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Speaker —Hon. W. P. Keady - Portland, Multnomah County Chief Clerk-D. C. Sherman.

Salem, Marion County Assistant Chief Clerk—W.B. Turner -McMinnville, Yamhill County Reading Clerk—G. 0. Holman.--- Portland, Multnomah County Calendar Clerk - W. E. Baxter.. Dolph, Tillamook County Sergeant-at-Arms - J. E. Blundell.----Canyonville, Douglas County Doorkeeper - J. A. Vinson... --Pendleton, Umatilla County Assistant Doorkeeper - Charles Calvert-- ----Salem, Marion County Assistant Doorkeeper — M. J. Morse-- - Portland, Multnomah County Mail Clerk — Carl Gray

Portland, Multnomah County Page— Clare Burbank.

--Portland, Multnomah County Page Clyde Brock.

Salem, Marion County



Baker --C. H. Duncan.
Benton — E. H. Belknap, S. T. Jeffreys.
Clackamas - Geo. J. Currin, Joel P. Geer, A. S. Lawton.
Clatsop J. E. Campbell, J. C. Trullinger.
Columbia-Norman Merrill.
Coos — J.IS. McEwen.
Coos and Curry-J. H. Upton.
Crook — B. F. Nichols.
Douglas 0. C. Brown, P. Cooper, R. S. Sheridan.
Gilliam-L. J. Goodrich.
Grant and Harney – A. W. Gowan.
Jackson-J. J. Houck, J. W. Merritt, Charles Nickell.
Josephine-F. G. Day.
Klamath and Lake— Barnard Daly.
Lane-D. C. Baughman, Jasper Wilkins, C. K. Wilkinson.
Linn- A. Blevins, W. P. Elmore, M. A. Miller.
Malheur—W. R. King.

Marion - Tilmon Ford, T. T. Geer, Samuel Layman, John G. Wright, S. B. Ormsby.

Morrow — J. N. Brown.

Multnomah-W. R. Bishop, John Gill, H. F. Gullixson, R. D. Inman, W. P. Keady, A. B. Manley, Geo. T. Myers, H. H. Northup, O. F. Paxton.

PolkG. W. Myer, John O. Staats.
Sherman and Wasco - Thomas R. Coon, E. N. Chandler.
Tillamook and Yamhill - H. W. Lamson.
Umatilla — Douglas Belts, Jeremiah Stone, M. Toner.
Union — L. H. Russell, J. A. Wright.
Wallowa Polk Mays.
Washington - Henry Buxton, B. P. Cornelius, S. A. Durham.
Yamhill-J. W. Hobbs, H. S. Maloney.


Elections - Northup, Durham, Cornelius, Mays, Miller.
Ways and Means-Wright of Union, Wright of Marion, Jeffreys.
Education - Brown of Douglas, Paxton, King.
Judiciary - Paxton, Brown of Morrow, Ford, Nichols, King.
Claims - Cornelius, Baughman, Myer.
Military Affairs — Geer of Clackamas, Northup, Nickell.
Roads and Highways-Cooper, Geer of Marion, Currin.
Engrossed Bills — Merritt, Manley, Elmore.
Enrolled Bills - Belknap, Merrill, Maloney.
Indian Affairs — Ormsby, Stone, Day.
Printing - Duncan, Gowan, Upton.
Corporations — Russell, Gullixson, Blevins.
Commerce-Gullixson, Belknap, Trullinger, Belts, Wilkinson.

Counties — Brown of Morrow, Brown of Douglas, Lawton, Hobbs, Inman.

Federal Relations— Hobbs, Sheridan, McEwen.
Mining-Wright of Marion, Buxton, Houck.
Public Lands — Merrill, Gowan, Sheridan.
Internal Improvements Goodrich, Gill, Toner.
Public Buildings and Grounds - Ford, Wilkins, Staats.
Agriculture Geer of Marion, Coon, Blevins.
Alcoholic Traffic — Belts, Duncan, Campbell.

Railways and Transportation-Gowan, Russell, Chandler, Jeffreys, Houck.

Assessment and Taxation - Chandler, Manley, Layman, Lawton, Daly.

Manufactures — Bishop, Elmore, Day.
Medicine and Pharmacy - Daly, Gill, Miller.

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