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for ascending and traversing
hills 318. Injury to individu-
als, how ascertained & paid
318. Town of Richmond en-
larged 319. Provision for
improving navigation of
Shockoe creek 319.
Her slave, Barber Caesar alias
John Hope, emancipated 211.
Lands on shores of rivers not to
be granted 227.
Commissioners appointed for
marking and opening a road
over the Cumberland moun-
tains to Kentucky 143.—
Guard for protection against

Indians, how procured 144. |

Who shall attend surveyors
of roads 164: Penalty on de-
linquents 164: How recover-
able 165: Penalty on survey-
ors for failure of duty 165:—
Persons exempted by former
act remain so 165. Court of
Greenbrier authorised to have
a waggon road opened from
their court house to the east-
ern waters 367: Act suspen-
ded 444: Penalty in tobacco
on overseer 368: On masters
or overseers failing to send
368: And on others compell-
ed to work on roads 368:—
Penalty for selling a tree into
a road and not removing it,
or killing trees near the road,
or making a fence across, or
to cut, pull up, destroy or de-
face a direction stone or post
369, Overseers exempt from

working on other roads 369: }

On presentments, the fine to
the use of the county 369:
Of certain bills of credit, treau-
ry notes, certificates or war-
rants, death without clergy
93. - *
Certain persons authorised to
convey to John Fox certain
entailed lands, sold by trus-
tees as the estate of Sarah the
wife of John Rootes 120.
Reservations of royal mines, in
grants, abolished 64.
Vestry of Russell parish, in the
county of Bedford, authoris-
ed to sell their glebe 109.
Tax, payable in rye 490.
Additional bounties to sailors
23. Land. bounty 24: Pen-
sions 24. Exemption from
personal taxes 24: Goods
at stipulated prices 24: Act
for more effectually supplying
them with articles for their
comfortable accommodation
71: Bounty to sailors, for
protection of eastern frontier
298. Entitled to the same
pay, &c. as in land service
Of clerks in Auditor's office,
increased 107. Salaries of
ministers of Church of Eng-
land, further suspended 111.
Salaries of governor, coun-
cillors, treasurer, auditors,
members of board of war, of
trade, judges, attorney gene-
ral, clerks of board of war
and trade 118: All acts pro-
viding salaries for ministers
repealed 197. Vestries au-
thorised to levy and make as-
sessments for salaries in ar-
rear, for complying with le-
gal engagements, and pro-
viding for parish poor 198:
Salaries of treasurer, gover-
nor, members of council, jud-
ges, auditors, members of
board of war, and of trade,
attorney general, clerks of
council, and clerks to audi-
tors, and boards of waii and
trade, encreased 219: Sala-
ries of inspectors of tobacco
rated in tobacco 272: Sala-
ries of judges of high court of
chancery, general court and
admiralty rated in tobacco
277: A jury to estimate the
value of the tobacco in mo-
ney 277. Salaries of gover-
nor, members of council,

treasurer, attorney general,

auditors, commercial agent,

commissioner of the navy,

commissioner of war office,
and clerks, payable in tobac-
co 278. Value of tobacco in
money estimated in money
278. Salaries of officers of
government, how liquidated
433: Grand jury to settle dif-
ference of exchange 433. Sa-
laries of inspectors of tobacco
at the different warehouses,
payable in specie 475,477.-
Salaries of officers of civil
government, to be paid quar-
terly in specie 493: Salary.
of governor, council, judges,

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Refusing to undertake collection

of taxes, ipso facto deprived
of office 13: Serjeant of Wil-
liamsburg the same power to
distrain for militia fines as

sheriffs 85: Sheriff to attend

court of appeals 91: Allow-
ance to sheriffs attending the
general court in criminal ca-
ses, what, and how paid 96:
Allowance altered 489: Duty
of commissioners of tax and
assessors in furnishing lists to
sheriffs 166: Power and duty
of sheriffs in the collection
167: Commissions 167:——
Bonds by sheriffs 167: Re-
medy against sheriffs & col-
lectors for failure to pay 172:
Penalty on sheriffs and col-
lectors for misapplying pub-
lic money 199: How reco-

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253: High sheriff’s remedy

against deputy for taxes and
damages 255: Provided judg-

ment had been obtained a-
gainst the high sheriff for the
damages 255: Oath to be ta-
ken by sheriffs as to taxes
255: Sheriffs once a month
to account with, and shew
money collected to the com-
missioners 255: Commission-
ers duty therein, and allow-
ance 256: Penalty on sheriffs
misapplying money collected
256: Oath of quarter masters
and commissaries as to ap-
plication of public money con-
fided to them 256: Sheriffs'
commissions for collecting

taxes 257: Sheriffs allowed a

further time to collect & ac-
count for taxes of 1781. 494:
Judgments against sheriffs
suspended and damages re-
mitted 494: Goods imported
by land to be entered with
the sheriffs 500: Penalty on
sheriffs for neglect of duty, in

relation to appointment of

commissioner of tax 505:—
Bonds for collection to be an-
nually taken of sheriffs 506:
A copy sent to the auditors
which shall be evidence 506:
When to collect taxes 506:—
When and how he may dis-
train for taxes 507: Direc-
tions in case of lands distrain-
ed 507: Penalty for unrea-
sonable seizures or distresses
507: Sheriff when to account
and pay taxes 507: How to
account 507: Commissions
507: Insolvencies how allow-

ed 507: . How proceeded a-
gainst for failure 507. Mo-
tion 507: Damages 508:
Provision for improving the na-
vigation of Shockoe Creek
319. -
Lands on sea shore, or shores
of rivers and creeks, not to
be granted 227.
Penalty for cutting, pulling, de-
stroying, or defacing a sign
post on roads 369.
8o much of an act as imposes a
penalty for asking inore for
any article in paper money,
than in gold or silver, re-

pealed. 125. - What propor- &

tion of laud tax payable in
gold or silver 508.

Warrants to issue to Charles

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mullatto girl, Pegg, the pro- |

perty of Lewis Dunn, eman-
cipated .211. Citizens of
South Carolina and Georgia
authorised to remove their

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slaves into this state 307.-
How long to remain, and un-
der what circumstances they
may be sold 307. Ned and
Cate, slaves of Henry Delo-
ny and Benjamin Bilberry,
emancipated 372.
During the prevalence of the
small pox in Williamsburg,
the justices of James City au-
thorised to hold their courts
any where in the county 458.
Additional bounty to 23: Land
bounty 24. Pensions 24.—
Exemption from personal
taxes 24. Goods at Stipu-
iated prices 24. Land boun-
ty to volunteers under Col.
. George Rogers Clarke 26.-.
To soldiers for protection of
Illinois 27. To those who
enlist during the war 27.-
Locations by officers and sol-
diers on lands of settlers, void
41. Resolution, reserving
lands for officers and seldiers
55, note. Act for moreef-
fectually supplying them with
articles for their comfortable
accommodation 71. Soldiers
te be drafted for 18 months
82. Officers and soldiers in
service, allowed further time
to prove their claims for set-
tlement rights, and improve-
ments on lands 132. Penalty
on-settlers not removing from
lands reserved for officers and
soldiers 159. Proportions
of land bounty to officers and
soldiers 160. Rights of those
slain or dying in service, de-
volve on their heirs or legal

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