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fore court of appeals fa there decided 48. Proviso in favour of officers and soldiers 49. Register's duty in recording land warrants, and making out grants 49. Caveats depending before the revolution, how proceeded on 49. Act for establishing land offae, fyc. 50. Register, how appointed and qualified 50. Vacancy, how supplied 51. Copies attested by him as good evidence as originals 51. Land bounties, upon what evidence obtained 51. How title to unappropriated lands may be obtained 52.— Land warrants, how obtained, located and executed '52. Exchange warrants 52. Surveyors and their deputies, how appointed and qualified 53. Penalty for sale of office 53. Locations how to be made 54. Time for surveying when appointed 54, No entry admitted, without a war- j rant, except for settlement rights 54. Certain tracts of • country excepted from location 54. Resolution reserving lands, for officers & soldiers 55, note. How a chief surveyor may locate his own lands 5G. Notice of survey, how given 56. Effect of party's failing to attend with chain-carriers & marker 56. When principal to direct deputy to survey 57. Chaincarriers to be sworn 57: Surveys, how made & bounded 57: Plat and certificate, when and how made and disposed

of 57: Returns to William & Mary college 57: Clerk of county courts, and surveyor, not to be united 58: Penalty on surveyors for neglect 58: Surveyor's office, how examined 58: Plat and certificates when to be returned to land office 58: Causes of caveat 58: Proceedings upon caveats 58: New caveats, for what causes allowed 59: Costs on caveats 59: New warrants, where lauds lost .by caveat 59: Duty of register in relation to exchange, renewed, or execution of warrants 59: Warrants and certificates of survey assignable 60: Form of grant or patent 60: How executed and recorded 61:— Grants to heirs and assignees 61: Within what time copies of plats and certificates may not be delivered-61: Swamps, marshes and sunken grounds, pre-emption of, in owners of contiguous high lands 61:— Grants for, how obtained 62: Surplus lands, within bounds of patents, how grants for, obtained 62: Remedy of land holders, unjustly vexed 63:— Method of rectifying mistakes in bound's, and obtaining inclusive patents 63: General court yearly to cause land office to be examined, and certain warrants, Sic. cancelled 64: Treasurer to give bond to account for money accruing under this act €4: Quit-rents and reservations in the royal grants abolished 64: Petitions for lapsed land

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abolished 65: Stealing, forging, counterfeiting, &c. landwarrants, felony without clergy 65: Lands of British subjects vested in commonwealth, by escheat 67: Grants for escheated lands, how obtained 68: How lands acquired for public buildings, in Richmond, and paid for 87: Exclusive right of coinjnonwealih to purchase lands of Indians asserted 97: Certain lots of William Grayson severed from the town of Dumfries 102: Certain trustees authorised to pay to William Todd. the proceeds of the sale of his entailed lands 103:— Vestry of Russell parish, in county of Bed ford, authorised to self their glebe 109: Glebe of parish of St. Anne, in Albemarle, to be sold, and money divided between parishes of St. Anne and .Fluvanna 112: Inquests, on escheated lands, how taken 116: How long lands to remain in hands of escheator before granted 116: Escheated lands, when sold 116: Certain persons authorised to convey to John Fox certain entailed lands, sold as the estate of Sarah, the wife of John Rootes 120: Officers and soldiers in service, allowed further time to prove their claims for settlement rights and improvements on lands 132: Warrants to issue to Charles Simms, for certain lands on the Ohio river and Rackoon creek 139: Land bounty to

chaplains, surgeons and surgeon's mates 141: Certain certificates receivable in payment for treasury land warrants 148: Loan office certificates with interest receivable for waste lands 148: Reservation of lands for officers & soldiers 159: Penalty on settlers not removing from the reserved lands 159: Proportions of land bounty to officers and soldiers 160: Rights of those slain or dying in service devolve on their heirs or legal representatives 161:— Settlements on north vvest side of the Ohio reprobated and prohibited 161: Settlers may be removed by military force 161: Exceptions 161: Penalty for opposing execution of treasury land warrants by force, violence or threats 1G2: Civil officers to suppress' force 162: Rights for land under the proclamation of 1763, how authenticated 177: Powers of commissioners for adjusting claims to unparented lands extended 178: Pre-emption warrants may be issued to actual settlers, on credit, if unable to pay the state price 178: But grants not to issue until payment of purchase money 178: Provided that this privilege shall extend to actual settlements only 179: Certificates for settlement and pre-emption rights not to be granted, unless to persons who have takea the oath of allegiance to this commonwealth 179:—

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Exception as to inhabitants of disputed territory between this state and Pennsylvania 179: How gran is for lands surveyed under orders of council, on the eastern waters may be obtained 179: Caveats on ' surveys before establishment of land office, how proceeded on 179: Glebe of Drysdale parish in Caroline and King and Queen counties to be sold 210: Lands on the bay of Chesapeake, the sea shore, or shores of rivers and creeks, heretofore held as common, not to be granted 227: Further time allowed for returning surveys and plats 237: Further time allowed to the western commissioners 238: Further allowance to them and their officers 238: Tax upon litigants encreased 238: Further time to enter warrants on pre-emption certificates mth surveyor 239: All claims within the territory claimed by Pennsylvania suspended 239: Further lime to return pre-emption certificates, and providing in case of their loss 239: Lost warrants, how renewed 240: Regulations concerning warrants for military service under the proclamation of 1763 240: Further regulations 240: Price of waste lands raised 245: In what money payable 245:—; Capitol and palace in Wil- i Jiamsburg, and the public lands in James city and on the eastern shore to be sold.

in the event that taxes prove unproductive 285: Certain escheated lands in Kentucky county vested in trustees for a public school 287: Act concerning escheats and forfeitures from British subjects suspended, as to lands in Henry and Amherst, conveyed by John Harrner to Walter King Cole and George Harmer 300: Land bounty, 300 acres, to soldiers who have enlisted, or who shall enlist and serve to the end of the war 331: Deputy surveyors how appointed 353: Caveats allowed against the judgments of the commissioners 354: Further allowance to commissioners and their attendants 355: Certain houses and tenements in Alexandria vested in John Sutton 372: Land bounty to general officers 375: Bounty in lands encreased to other officers 375: Legal representatives entitled to bounty 375; Land given to Baron Steuben 375: Powers of commissioners for adjusting claims to un paten ted lands, extended; also further time allowed for obtaining warrants upon certificates for pre-emption rights, and to return surveys to'the land office 403: The issuing of patents suspended 422: County courts in the Kentucky country authorised to direct surveys to poor persons, actual settlers, ,not exceeding 400 acres to a family 431: Allowances to com

missioners for adjusting titles
to lands encreased 436: Tax
on suitors encreased 436:—
County courts in district of
Kentucky authorised to hear
artd determine land claims,
left unfinished by commis-
sioners 436: Register to is-
sue grants thereon 437: Re-
gister of the land office to ap-
point a deputy to reside in
the Kentucky country 445:—
His duties 445: Charles Car-
ter, esq. the surviving trustee
of William Byrd, esq. autho-
rised to convey lots and lands
held under Byrd's lottery &
a deed of trust 446: Further
tract of territory allotted to
officers and soldiers in lieu of
that fallen into North Caro-
lina 465: When "& how their
lands may be surveyed 466:
State troops, as to land boun-
ty, made equal to continen-
tals 467: Certain lands where-
of Burgess Ball is seized as
tenant for life, vested in trus-
tees to be soldj and the mo-
nies laid out in other lands
470: Power of commissioners
for adjusting claims to lands
further continued 484: Fur-
ther time to obtain warrants
upon certificates for pre-emp-
tion rights, and enter them
with the surveyor 484: Al-
lowance to commissioners &;
attending officers 484: Tax
on litigants 485: County
courts to hear and determine
disputes in surveying pre-
emption rights 485; Within
what time military warrants
to be located 485: Military

warrants under former go-
vernment 486: When Surveys
shall be made of lands on the
eastern waters 486: Orders
of council for land on the
eastern waters to be valid
486: Patents to issue as usual
notwithstanding the act of
May 1781, chap. 9, 487.—
Register to allow five months
for the late occlusion of the
courts 487: Not necessary to
exchange warrants for mili-
tary service last war 487j—
Henry McCabe authorised to
sell certain lands in Loudoun
and lots in Leesbufg for pay-
ment of the debts of his father
Henry McCabe, dec'd. 488.
Lands and lots to be valued,
for taxation, without regard
to buildings 502. Rules of
October 1777, chap. 2, to be
observed 502. Penalty on
proprietors failing to give ac-
count of lands 502. Com-
missioners duty in returning
list of lands to the clerk 503*
And duty of clerks thereto
&038 Directions in case of
lands distrained 507. Tax on
patents 510. Lands, &c.
seized for taxes, not to be
sold, if they will not bring
three fourths of their value
516. Resolution extending
bounty in lands to certain
officers and soldiers 539.


How lands assessed for taxes 10,
502. Commissioners & as-
sessors to meet and class the
lauds 242. Lands and lots to
be valued without regard to
buildings 502. Penalty on

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proprietors failing to give ac-
count oflands 502. Duty of
commissioners, and clerk 503.
Tax-on lands 504. How dis-
trained and sold for taxes
507,516. Tax on patents 510.

How obtained, located &: execu-
ted 52. Exchange warrants
52. New warrants when lost
by caveat 59. Assignable GO.
Stealing or forging land war-
rant felony with out clergy
65. Certain certificates recei-
vable in payment for treasury
land warrants 148. Loan of-
fice certificates with interest
receivable for waste lands
148* Penalty for opposing
execution of treasnry land
warrants 162. Lost warrants,
how renewed 240. Price rais-
ed 248., Paper money recei-
vable for land warrants 457.

Petitions for lapsed land abol-
ished 65.


Stealing land-warrant, felony
without clergy 65. So, as to
certain warrants, certificates,
bills of credit, treasury notes,


By what laws court of admiral-
ty governed 98. Provision
where regulations of con-
gress conflict with laws of
state 98.


Lead mines the property of
John and Mead Anderson, to
be assessed for taxes, accord-
ing to the value of the soil
.pnl 193.


Two legions to be raised 391,
Number, officers and staff

391. Pay and emoluments

392. Exempted from drafts
410, Term of service 411.


Boundaries of parishes of Ana-
herst and Lexington, in the
county of Amherst altered


In court of admiralty, rules for
filing 100.


Marriage licence or publication
of banns necessary, except
between quakers and meno
nists 362.


Limitation of actions on stoivi
accounts 133. Delivery of ar-
ticles to be dated 133. Pen-
alty for post-dating 133.-=
When limitation to commence
134. Courts and juries ex of-
ficio to, take notice of this act
134, Time taken out of act
of limitations 423.

County, formed from Kentucky
315. Boundaries 315. Court
days 315.


Duty on liquors foreign &; do-
mestic 168. Mode of collec-
tion 169. Tax on lijquors im-
ported 283. Regulations for
collecting 283. Duty on spi-
rits and wine 511. How-casks
entered 512.


Treasurer authorised to borrow
money, tobacco, hemp eor
flour 481. Interest at 6

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