Filling up the chinks, Volume 353

Front Cover
Frederick Warne and Company, Bedford Street, Covent Garden., 1869 - 203 pages

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Page 52 - They were not overlooked ; far from it. " Hearken," says one, " hath not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that love him.
Page 177 - The last words broke from him as if he could not control them. He looked up at Murdoch, and as their eyes met he seemed to let himself loose. " I may as well make a clean breast of it," he said. " I'm — I'm hard hit. I'm hard hit." Murdoch flinched. He would rather not have heard the rest. He had had emotion enough during the last few days, and this was of a kind so novel that he was overwhelmed by it. But Haworth went on — "It's a queer thing," he said. "I can't quite make it out. I...
Page 55 - The young leading the young is like the blind leading the blind, — " they will both fall into the ditch." The only sure guide is he who has often gone the road which you want to go. Let me be that guide, who have gone all roads, and who can consequently point out to you the best. If you ask me why I went any of the bad roads myself, I will answer you very truly that it was for...
Page 4 - ... to let them go with him unfettered. Knowing the country well, Levi and Wright planned their escape so as most effectually to baffle the pursuit of Witheroe and his party. Having taken a hasty leave of such fellow-slaves as were near, they set out, with apparent cheerfulness, with the negro trader, but they had not been more than half an hour on the road, when, as they had preconcerted, they suddenly leaped over a fence, and, being active young men, were soon buried in the depths of the adjacent...
Page 164 - There could be little doubt in the minds of those who saw Joseph Adams that he was nearing " the land o' the leal" — that unless some rescue, prompt and decisive, were extended to him his days were numbered.

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