New York Medical Journal, Volume 3

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Miller & Matthews, 1866

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Page 67 - Physiology of Man. Designed to represent the existing state of Physiological Science as applied to the Functions of the Human Body.
Page 240 - For honourable age is not that which standeth in length of time, nor that is measured by number of years. But wisdom is the gray hair unto men, and an unspotted life is old age.
Page 318 - Each essay must be designated by a device or motto, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, bearing the same device or motto, and containing the name and address of the author. The envelope belonging to the successful essay will be opened, and the name of the author announced at the Annual Commencement of the College, in March, 1876.
Page 250 - ... text-books. It was not a poison dug out of the earth, extracted from plants, or prepared in the laboratory of the chemist. It was not a poison administered by design or negligence. But it was a poison unknown to all concerned ; and was eaten with the meat in which it was contained, and of which it formed a living constituent. When the festival at...
Page 427 - ... present this subject to the attention of the several Legislative Assemblies of the Union, with the prayer that the laws by which the crime of procuring abortion is attempted to be controlled may be revised, and that such other action may be taken in the premises as they in their wisdom may deem necessary. Resolved, That the association request the zealous cooperation of the various State Medical Societies, in pressing -the subject upon the Legislatures of their respective States, and that the...
Page 161 - Diseases of Women and Children In the Bellevue Hospital Medical College...
Page 157 - When the volatile fluid, dispersed in the form of spray, falls on the human body, it comes with force into the most minute contact with the surface upon which it strikes. As a result there is rapid evaporation of the volatile fluid, and so great an evolution of heat force from the surface of the body struck, that the blood cannot supply the equivalent loss. The part consequently dies for the moment, and is insensible, as in death ; but as the vis a tergo of the body is unaffected, the blood, so soon...
Page 238 - that if they could be supplemented by a styptic which would spray evenly with ether, and which would take up the constringing action when the vessels began to relax, an important desideratum in both medical and surgical practice would be supplied.
Page 462 - This elevation is probably due to the general condition (tuberculosi*) rather than to the deposition of the tubercle (tuberculization). 4. The temperature may be taken as a measure of the amount of the tuberculosis and tuherculization, and any fluctuations in the temperature indicate corresponding fluctuations in the severity of the disease.
Page 462 - ... to justify such a diagnosis. 7 By means of the temperature we can diagnose tuberculosis, even when during the whole course of the disease there are no physical signs indicative of tubercular deposit in any of the organs of the body, and when the symptoms are inadequate to enable us to arrive at such a diagnosis.

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