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vered from those who have
the unlawful possession 218,
For cavalry ordered to relief
of South Carolina, how fur-
nished 224. Waggons and
horses for the southern army,
how procured 482, Penalty
oil justices and sheriffs for
neglect 482. How recoverable
482. Waggons and teams,
how disposed of 483. Gover-
nor and council authorised to
appoint persons to purchase
waggon horses 483. Tax on
horses, in specie 504.
Hospital for seamen established
by a duty on seamen 385.-
Where situated 386.
Act providing for support of
idiots and lunatics further
continued 204,424. Further
'allowance for support of pa-
tients 204.
Act establishing county of Ili-
nois further continued 303.
Accounts of Ilinois depart-
ment to be settled by auditors
importation rights, for lands,
rečognized in the land law
35,37. How grants for, ob-
tained 37.
Provisions for use of the army
procured by purchase or im-
pressment 233. In what cases
doors may be broken 235.-
Waggons procured by im-
pressment 335. Impressment
of seamen authorised under
certain restrictions 380. Go-
Vol. x. C 4

vernor and council may au-
thorise impressments for the
use of the army 413. Rules
in impressments 416. County
courts to receive claims for
property impressed for the
use of the army 468. No
claim for property impressed
to be allowed, unless passed
by the court, and certified to
the general assembly 469.-
Except as to certain provi-
sion certificates 469. All im-
presses prohibited, except by
warrant from the executive,
or by sheriffs bringing crimi-
mals to jail 496. Proceedings
on illegal impresses 496.
Method of rectifying mistakes
in bounds, and obtaining in-
clusive patents 63.
Indemnification of governor &
others for acting under a re-
solution prohibiting the ex-
portation of salt 150. William
Campbell, Walter Crockett
and others indemnified for
suppressing a conspiracy and
insurrection 195. Governor
Nelson indemnified, for acts
of his administration, without
his council, resulting from ne-
cessity 478. . -
Consuls from such states as ac-
knowledge the independence
of America how received;
deemed subjects or citizens of
the states by whom appoint-
ed; guilty of crimes against
this state shall be remanded
to their sovereigns for pun-
ishment 202. Their powers

202. In execution thereof, how
to be aided 203. Crimes inju-
rious to the independence of
America, but less than trea-
son, defined and punished
Tax, payable in Indian corn
Exclusive right of common-
wealth to purchase lands of
Indians asserted 97.
State infantry reduced 215.
Injunctions to inquisitions of es-
cheat, how and for what cau-
ses obtained 155.
How to be taken by escheators
116. Remedy in case of in-
consistent or untrue inquests
How allowed to sheriffs, in col-
lection of taxes 507. -
Of tobacco, their sees 76. Their
books to be always open 76.
To give receipts for tobacco
passed, without any excep-
tion against losses 76. In-
spectors not to deal in tobac-
co 76. To find hands 76.—
Fees for turning up tobacco
76. Refused tobacco may be
picked 77. When inspectors
to account for tobacco re-
remaining, and how such to
be sold 77. Inspection fees

78. Salaries and allowances |

of inspectors encreased 180.
One of the members of the
board of war to be inspector

of 'military stores and provi-
sions 198. Salaries of inspec-
tors of tobacco, rated in to-
bacco 272. Inspectors to give
bond 274. Penalty for act-
ing without 274. Grand jury
to fix tobacco salaries and
fees in money 274. Inspectors
giving receipts for tobacco
not passed, or dealing in to-
bacco, penalty for 275. Re-
medy by proprietors against
inspectors for rents 275.—-
County of Elizabeth City,
annually to recommend two
inspectors 275. No two in-
spectors, at same warehouse,
to perform mititia duty at
same time 276. The one to
perform, to be decided by lot
276. Salaries and allowances
of inspectors of tobacco en-
creased 355. Salaries of in-
spectors of tobacco, at the
different warehouses, payable
in specie 475. May be re-
commended at any time 476.
Inspectors of flour, how ap-
pointed 497. Their fees and
oath 497.
Instructions to delegates in con-
gress, on the subject of hav-
ing the yeas and nays pub-
lished 545.
Wm. Campbell, Walter Crock-
ett and others indemnified for
suppressing a conspiracy and
insurrection 195. In case of
insurrectioif; what persons
subject to martial law 314.
Governor and council may
constitute special courts for
trial oi offenders 387,

INVALIDS. Corps of invalids, for guards & garrison duty, established 348 INVASION. In case of invasion or insurrection, those who act as guides or spies, or give intelligence to the enemy, or assist them, &c. subject to martial law 310. Governor and council may constitnte special courts for trial of offenders 387. IRON WORKS. Act exempting millers and persons employed at iron works (except for the public) repealed 262. Artificers employed at iron works exemptfroin militia duty 397. Act continued 425,444. + - JAIL. Jail of Henrico to be enlarged and used as public jail 88.— Governor authorised to rent a temporary jail, the prison in Richmond being too small 402, JAMES CITY. Public lands in James city, and on the eastern shore, & capi

tol and palace in Williams- |

burg to be sold, in the event that taxes prove unproductive 285. Justices of James city authorised to hold their courts any where in the county during the prevalence of the small-pox in Williamsburg 458. JEFFERSON COUNTY. Formed from Kentucky 315.Boundaries 315. Court days 315. . JEFFERSON, THOMAS Resolution, approbatory of the

conduct of Thomas Jefferson, esq. while governor of Virginia 568. Communication from governor Jefferson to the general assembly of Virginia 570. JUDGES. Of what judges court of appeals constituted 90. Precedence of judges 90. Oath of judges 90. Judges of admiralty, their number, appointment, oath, and penalty for acting without oath 98,99. Present judges confirmed in office 101. Salary of judges 118, 219,493. Judges of superior courts authorised to make allowance to their officers 118. Of general court to have direction of public jail, & make allowances to keeper 156.Salaries of judges of high court of chancery, general court, and admiralty rated in tobacco 277. A jury to estimate the value of the tobacco in money 277. Judges may adjourn their courts if they think they cannot sit with safety 408. Salary of judges, payable in specie 493. JUDGMENTS. Judgments destroyed, by the enemy, in office of county courts, attested copies to be again recorded 453. How far evidence 453. . JURISDICTION. Of court of appeals 90. Of court of admiralty 98. Of a single magistrate encreased 352. JURY. Trial by, in court of admiralty, when to be 101. Courts and

juries, ea officio, to take no-
tice of act of limitations on
store accounts 134.


Jurisdiction of, encreased in a
ratio with the depreciation of
paper money 352. Justices to

be appointed to take lists of |

taxable property 504. And
return them to the clerk 504.
Penalty for neglect of duty
Commissioners appointed for
• marking and opening a road
over the Cumberland moun-
tains to Kentucky 143. Guard
for protection against In-
dians, how procured 144.—
Certain escheated lands, in
Kentucky county, vested in
trustees for a public school
288. Kentucky county divi-
ded, and Jefferson, Fayette,
and Lincoln formed, and
Kentucky county became ex-
tinct 315. Surveyor of Ken-
tucky, where to reside, and
his duty as to entries for land
317. County courts in the
Kentucky country authorised
to direct surveys to poor per-
sons, actual settlers, not ex-
ceeding 400 acres to a family
431. County courts in dis-
trict of Kentucky authorised
to hear and determine land
claims left unfinished by the
commissioners 436. Register
to issue grants thereon 437.
Register of the land office to
appoint a deputy to reside in
the Kentucky country 445.
His duties 445.


Punishment of those asserting
that the United States ought
to be dependent on the crown
or parliament of Great Bri-
tain 268. Or acknowledging
their sovereignty, or himself
a subject 269. Or who shall
wish health or success to the
king 269. Jurisdiction of os-
fence 269. Charge to grand
jury 270. When security may
be required 270. Sentence to
be published 270. Limitation
of prosecution 270. Power of
justices 270.
Kitt, a slave, the property of
Hinchia Mabry, emancipated
for his meritorious services in
discovering connterfeiters of
money 115.
Laboratory and magazines to
be provided 302. Lands, how
acquired 302.
Promised to soldiers, sailors, &
marines 24. To volunteers
under colonel George Ro-
gers Clarke 26. To soldiers
for protection of llinois 27.
To those who enlist during
the war 27. To troops for
protection of western & east-
ern frontier 34. On what evi-
dence land bounties obtained
51. Officers and soldiers, in
service, allowed further time
to prove their claims for set-
tlement rights, and improve-
ments on lands 132. Land
bounty to chaplaims, surgeons
and surgeons’ mates 141.--

Proportion of land bounty to
officers and soldiers 160,-
Rights of those slain, or dy-
ing in service devolve on their
heirs or legal representatives
161. Bounty to sailors & ma-
rines for defence of eastern
frontier 298. Land bounty
300 acres, to soldiers who
have enlisted, or shall enlist,
and serve to the end of the
war 331. Land bounty to
general officers 375. Legal
representatives entitled to
bounty 375. Land given to
Baron Steuben 375. Further
tract of territory allotted to

proclamation, declared void
38. Except actual surveys, &
except the Dismal Swamp
38. Settlement rights upon
the western waters 38. Pro-
vision for families settled in
villages or townships 39.—
Settlemeut and pre-emption
rights desined 40. Grants for,
how obtained 40. Locations
by officers and soldiers on
lands of settlers void 41.-
What locations, entitled to
preference 41. Warrants re-
entered 41. Composition mo-
ney, in what cases to be paid
41. Agreements between

companies claiming under or---
ders of council, and purcha-,
ses regulated 42. Commis. .
sioners for adjusting and de-ri-

officers and soldiers, in lieu
of that fallen into North Ca-
rolina 465. When and how
their lands may be surveyed

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