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and gave this formula, and had such happy "the mind runs the body," especially in
results that I give it for what it is worth :- such cases :
R Sulphurated potassa ......3iij.

R 01. terebinthinæ,
Ung. hydrarg. nitrat.,

Ol. gaultheriæ ..āā. Zij.
Sapo mollis

.āā. Zss.
Ol. eucalypti .

.gtts. v.
Vaseline (solid)

q. s. Zij.

M. Sig.-Twenty drops after meals and M. Ft. ung.

bedtime on lump sugar, slowly dissolved

in the mouth or in a little sweetened water. Sig.-Rub in well the last thing at night and first thing in the morning wash

It can be employed as a liniment with off, after morning's application, with

good results, and it has been of great serv“Grandpa's” common wonder soap. It is

ice to me for years. I have used an oldso full of potassium carbonate and com

fashioned teniacide for years with good remon tar, that it kills the parasite or itch

sults, and as it is a little unusual, many mite.

of you have not been familiar with it.

Give the patient weakened doses of Epsom The salve perfumed with a little oil of

salts, in strong lemonade, for two days bergamot is not objectionable, and does

previous to taking the antidote, and a light quick work. Where a lotion is indicated use this, and you will find it effective:

slop diet. The magnesia and lemonade

will take away the mucus protection from R Acid salicylic,

the worm, and have your patient take a Potassium bicarb. ....āā. 3vj.

pint of kershaw or crooked neck squash Aqua dest. ........ s. Zviij.

seed pounded up in a strong mortar, with M. Ft. lotio.

enough water to make a light emulsion, Sig.–Use three or four times a day on and strain through cheese cloth. Take onepoints that itch, and wash off once a day half, and in one hour the rest; three hours with soft soap or the bar soap mentioned. after take two tablespoonfuls of castor oil,

I never believed much in internal medi- or one dram of comp. jalap powder, and cation, as the ravages of the parasite is six drams of sulphate of magnesia in half truly a local affair. Of course, the clothing a glass of water. You get the head every should be changed often and strict cleanli- time. The kershaw seed can be gotten at ness observed in every way. Where it is any seed store, and you can often get the imperative that you make a rapid cure, squash at the grocery store. Did you ever use a 90-per-cent. solution of liquid acid notice, you men of the profession, that all carbolic with glycerin, and antidote it lo- anthelmintics act on the great sympathetic cally at once with pure alcohol; as it most chain of nerves, and the majority dilated often presents itself on hands, forearms, the pupil. Santonin, spigelia marilandica, and lower extremities, you can do this or pink root, one of our most efficient easily and with safety. Oftentimes those preparations for the annoying lumbricutaneous diseases are overtreated, and a coides, will cause light delirium and a very troublesome irritation produced by dilated pupil : Santonin, pelletierin, all the agent employed to treat and control it. of them, and kousso. The kershaw-squash I give you a prescription as old as the hills, does it in some cases to marked degree. but very popular with the laity after they Pumpkin seed is good in some cases, but have used it. It is indicated in subacute too mild in many. In writing a practical rheumatism and bottled-up uric acid, article for a journal, one digresses and gets where we have unhealthy deposits and in- way out in the stream, and in a future filtration in the muscles, and the toxins article I will stick to the text and try to cannot get in the general circulation, and draw from the cortical cells of my brain a where we have a false metabolism, if you few thoughts that will amuse and perhaps can use the term. In septic prostatitis or edify. Some that are willing to recognize when we have hypertrophy of that gland, that a man of forty years' experience has it certainly does effective work, and then a few good cards up his sleeve yet, and is we have a strong and potent psychical ef- willing to play them for the benefit of those fect, as the terebinthinate odor is so marked that are willing to absorb. the patient thinks the goods go right

A. V. BANES, M. D. through to the diseased surface. Verily, St. Joseph, Mo.


learned it himself from Chiron, the centaur,

and afterward instructed his friend, PatroEditor Medical Summary:

lus, in it, who did not disdain to exercise

the art in healing the wound of Eurypilus. We learn from “Rollins' Ancient His

This wound he healed by the application tory":

of a certain root, which immediately as"In early times the origin of physic, the suaged the pain and stopped the bleeding. beginning of which, as of all other arts Botany, or that part of physic which treats and sciences, were very rude and imper- of herbs and plants, was very much known, fect, Herodatus, and after him, Strabo, and almost the only branch of the science observe, that it was a general custom used in those early times. Virgil, speakamong the Babylonians to expose the sick ing of a celebrated physician who was into passers by in order to learn of them structed in his art by Apollo himself, seems whether they had ever been afflicted with to confine that profession to the knowledge a like distemper, and by what remedies of simples. It was nature herself that they had been cured.” From hence several offered these innocent and salutary remepeople have pretended that physic is noth- dies, and seemed to invite mankind to make ing else but a conjectural and experimental use of them. Their gardens, fields, and science, entirely resulting from observa- woods supplied them gratuitously with an tions made upon the nature of different infinite plenty and variety. As yet no use diseases, and of such things as are con- had been made of minerals, treacles, and ducive to and prejudicial to health. It other compositions since discovered by must be confessed that experience will go a closer and more inquisitive researches into great way; but that alone is not sufficient. nature. Pliny says that physic, which had The famous Hippocrates made great use been brought by Aesculapius into great of it in his practice, but he did not entirely reputation about the time of the Trojan rely on it. The custom in those days was war, was soon after neglected and lost, and for all persons who had been sick and were in a manner buried in darkness till the time cured, to put up a tablet in the temple of of the Peloponnesian war, when it was Aesculapius, wherein they gave an account revived by Hippocrates and restored to its of the remedies that had restored them to ancient honor and credit. This may be health. That celebrated physician caused true with respect to Greece, but in Persia all these inscriptions and memorials to be we find it to have been always cultivated copied, and derived great advantage from

and constantly held in great reputation. them. Physic was, even in the time of the The great Cyrus, as is observed by XenTrojan war, in great use and esteem. ophon, never failed to take a certain numAesculapius, who flourished at that time, ber of excellent physicians along with him is reckoned the inventor of the art, and in the army, rewarding them very liberally had even then brought it to great perfec- and treating them with particular regard. tion by his knowledge of botany and chirur- He further remarks that in this Cyrus gical operations; for in those days these only followed a custom that had been anseveral branches were not separated from

ciently established among their generals, one another, but were all included under

and he also informs us that the younger one profession.

Cyrus acted in the same manner. The two sons of Aesculapius, Podalirius It must, nevertheless, be acknowledged, and Machaon, who commanded a certain that it was Hippocrates who carried this number of troops at the seige of Troy,

science to the highest perfection. And were no less excellent physicians than though it be certain that several improvebrave officers, and rendered as much service ments and new discoveries have been in the Grecian army by their skill in medi- made since that time, yet is he still looked cine as they did by their courage and con- upon by the ablest physicians as the first duct in their military capacity. Nor did

and chief master of that art; and as the Achilles, himself, nor even Alexander the person whose writings ought to be the Great in aftertimes think the knowledge

chief study of those who would distinguish of this science improper for a general or

themselves in that profession. beneath his dignity. On the contrary, he Men thus qualified, who, to the study of

the most celebrated physicians, as well The physiologic action of brucine resemancient as modern, as also to the knowl- bles that of strychnine, but the former is edge they have acquired of the virtues much less powerful. Various writers have of simples, the principles of natural philos- pronounced the difference as great as i to ophy, and the constitution and contexture 6, or even 20. Bouchardat denied that any of the human body, have added a long such difference existed, and in America practice and experience, together with their brucine is considered equal to one-half or own serious reflections, such men, in a one-quarter the strength of strychnine. well ordered state, deserve to be highly The therapeutic effects of the two are rewarded and distinguished, as the Holy closely analogous, both being applicable in Spirit itself signifies to us in the Sacred the whole line of paretic maladies, torWritings :

pidity, and atony of the whole body or of "The skill of the physician shall lift up

any special member or organ. In such his head; and in the sight of great men,

conditions as occurring in young children, he shall be in admiration," since all their brucine is preferable to strychnine. Laura labors, lucubrations, and watchings are

counsels the milder remedy in atony of devoted to the people's health, which, of

the gastro-intestinal musculature, in tymall human blessings, is the dearest and most

panites disordering digestion and giving valuable. And yet, this blessing is what

rise to diarrhea or to constipation, or to an mankind is the least careful to preserve.

alternation of the two. This is a common They not only destroy it by riot and ex- and at times a perilous condition with incess, but through a blind credulity, they fants. Tympanites sometimes embarrasses foolishly intrust it to persons of no credit both respiration and circulation. or experience, who impose upon them by

Laura found brucine especially effective their impudence and presumption, or se

in the treatment of the paralyses of induce them by their flattering assurances of

fancy as manifested among the poor chilin fallible cure."

dren of the Children's Hospital. The cures There were, it seems, mountebanks in

thus obtained, he adds, were no secret those days. We have them in every com

among the physicians and the benefactors munity; not that they are ignorant and

of this institution. devoid of medical education, but that they

Brucine suits the young and the feeble. make promises they know they cannot

It increases the force of expectoration, fameet, and covertly decry the merits of some

cilitates respiration, digestion, and defeother brother's capabilities and treatment,

cation; it aids in the generative act withas compared to their own superior attain

out endangering collapse and syncope like ments and skill. Of all men, they are the

the direct aphrodisiacs (Burggraeve). It most contemptible and dishonorable. is preferable to the latter also, as it has D. L. FIELD, M. D.

not their well-known (to the laity) repu

tation, a source of the gravest peril and Jeffersonville, Ind.

occasionally a cause of death when these

drugs are taken ignorantly or injudiciously. BRUCINE,

Laura, who had a large and happy experience with brucine, placed the dose at

two to three times that of strychnine. Editor Medical Summary:

Something is to be credited to individual This alkaloid is found in varying pro- susceptibility also. Taking the granule of portions in nux vomica, ignatia amara, an- 1-134 grain, he advises as a mean daily gustura, and in general throughout the dose 12 to 20 granules for adults, 5 to 10 family of Loganiaceæ. The process for its for children, in acute cases. In chronic extraction is simple and well known. It maladies adults may take 6 to 10 granules is more soluble in hot than in cold water. daily, children 2 to 4. The remedy should It forms crystallizable, soluble salts. The be suspended occasionally for a week out brucine of the shops is almost always of each month, or for every sixth day. In inixed with strychnine, and the variations cases of long standing it is well to begin in relative strength assigned to brucine with one granule four times a day for may be attributed to this fact.

adults, adding one daily dose every alternate day until some effect is evident. TREATMENT OF TONSILLITIS. Those who employ this method of dosage soon learn that comparatively feeble doses Editor Medical Summary: often suffice to restore normal equilibrium

I have read Dr. Black's article in THE and the control of the nerve centers, and

SUMMARY for September, 1908, and my apapparently serious pertubations subside.

preciation of the results of his treatment Brucine has been insufficiently studied. Murrell says it is merely "a little strych

for tonsillitis prompted me to add my mite nine,” and codeine likewise "a little mor

also. The following method was original

with my late Professor, Dr. John Croning, phine,” but neither assertion is correct.

of Buffalo, N. Y. The method is as folCodeine exercises a control over the vagus

lows: The patient should be given a mussuperior to that of morphine, and is con

tard foot-bath and ten or fifteen grains of sequently a better remedy against cough or pain and excited peristalsis in the stom

Dover's powder at bed-time. Then either

sodium bicarb. or sodium salicylate should ach and bowels. Brucine differs from

be ordered to be rubbed over the inflamed strychnine principally so far as is known,

tonsils. Personally, I prefer the salicylate. by the possession of very decided local anesthetic powers.

The patient should be instructed to moisten This renders the

his index finger and then to immerse it in milder alkaloid preferable whenever there

the sodium salt. Then with the right index is debility with irritation or erethism in the

finger to rub the left tonsil, and with the gastro-intestinal tract.

left finger to rub the right tonsil. This If strychnine seems to be indicated, but

process of rubbing the tonsils should be rethe stomach resents it, substitute brucine.

peated once every two or three hours. The The writer has had a series of cases in

bowels should be looked after by giving which the local application of cocaine solutions as local anesthetics was followed by calomel and saline purgatives.

I have practiced medicine for thirteen a serious failure of the circulation, threat

years, and have never known this method ening collapse. In these, when another ap

of treatment to fail to cure the patient in plication was required, brucine was added

from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. to the cocaine solution sufficient to make

GEORGE E. MOUR, M, D. the dose of brucine injected from 1-40 to 1-20 grain. In every instance the anes

Bartroun (Mt. Lebanon), Syria. thetic effect was enhanced and the depression did not follow. Sometimes the nerves become accus

HERNIA CURED BY ELECTRICITY. tomed to the stimulus of strychnine, so that they no longer respond to it, as in the

Editor Medical Summary: case of old paralytics. If we change to There occurs almost daily in the life of another of the strychnine group we may every practitioner of medicine who enjoys find that a gratifying response will follow.

a large practice, instances of cures out of I have found this to be the case when bru

the ordinary, and I believe that if more cine or thebaine was substituted, and I

attention was given to reporting such inbelieve that experience along this line with stances to some wide-awake medical jourthe other members of the strychnine group nal when our notice was called to them, would afford valuable results.

that we would make far greater strides in Bricheteau, commencing with small

reducing the practice of medicine to a doses, gradually increased until he reached

fixed science. The case I am about to the huge dose of three grains a day. Evi

report I do not say that the cure could dently the brucine could not have been of

be reproduced on some other similar case, the quality supplied by American pharma- but I do know that it was affected in this ceutic chemists. I have never had occa

instance. sion to exceed 1-3 grain in twenty-four About sixteen months ago Mr. J. B., hours, and rarely reached one-half this

who has been a sufferer for over twentydose.

five years with a right inguinal hernia W. C. ABBOTT, M. D. caused by an old-fashioned hay-rake strikChicago, Illi.

ing him in the groin while raking hay



when a boy, and for which he was com- stant swallowing of mucus coats the stompelled to wear a well-fitting truss which, ach over, and more or less re-absorption at times, was hard for him to procure on occurs, with gastric disorders. Atropine account of the opening gradually becoming and veratrine may be given to advantage larger and his truss wearing out, and thus provided they carefully watched. compelling him to have a new one ad- Dover's Powder is an old, but useful, sedajusted.

tive. Hydrotherapy is the safest antiI was cognizant of the fact that he was pyretic. If there are symptoms of conruptured when he came to me for treat- vulsions the mustard bath or warm pack ment of a pain in the lumbar region, which are our most useful expedients. he claimed to have been a constant suf- In older children from one to five, or ferer for more than two years, during older-stronger medication may

be which time he had resided at a consider- employed. Aconitine and veratrine are able distance from me, and is, at the pres- safe remedies and dependable ones. Caloent time. I had forgotten about his rup- mel and oil are always indicative. I do ture and that he wore a steel spring truss. not believe strychnine is a remedy for I placed him upon the platform of the acute febrile conditions when the heart is static machine, connected up the platform already working overtime. The heart with the negative side of the machine, needs slowing down rather than whipping grounded the positive side and, using the up. Strychnine is a remedy for the nonsharp point electrode from the positive febrile, atonic condition of convalescence. side, I administered about fifteen minutes' Nourishment is very important. The duration of severe sparks to his lumbar nearer it approaches a liquid form the region and groin, gave him an 8-ounce vial better. Mustard plasters and warm camof elixir fringe tree comp. to take in phorated oil are better local medicaments teaspoonful doses after meals, when he

than onions, mush, and other sloppy apdeparted for his home and was not seen plications. Ipecac and squills are good or heard from by me until to-day, and to

expectorants, but should not be pushed to my great surprise was informed that my the point of producing gastric irritation. treatment, above referred to, cured both

During convalescence the arsenate and his back and rupture.

He was a very

iodide of iron are useful. gritty fellow and made no complaint, and Croup always makes the doctor hustle, I gave him a terrible scorching with the no matter how dark or cold the night. electricity; so much so, that he was com- Calcidin is now quite generally used. It pelled to remove his truss after leaving my is a dependable remedy, and when it is office, and he has never worn his truss a used it is seldom necessary to produce single hour since, and there remains no emesis. Calomel greatly aids it and helps doubt of this treatment affecting a perma- to prevent recurrent attacks. Cloths should nent cure in this man's rupture.

be wrung out of water to which ammonia H. J. CHAPMAN, M. D. has been added, and these applied to the Speed, Kansas.

throat and chest.

Rheumatism is another seasonable ailTHERAPEUTIC NOTES.

ment. In acute attacks salicylate of soda

and salithia are good remedies. Small Editor Medical Summary:

doses of calomel, followed by salines, are The winter ailments of children consti- indicated. Inflamed or painful joints tute a goodly portion of the physician's

should have oil of wintergreen applied, and business at this season of the year. Pneu

then swathed in cotton or wool. So far monia in children less than six months' as possible the patient should keep a quiet, old may always be looked upon with a good recumbent position, for by so doing there deal of gravity. Medication in children is a great tendency to obviate cardiac comof this age must be carefully guarded. plications. The patient should take water Small doses of calomel are useful through- abundantly, and if the kidneys do not out the illness, supplemented by castor oil excrete freely, a citrate or acetate of poto effect thorough elimination. Free tassium preparation will be serviceable. catharsis must be employed, as the con- W. T. Marrs, M. D. Peoria Heights, Ills.

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