take one ounce of cimicifuga racemosa, M. Put this in two quarts of pure water, put in one pint of hot water (not boiling),

let it stand for forty-eight hours, then filter. let it stand for forty-eight hours, then give

Sig.–Pour some of the liquid in the one tablespoonful an hour after each meal,

palm of the hand, sniff it up each nostril of or, if you choose, you may add one ounce

the nose until it is felt above the back of of the, cimicifuga racemosa to a pint of

the throat. Do this four times a day. gin and let it stand three days, then give a

I have, in my practice, cured many cases tablespoonful one hour after each meal.

of catarrh where they had been affected This remedy is also called macrotys. Most

with the disease for years and could not patients like a liniment to use; they will

smell anything. I have treated the worst expect it, and it will give them something

cases in northern New England and up to do. Let them use :

around the lakes, in northern Ohio. Every R Gum camphor


physician in general practice should be able Oil wormwood


to treat chronic catarrh successfully for it Alcohol


will add just so much to his office busiM. Sig.-Rub the parts thoroughly with Many a fine looking young lady is the above three or four times a day, and afraid to get married on account of a they may rub out the rheumatism in three

stinking breath from catarrh, likewise the or four days.

young man. If you can cure them, they The above are simple remedies, but in will bless you evermore. my experience the best cures I have ever

Eli G. Jones, M, D. made have been with simple remedies. Burlington, N. J. Those who are inclined to ignore our simple vegetable remedies should remember

UNUSUAL CASES. the words of Paracelsus: “A physician should overlook nothing; he should look Editor Medical Summary: down before him like a maiden, and he A case of typhoid fever in a young girl, will find at his feet a more valuable treas- aged 15 years, whose illness ran the usual ure for all diseases than India, Egypt, length of time with no complications, and Greece or Barbary can `furnish." The extreme care taken both in the nursing and


the diet. She went on to apparent con- General myocarditis is always acute. valescence, the fever almost normal for

Local myocarditis may be either acute or twenty-four hours consecutively. After

chronic. Local myocarditis is generally having given explicit instructions that no nourishment, except liquids, should pass

due to formation of a thrombus in the terher lips for two weeks more, and having

minal endings of the coronary artery. The written a prescription for a restorative symptoms of acute myocarditis are vague tonic, I passed out to return to my home. and chronic myocarditis in an advanced deHer father coming out, detained me in con

gree may be present without physical signs versation some time, when his wife came

and be devoid of clinical expression. out hurriedly and announced that her daughter had been suddenly seized with

Acute myocarditis generally appears duragonizing pain in her abdomen. She was ing the course of or in convalescence from screaming. I knew then and there that I

an infection. There may be a sense of ophad a perforation to contend with, but no

pression referred to the precordia, with relief, except with anodynes. The abdo- dyspnea, fainting spells, and frequent sighmen began to swell, and in twenty-four ing. The pulse is rapid and weak, but not hours she died with peritonitis. Such

often showing any irregularity. The cirthings are accidents, are unforseen, and culation is depressed, face pale, and hands cannot be prevented. The reason I say

and feet cold. In many of the cases the so is, because I kept down tympanites by patient makes no complaint of anything disenemata of egg emulsion and turpentine in

turbing in the region of the heart. Death a quart of very warm water, every day.

is sudden from acute dilatation or cardiac I prepared it by beating the yelk of an egg

paralysis; this is particularly the case in in a saucer, adding a teaspoonful of tur

diphtheria and in pneumonia. The physpentine to it, and stirring the mixture into

ical examination reveals feeble heart a quart of hot water, which was passed sounds, with sometimes an accentuated slowly and gradually into the bowels.

mitral first sound. Impulse and apex beat Great care was used that it should go into

are diminished or entirely imperceptible. the bowls slowly, so as not to distend them

In cases developing acute dilatation, an insuddenly. Perforation is an accident which

creased area of dullness may be mapped may occur in even mild cases.

out. D. L. FIELD, M. D.

Chronic myocarditis is generally only Jeffersonville, Ind.

suspected for the first time during the

course of an infection, since they, alone, DIAGNOSIS OF ACUTE AND

seldom or never lead the patient to conCHRONIC MYOCARDITIS.

sult a physician. When the patient conEditor Medical Summary:

sults a physician, and the most thorough

examination is given, absolutely nothing Will you be so kind as to clear up the

may be found upon which a diagnosis subject of "Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic

could be based. When the symptoms are Myocarditis." I have a number of the

combined with the symptoms of other latest texts on diagnosis, but after an ex

trouble, such as a nephritis, it is the comhaustive study of the disease in question

bined symptoms which drive the patient to I am obsolutely lost as far as the diagnosis

the physician, and these combined sympis concerned. Kindly write me and tell me

toms are often baffling to the most expert what experience you have had with this diagnostician. The complexity of phedisease.

nomena should put the physician on his You can publish this query; it will surely guard enough to obtain the most complete interest some of the boys, as I am sure

history possible, so that he may trace out most of them are short of diagnosis. the endocarditis previously existing; then

A. CHARBONNEAU, M. D. the secondary myocarditis; then separate 641 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.

the myocardial symptoms, when possible, [This is one of the most difficult of all from those of the intercurrent disease. diagnoses; indeed, it is often impossible to Only those cases are easy which present make a diagnosis of myocarditis. We may a similar condition elsewhere, as in a mention some few points which may be of thrombosis existing elsewhere, an apoplexy, some help to you.

uremia, etc.-ED.]

Favorite Prescriptions

We invite practitioners to send us for this page, one or more of their favorite prescriptions. Only such as your personal experience has convinced you to be of practical use should be submitted.

Formulas plainly written on postal card is a convenient way for sending. Always give them in this order, please. 1. Name of disease. 2. The formula and directions. 3. Your name, town and State.

Reader, let us hear from you in time for the next issue of the Summary. It is our wish that the reader take a special interest in this department of the Summary.


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.gr. iv.


by the homeopaths. Try it, doctor, and

you'll be surprised as well as pleased at its Editor Medical Summary:

good effect. A dead shot for ring-worm of the scalp

J. A. WARD, M. D. or any other part of the body :

Troy, Mo.
R Chrysophanic acid ..3j.

Vaseline (white),
Ung. aqua rosa ..āā. 3j.

M. Sig.–Apply with finer or soft brush
to diseased part, once a day, until the skin

Editor Medical Summary: thickens up and becomes inflamed; then While the following prescription is not wash off with brown Castile soap and dress exactly original with me, yet it has proved with olive oil or simple cerate.

of sufficient value in my hands to induce Never has failed in our hands. The me to present it to the SUMMARY readers, chrysophanic acid should be fresh and well that perhaps it might prove of sufficient powdered.

interest to some of the readers to give it Be carefud that it is kept out of the eyes, a trial : as it might cause an inflammation of the R Sodium salicylic ..........3ij. conjunctivia that would get up trouble.

Zinc phosphide,
J. A. WARD, M. D.

Ext. nux vomica ....āā. gr. ij.
Troy, Mo.

M. Divide in capsule No. 24.

Sig.–Two three times a day. FOR CHRONIC OR SUB-ACUTE

R Calcium sulphide

Divide into eight capsules. One at night, BRONCHITIS.

8 P. M., one at 10 A. M.

L. G. DOANE, M. D. Editor Medical Summary:

New York City. In chronic or subacute bronchitis, with constant cough, attended by a tenacious frothy expectoration, the following will

often act like magic:-
R Potass. bicromate

Editor Medical Summary:
Sac. lactis ...

The following prescription is a remarkM. Ft. chart 240.

ably fine one in many cases of chronic Sig.-Give a powder every half-hour to diarrhea, and has proved of inestimable every one or two hours, dry, on the tongue, value in my hands; consequently I present and swallow without water or other liquid. it for publication in your highly esteemed

The bicromate of potassium and milk journal: sugar must be most thoroughly triturated, R Bismuth subnit.

.3iv. so as not to show any specks of the bicro

Salol mate, even by the aid of a strong magni- Orfying glass. Try it; it will not deceive Betanaphthol bismuth ......xl. you.

M. Make capsules No. viij. The different strengths of this prescrip- Sig.-One capsule every three or four tion can be procured at all first-class drug- hours. stores.

T. G. STEPHENS, M. D. The above is, perhaps, the strongest made Sidney, Iowa.

.gr. j. ·gr. ccxl.

.gr. xl.

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