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termino predicto Et predictus Robertus Cawdwell executores et assignati sui omnia domos et edificia ac omnes alias necessarias reparaciones premissorum in omnibus et per omnia de tempore in tempus tociens quociens necesse et oportum fuerit sumptibus suis propriis et expensis bene et sufficienter reparabunt supportabunt sustinebunt escurabunt purgabunt et manutenebunt durante termino predicto ac premissa suffici. enter reparata et manutenta in fine termini predicti dimittent Et volumus ac per presentes concedimus prefato Roberto Cawdwell executoribus et assignatis suis quod bene licebit eis de tempore in tempus capere percipere et habere de in et super premissis crescentem competentem et sufficientem housebote hedgebote fierbote ploughbote et cartebote ibidem et non alibi annuatim expendendum et occupandum durante termino predicto Et quod habeant maeremium in boscis et terris premissorum crescens ad et versus reparacionem domorum et edificiorum premissorum per assignacionem et supervisionem Seneschi seu Subseneschi aut aliorum officiariorum nostrorum heredum et successorum nostrorum ibidem pro tempore existente durante termino predicto Proviso semper quod si contigerit predictos separales redditus aut eorum aliquem a retro fore non solutos in parte vel in toto per spacium quadraginta dierum post aliquod festum festorum predictorum quout prefertur solvi debeant durante termino predicto quod tunc et deinceps hæc presens dimissio et concessio vacua sit ac pro nullo habeatur aliquo in presentibus in contrarium inde non obstante aliquo statuto &c. In cujus rei &c. Teste &c. apud Westmonasterium sexto die Julii anno Regni nostri quinto.

Wednesbray to wit.-At a Court of Humphrey Comberford, Esquire, there

holden on Sunday, the Nineteenth Day of November, in the Fourth Year of the Reign of Edward the Sixth, by the Grace of God of England, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and on Earth of the Church of England and Ireland Supreme Head, it is thus enrolled :

At this Court came Richard Field, and surrendered into the hands of the Lord, according to the custom of the Manor, One Croft, called Sillimor's Hall, near Dymock’s Green, to the use and behoof of Edward Nyghtingalle, his heirs and assigns for ever: And whereupon here, at

this same Court, came the said Edward Nyghtyngalle in his own proper person, and took of the Lord the Croft aforesaid, with the Appurtenances, to hold to him and his heirs according to the custom of the Manor, by the services therefore formerly due and accustomed: To whom the Lord by his Steward granted seisin thereof: And the said Edward gives to the Lord, for a Fine, 6s. 8d., and does fealty to the Lord, and is admitted Tenant thereof: In witness whereof to this present Copy I have put my Seal, the Day and Year above mentioned. Examined by me, RICHARD CATHERALL,

Deputy Steward there.

Parish Church Schools.

ALTHOUGH the schools in connection with the Parish Church ought, on every account, to take precedence of the others; yet, by an inadvertent omission, they come to be mentioned last. The first part was built in 1829, by a grant from the Lichfield Diocesan Society, aided by local subscriptions, together amounting to £400. The second part was added in 1843, and the necessary funds raised as follows:

£ 8. d.
Grants from the Lords of the Treasury . 180 0 0
National Society . . . . . 105 0 0
Lichfield Diocesan Society . . . 30 0 0


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The site for both schools was given by the late Sir E. D. Scott, Bart., and E. T. Foley, Esq.

The play ground was added in 1852, the land being given by Sir E. D. Scott, Bart., and the Lady Emily Foley.

The following is the total cost of these schools :

First erection . . . . . 400
Second ditto . . . . . . 584
Enclosing and levelling play ground (raised 106

by local subscription) · .

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These schools have accommodation for 180 girls, and about 200 boys.


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