Hay-fever and Its Successful Treatment

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Page 9 - MORTON. Refraction of the Eye. Its Diagnosis and the Correction of its Errors.
Page 6 - STARR. Hygiene of the Nursery. Including the General Regimen and Feeding of Infants and Children, and the Domestic Management of the Ordinary Emergencies of Early Life, Massage, etc. 6th Edition.
Page 17 - Druggists' General Receipt Book. Comprising a Copious Veterinary Formulary, Recipes in Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists' Nostrums, etc. ; Perfumery and Cosmetics, Beverages, Dietetic Articles and Condiments, Trade Chemicals, Scientific Processes, and an Appendix of Useful Tables.
Page 17 - PRESCRIPTIONS; containing 3000 Prescriptions. Collected from the Practice of the most eminent Physicians and Surgeons, English and Foreign. Third Edition. 18mo. cloth, 6s. THE DRUGGIST'S GENERAL' RECEIPT-BOOK : comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary and Table of Veterinary Materia Medica ; Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists
Page 12 - POTTER. Hand-Book of Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics, including the Action of Medicines, Special Therapeutics, Pharmacology, etc., including over 600 Prescriptions and Formulae.
Page 23 - BALLOU. VETERINARY ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY. Illustrated. By WM. R. BALLOU, MD, Professor of Equine Anatomy at New York College of Veterinary Surgeons; Physician to Bellevue Dispensary, etc.
Page 7 - HARRIS. Dictionary of Dentistry. Including Definitions of Such Words and Phrases of the Collateral Sciences as Pertain to the Art and Practice of Dentistry.
Page 18 - LANDOIS. A Text-Book of Human Physiology. Including Histology and Microscopical Anatomy, with Special Reference to the Requirements of Practical Medicine.
Page 16 - POST-MORTEM EXAMINATIONS : a Description and Explanation of the Method of Performing them, with especial Reference to Medico-Legal Practice. By Professor RUDOLPH VIRCHOW, of Berlin.
Page 16 - WINCKEL. Text-Book of Obstetrics, Including the Pathology and Therapeutics of the Puerperal State. Authorized Translation by J. CLIFTON EDGAR, AM, MD With nearly 200 Illustrations.

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