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Com. Decatur puts to sea from New-York, June 21st 1812--Makes an extensive cruise and enters the port of Boston---Sails from thence 8th October---Upon the 25th captures the frigate MACEDON1AN---His official account of the action---Length of, and incidents in the action---Meeting of Com. Decatur and Capt. Carden---Dreadful slaughter in the Macedonian---Arrival of frigate United States and that ship at New-London---Reception of Flag at Washington---Arrival at New-York---Reception there---Com. Decatur's humanity. 178


Honours conferred upon Com. Decatur---He takes command of a Squadron---lmmense disparity between American and British Naval force on the American coast---List of both---Com. Decatur sails from New-York in Squadron---His ship struck by lightning---Sails for a British 74---Retreats to New-London---Prepares for defence---Ragees---British Squadron---Contrast between Hardy and Cockburn---Stratagems of War---Passport for the bodies of Lawrence and Ludlow---Com. Decatur attempts to escape---Blue Lights---Steam frigate---Challenge to the enemy---Impressed seamen---l)ignified and humane officers---Com. 1)ecaturand Com, Macdonough. 208


Com. Decatur dismantles the frigates United States and Macedonian ---Achievements of the Essex, Capt. Porter---Expedition to the Fast-Indies resolved upon by the Navy Department---The Squadron for that service---Com Leeater designated as commander of it---Sails in the frigate President, encounters and beats the frigate Endymion, and surrenders to the whole British Squadron---His official account of the action---Additional particulars—Falsehoods of an English editor, and the consequences of them—The remainder of Com. Decatur's Squadron, Hornet and Peacock. 247


Com. Decatur returns from his fourth cruise---Reception---PFACE ratified---Scenes of domestic felicity---Depredations of Barbary powers---By whom iustigated–-Squadron to chastise and humble them—Com. Decatur appointed to command the first Mediterranean Squadron in 1815---Victory over Algerine Admiral--Consternation of the 19ey---Indemnifies Americans and concludes a Treaty of Peace---Com. Decatur demands and receives indemnification from Tunis and Tripoli for British violations--Demands release of Christian captives---Hestores them to Naples, and is honoured by the King---Surrentiers squadron to Com. Bainbridge, and returns to America---Com. Bainbridge--Respect paid to him. 268


Recapitulation of Com. Decatur's achievements &c. in the Mediterranean in 1815---Rewards by promotion---Necessity of different grades of office---Arduous duties of Department of the Navy ---Board of NAVY Commission ERs established---Com. Decatur appointed Navy Commissioner---Duties of the Navy Commissioners---Responsibility of the office---Naval Architecture--Rates of Ships---Comparative power---Annual expense of ships of different rates---lmprovement in Ship-building---Inventions— Assiduity of Com. Decatur---Honours paid him---Difficulty of designating officers—Com. Macdonough...Com. Barron. 287


Com. Barron solicits a command in the Navy...Com. Decatur's opinion as to his re-admission into the Navy...The unfortunate misunderstanding between them...It eventuates in a challenge to single combat, from Barron to Decatur... Duelling. Itesult of the meeting...Immediate effects of it...Honours to the remains of Com. Decatur...Funeral ceremonies at his interment...His CHARACTER. 314


Sketch of the Life of Com, Wm. Bainbridge. 343 do. Com. David Porter. 351 do. Capt. James Lawrence. 358 do. Com. Thomas Macdonough. 363 A succinct sketch of the Navy from its commencement. 368

Navy Register... Board of Commissioners for the Navy... Navy List ...Captains...Masters Commandant...Lieutenants...Midshipmen Vessels of War of the United States...Table shewing the cost of the Navy when in service...A table shewing the places of birth, and number of the different grades of officers in the Navy... Navy Yards.

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