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[FEBRUARY, 1799. ator for the State of Delaware, in the place of Nays.-Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Brown, Joshua Clayton, deceased.

Gunn, Langdon, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Read, and

WEDNESDAY, January 30.
Josian TattNALL, from the State of Georgia,

SATURDAY, February 9. attended.

The Senate resumed the second reading of the bill to amend the act, entitled “ An act

providing for the sale of the lands of the United MONDAY, February 4.

States in the territory north-west of the river WILLIAM HILL Wells, appointed a Senator by

Ohio, and above the mouth of Kentucky River." the Legislature of the State of Delaware, in

On motion to strike out the 8th section of place of Joshua Clayton, deceased, attended; and

the bill as follows: his credentials being read, and the oath required

“SEC. 8. And be it further enacted, That aliens reby law administered to him, he took his seat

siding within the United States or elsewhere, shall be in the Senate.

capable of purchasing and holding lands in the territory of the United States north-west of the river Ohio, and their heirs may succeed to them ab intes

tato, in the same manner as if they were citizens; and WEDNESDAY, February 6.

| they may grant, sell, and devise the same to whom The bill sent from the House of Represen:- they may please, whether citizens or aliens; and that tives, entitled "An act further to suspend the neither they, their heirs, or assigns, shall, so far as commercial intercourse between the United may respect the said lands, and the legal remedies States and France, and the dependencies there- | incident thereto, be regarded as aliens." of, and for other purposes," was read a third It was determined in the affirmative-yeas time.

13, nays 11, as follows: · On motion to add the following proviso to YEAs.-Messrs. Chipman, Foster, Goodhue, Greene, the fourth section:

Hillhouse, Howard, Martin, Read, Sedgwick, Stock" Provided, That a notice of not less than nineteen ton, Tracy, Watson, and Wells. days of the opening commerce with the French Re-1 NAYS. -Messrs. Anderson, Bingham, Bloodworth, public, or any port or place under the Government Brown, Gunn, Langdon, Livermore, Marshall, Mason, thereaf, by authority of this act, and of not less than Ross, and Tattnall. thirty days of the revocation of any order issued by the PRESIDENT, by virtue of this act, shall be given :"

TUESDAY, February 12. It was determined in the negative--yeas 31, Tho bill vesting the power of retaliation, in nays 15, as follows:

certain cases, in the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED YEAS.-Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Brown, STATES, was read the third time; and, being Chipman, Gunn, Langdon, Livermore, Lloyd, Mar amended, the question on the final passage shall, Martin, Mason, Read, and Tattnall.

thereof was determined in the affirmative-yeas NAYS.--Messrs. Bingham, Davenport, Foster, Good

22, nays 2, as follows: hue, Greene, Hillhouse, Latimer, Paine, Ross, Sedgwick, Stockton, Tracy, Watson, and Wells.

YEAs.—Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Chipman,

Davenport, Foster, Goodhue, Greene, Gunn, HillOn motion to amend the motion, to be read house, Latimer, Livermore, Lloyd, Marshall, Martin, as follows:

Paine, Ross, Sedgwick, Stockton, Tattnall, Tracy, “ Provided, That notice shall be given, of not less Watson, and Wells. than thirty days, of the revocation of any order issu Nays.-Messrs. Howard and Langdon, ed by the PRESIDENT, by virtue of this act:”

So it was Resolved, That this bill pass, that it It was determined in the affirmative-yeas be engrossed, and that the title thereof be “An 18, nays 10, as follows:

act vesting the power of retaliation, in certain YEAS.—Messrs. Bingham, Chipman, Davenport, cases, in the PREALDENT OF THE UNITED STATES." Foster, Goodhue, Greene, Hillhouse, Howard, Latimer, Livermore, Lloyd, Marshall, Paine, Sedgwick,

WEDNESDAY, February 13.
Stockton, Tracy, Watson, and Wells.
Nays.—Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Brown,

The Vice PRESIDENT communicated a letter Langdon, Martin, Mason, Read, Ross, and Tattnall.

from the Executive of the State of Virginia, in

answer to his of the 24th ultimo, stating that And on the question to agree to the motion an appointment to fill the vacancy in the Senthus amended, it was determined in the nega- I ate. Occasioned by the decease of Henry Taze

well, would, probably, be deferred to the meetAnd having agreed to several amendments to ing of their Legislature. the bill, the question on the final passage thereof, as amended, it was determined in the af

SATURDAY, Febrnary 16. firmative-yeas 18, nays 10, as follows: YEAs.-Messrs. Bingham, Chipman, Davenport,

CHARLES PINOKNEY, elected a Senator by the Foster, Goodhue, Greene, Hillhouse, Howard, Lati- Legislature of the State of South Carolina, in mer, Livermore, Lloyd, Paine, Ross, Sedgwick, Tracy, place of John Hunter, resigned, produced his Watson, and Wells.

I credentials, and the oath prescribed by law be


MARCH, 1799.]

(SENATE. ing administered to him, he took his seat in the the question on the final passage of the bill was Senate.

determined in the affirmative yeas 16, nays 12, The Senate proceeded to consider the amend as follows: ments reported by the committee to the bill YEAS.-Messrs. Chipman, Davenport, Foster, Goodgiving eventual authority to the PRESIDENT OF hue, Greene, Gunn, Hillhouse, Livermore, Lloyd, THE UNITED STATES to augment the Army. Marshall, Paine, Read, Sedgwick, Stockton, Tracy,

On motion, to agree to the amendment re- and Wells. ported to the 7th section, to read as follows: NAYS.—Messrs. Bingham, Bloodworth, Brown, "SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That it shall be

der That it shall be Howard, Langdon, Latimer, Laurance, Martin, Ma lawful for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to

son, Pinckney, Ross, and Watson. call forth and employ the said volunteers in all cases, and to effect all the purposes for which he is author

FRIDAY, March 1. ized to call forth and employ the militia, by the act, The Senate resumed the third reading of the entitled “An act to provide for the calling forth the bill, sent from the House of Representatives, militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress entitled “ An act to establish the Post Office of insurrections, and repel invasions, and to repeal the the United States.'' act now in force for these purposes :'"

On motion, to add the following to the It passed in the affirmative, as follows: | amendment of the 17th section :

YEAS.—Messrs. Bingham, Chipman, Foster, Good- "And, provided, That all the letters and packets hue, Greene, Gunn, Howard, Laurance, Livermore, franked by any one member, in any one week, shall Lloyd, Marshall, Paine, Ross, Sedgwick, Tracy, Wat- not exceed thirty ounces; and such privilege shall son, and Wells.

continue : " Nays.-Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Langdon, It was determined in the negative-yeas 13. Martin, Mason, Pinckney, and Tattnall.

nays 17, as follows:

YEAS.-Messrs. Bingham, Davenport, Goodhue, SATURDAY, February 23.

Hillhouse, Howard, Livermore, Lloyd, Paine, Ross, The bill, sent from the House of Representa

Sedgwick, Stockton, Watson, and Wells.

NAYS.--Messrs. Anderson, Bloodworth, Brown, tires, entitled “ An act to grant an additional Chi

Chipman, Foster, Greene, Gunn, Langdon, Latimer, compensation from the year one thousand seven

Laurance, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Pinckney, Read, hundred and ninety-nine, to certain officers of

Tattnall, and Tracy. the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States," was read the second time.

SATURDAY, March 2. Ordered, That it be referred to Messrs. LIVER

The bill, sent from the House of RepresentaMORE, PAINE, and WELLS, to consider and re

tives, entitled “An act authorizing a detachport thereon to the Senate.

ment from the militia of the United States," The Senate proceeded to consider the report

1 was read the second time. of the committee to whom was referred the bill

On the question to agree to the third reading to augment the salaries of the principal officers

of the bill, it was determined in the affirmative of the Executive Departments, which was adopted; and

-yeas 17, nays 12, as follows: The question to agree to the third reading of

YEAS.—Messrs. Bloodworth, Brown, Foster, Goodthe bill as amended, was determined in the af

hue, Greene, Gunn, Howard, Langdon, Laurance,

Lloyd, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Pinckney, Ross, firmative-yeas 22, nays 3, as follows:

Tattnall, and Watson. YEAs.-Messrs. Bingham, Bloodworth, Chipman, Nays.—Messrs. Bingham, Chipman, Davenport, Davenport, Foster, Goodhue, Greene, Hillhouse, Hillhouse, Latimer, Livermore, Paine, Read, SedgHoward, Laurance, Lloyd, Marshall, Martin, Paine, / wick, Stockton, Tracy, and Wells. Pinckney, Read, Sedgwick, Stockton, Tattnall, Tracy, Watson, and Wells.

SATURDAY EVENING, March 2. Nays.-Messrs. Langdon, Livermore, and Mason

A message from the House of Representa

tives informed the Senate that the House, havMONDAY, February 25.

ing finished the business before them, are about The Senate resumed the third reading of the to adjourn without day. bill, authorizing the acceptance, from the State The Senate then proceeded to the consideraof Connecticut, of a cession of jurisdiction of tion of Executive business. the territory west of Pennsylvania, commonly The Senate, then, resuming Legislative busicalled the Western Reserve of Connecticut; and ness, adjourned without day.

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MONDAY, December 3, 1798.

A little after 12 o'clock the SPEAKER of the This being the day appointed by the consti- House took his chair, the names of all the memtution for the annual meeting of Congress, a bers were called over by the Clerk, and there number of members of the House of Represen- / appearing only forty persons, (fourteen short of tatives assembled in their Chamber.

a quorum,) a motion was made to adjourn, and The following are the names of the members the House adjourned accordingly till to-morrow present:



Several other members, to wit: from MassaFrom Massachusetts.-DWIGHT FOSTER, SAM- chusetts, STEPHEN BULLOCK; from New Jersey, TEL LYMAN, HARRISON G. Otis, GEO. THATCHEE, JAMES H. IMLAY; from Pennsylvania, JOHN JOSEPH B. VARNUM, and PELEG WADSWORTH. WILKES KITTERA ; from Maryland, GEOEGE



From New York. -DAVID BROOKS, HENRY North Carolina, THOMAS BLOUNT; and from GLENN, JONATHAN N. HAVENS, and HEZEKIAH | South Carolina, WILLIAM SMITH ; appeared and L. HOSMER.

took their seats in the House. From New Jersey.-JONATHAN Dayton, (the A new member, to wit: ROBERT Brown, reSpeaker.)

turned to serve in this House as a member for From Pennsylvania.--DAVID BARD, JOHN | Pennsylvania, in the room of Samuel Sitgreaves, CHAPMAN, WILLIAM FINDLAY, ALBERT GALLATIN,

appointed a Commissioner of the United States John A. HANNA, BLAIR MOCLENACHAN, and under the sixth article of the Treaty of Amity, RICHARD Tuomas

Commerce, and Navigation, with Great Britain, From Maryland.-GEORGE DENT.

appeared, and took his seat in the House.. . From Virginia.-JOHN CLOPTON, John Daw

But a quorum of the whole number not being 80N, David HOLMES, JAMES MACHIR, and DANIEL present, the House adjourned. MORGAN.


WEDNESDAY, December 5. From Tennessee. WILLIAM CHARLES COLE! Several other members, to wit: from MassaCLAIBORNE.


SEWALL, and WILLIAM SHEPARD ; from ConnecThree new members, to wit: JONATHAN | ticut, NATHANIEL SMITH; from New York, LUBRACE, returned to serve in this House as a pas ÉLMENDORF, JOHN E. VAN ALEN, and JOHN member for Connecticut, in the room of Joshua WILLIAMS ; from New Jersey, JAMES SCHUBE Coit, deceased ; ROBERT WALN, returned to man; and from South Carolina, ROBERT GOOD serve as a member for Pennsylvania, in the LOE HARPER and JOHN RUTLEDGE, Jr., appeared, room of John Swanwick, deceased; and JOSEPH and took their sea is in the House. EGGLESTON, returned to serve as a member for And a quorum consisting of a majority of the Virginia, in the room of William B. Giles, who whole number, being present, has resigned his seat; appeared, produced. The oath or affirmation, to support the their credentials, and took their seats in the stitution of the United States, as prescribed ?

I the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the time


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DECEMBER, 1798.)
President's Speech.

(H. OF R and manner of administering certain oaths," was laws of the respective States ; for, these being formed administered by Mr. SPEAKER to the following on the idea that contagious sickness may be communew members, to wit: JONATHAN BRACE,

JONATHAN BRACE. nicated through the channels of commerce, there ROBERT Browx, ROBERT Wals, and JOSEPH

seems to be a necessity that Congress, who alone can EGGLESTON, who took thoir seats in the House

regulate trade, should frame a system which, while it on the third and fourth instant.

may tend to preserve the general health, may be

compatible with the interests of commerce and the Ordered, That a message be sent to the

safety of the revenue. Senate to inform them that a quorum of this

While we think on this calamity, and sympathize House is assembled, and ready to proceed to with the immediate sufferers, we have abundant reabusiness.

son to present to the Supreme Being our annual ob

lations of gratitude for a liberal participation in the SATURDAY, December 8.

ordinary blessings of His Providence. To the usual

subjects of gratitude, I cannot omit to add one of the Several other members, to wit: from Con first importance to our well-being and safety : I mean necticut, WILLIAM EDMOND; from Maryland, that spirit which has arisen in our country against John DENNIS and WILLIAM HINDMAN; and from the menaces and aggression of a foreign nation. A Virginia, THOMAS Evans and Walter JONES, manly sense of national honor, dignity, and indepenappeared and took their seats in the House. dence, has appeared, which, if encouraged and invi

* The House having been called to order, and gorated by every branch of the Government, will the journal read, the SPEAKER observed that enable us to view, undismayed, the enterprises of any the hour was nearly arrived at which the Presi

foreign power, and become the sure foundation of dent had proposed to make his communications

national prosperity and glory.

The course of the transactions in relation to the to both Houses, and read a resolution which was

United States and France, which have come to my usually entered into on such occasions, inform

knowledge during your recess, will be made the subing the Senate that this House is formed, and

ject of a future communication. That communicaready to receive any communications which the I tion will confirm the ultimate failure of the measures President may be pleased to make to them. The which have been taken by the Government of the resolution was adopted, and a message having United States towards an amicable adjustment of difbeen sent to the Senate therewith, the members ferences with that power. You will, at the same soon after entered and took the places prepared time, perceive that the French Government appears for them.

solicitous to impress the opinion that it is averse to At twelve o'clock, Lieutenant General WASH- a rupture with this country, and that it has, in a INGTON, with his Secretary, Colonel LEAR, Ma- | qualified manner, declared itself willing to receive a jor Generals PINOKNEY and HAMILTON, entered

Minister from the United States, for the purpose of the Hall, and took their places on the right of res

cht of restoring a good understanding. It is unfortunate the SPEAKER's chair. The British and Portu

for professions of this kind that they should be ex

pressed in terms which may countenance the inadguese Ministers, and the British and Danish

missible pretension of a right to prescribe the qualiConsuls, with their Secretaries, had their places ficatie

fications which a Minister of the United States should assigned them on the left of the chair.

possess; and that while France is asserting the ex

istence of a disposition, on her part, to conciliate President's Speech.

with sincerity the differences which have arisen, the A few minutes after 12, the PRESIDENT OF sincerity of a like disposition on the part of the United THE UNITED STATES, accompanied by his Secre States, of which so many demonstrative proofs have tary, and the Heads of the several Departments been given, should even be indirectly questioned. It of the Government, appeared. The PRESIDENT is also worthy of observation that the decree of the having taken his seat, and the officers of Govern Directory, alleged to be intended to restrain the dement theirs, near the general officers, he rose

predations of French cruisers on our commerce, has and addressed the two Houses as follows:

not given, and cannot give, any relief; it enjoins them

to conform to all the laws of France relative to cruisGentlemen of the Senate, and

ing and prizes, while these laws are themselves the Gentlemen of the House of Representatives : sources of the depredation of which we have so long, While with reverence and resignation we contem so justly, and so fruitlessly complained. plate the dispensations of Divine Providence, in the The law of France enacted in January last, which alarming and destructive pestilence with which seve- subjects to capture and condemnation neutral 'vessels ral of our cities and towns have been visited, there is and their cargoes, if any portion of the latter are of cause for gratitude and mutual congratulations that British fabric or produce, although the entire prothe malady has disappeared, and that we are again perty belongs to neutrals, instead of being rescinded, permitted to assemble in safety at the seat of Gov. has lately received a confirmation, by the failure of ernment, for the discharge of our important duties. a proposition for its repeal. While this law, which is But, when we reflect that this fatal disorder has, an unequivocal act of war on the commerce of the within a few years, made repeated ravages in some nations it attacks, continues in force, those nations of our principal seaports, and with increased malig- can see in the French Government only a power renancy; and, when we consider the magnitude of the gardless of their essential rights, of their indepenevils arising from the interruption of public and pri-dence and sovereignty; and, if they possess the means, vate business, whereby the national interests are they can reconcile nothing with their interests and deeply affected, I think it my duty to invite the Le-honor but a firm resistance. gislature of the Union to examine the expediency of Hitherto, therefore, nothing is discoverable in tho establishing suitable regulations in aid of the health | conduct of Franco which ought to change or relax

H. OF R.]
Address to the President.

[DECEMBER, 1798. our measures of defence ; on the contrary, to extend | standing the unexampled embarrassments which have and invigorate them is our true policy. We have no attended commerce. When you reflect on the conreason to regret that these measures have been thus spicuous examples of a patriotism and liberality which far adopted and pursued; and, in proportion as we have been exhibited by our mercantile fellow-citizens, enlarge our view of the portentous aud incalculable and how great a proportion of the public resources situation of Europe, we shall discover new and cogent depends on their enterprise, you will naturally consimotives for the full development of our energies and der, whether their convenience cannot be promoted resources.

| and reconciled with the security of the revenue, by, But, in demonstrating by our conduct that we do a revision of the system by which the collection is at not fear war, in the necessary protection of our rights present regulated. and honor, we shall give no room to infer that we | During your recess, measures have been steadily abandon the desire of peace. An efficient prepara-pursued for effecting the valuations and returns dition for war can alone ensure peace. It is peace that rected by the act of the last session preliminary to we have uniformly and perseveringly cultivated, and the assessment and collection of a direct tax. No harmony between us and France may be restore i at other delays or obstacles have been experienced exher option. But to send another Minister, without copt such as were expected to arise from the great more determinate assurances that he would be re-extent of our country, and the magnitude and noceived, would be an act of humiliation to which the velty of the operation, and enough has been accomUnited States ought not to submit. It must, there- plished to assure a fulfilment of the views of the Lefore, be left to France, if she is indeed desirous of gislature. accommodation, to take the requisite steps. The United States will steadily observe the maxims by

Gentlemen of the Senate, and which they have hitherto been governed. They will

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives: respect the sacred rites of embassy. And with a

I cannot close this Address, without once more adsincere disposition on the part of France to desist

verting to our political situation, and inculcating the from hostility, to make reparation for the injuries

essential importance of uniting in the maintenance heretofore inflicted on our commerce, and to do jus

of our dearest interests: and I trust that, by the tice in future, there will be no obstacle to the restora

temper and wisdom of your proceedings, and by s tion of a friendly intercourse. In making to you this

harmony of measures, we shall secure to our countdeclaration, I give a pledge to France and to the

| try that weight and respect to which it is so justly world that the Executive authority of this country


JOHN ADAMS. still adheres to the humane and pacific policy which has invariably governed its proceedings, in conformity

UNITED STATES, December 8, 1798. with the wishes of the other branches of the Govern The PRESIDENT having finished his Address, ment and of the people of the United States. But after sitting a few moments, presented the considering the late manifestations of her policy to- President of the Senate and Speaker of the wards foreign nations, I deem it a duty deliberately House of Representatives, each of them, with s and solemnly to declare my opinion, that, whether copy of it, and withdrew, and after him the we negotiate with her or not, vigorous preparations for war will be alike indispensable. These alone will

Heads of Departments, Senators, general offigive to us an equal treaty, and ensure its observance.

cers, foreign Ministers, &c. The SPEAKER then Among the measures of preparation which appear

took his chair, and after calling the House to expedient, I take the liberty to recall your attention

order, proceeded, as is usual, to read over the order, proceeded, as

Speech, which being finished, it was committed of the small naval armament provided under the acts to a Committee of the whole House for Monday, of the last session, are known and acknowledged. and ordered to be printed. The House then Perhaps no country ever experienced more sudden adjourned. and remarkable advantages from any measure of policy than we have derived from the arming for our maritime protection and defence We ought, with

MONDAY, December 10. out loss of time, to lay the foundation for an increase A new member, to wit: RICHARD DOBBS of our Navy to a size sufficient to guard our coast, | SPAIGHT, returned to serve in this House as & and protect our trade. Such a naval force as it is member for North Carolina, in the room of doubtless in the power of the United States to create Nathan Bryan, deceased, appeared, produced and maintain, would also afford to them the best his credentials, and took his seat in the House; means of general defence, the safe transportation of the oath to support the Constitution of the troops and stores to every part of our extensive coast.

ist. United States having been first administered to To accomplish this important object, a prudent fore-him by the SPEAKE sight requires that systematical measures be adopted

him by the SPEAKER. for procuring, at all times, the requisite timber and

Address to the President. other supplies. In what manner this shall be done, I leave to your consideration.

On motion, the House resolved itself into a

Committee of the Whole on the Speech of the Gentlemen of the House of Representatives : I have directed an estimate of the appropriations

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Mr. Dent in which will be necessary for the service of the ensu

the chair; when ing year to be laid before you, accompanied with a

Mr. SPRAGUE proposed for adoption the folview of the public receipts and expenditures to a re- lowing resolution: cent period. It will afford you satisfaction to infer) Resolved, That it is the opinion of this committee, the great extent and solidity of the public resources, that a respectful Address ought to be presented by from the prosperous state of the finances, notwith the House of Representatives to the PRESIDENT OF


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