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Co-operation from land and na-
val force from France expect-
ed 257. Provision for re-

, cruiting the continental army,
in consequence thereof 257.
Deserters from army or navy

• of our allies, how apprehend-
ed 267.

Town of Fredericksburg iucor-
porated 439. Officers, how
elected 439. Designation of
officers 440. Style of corpo-
ration 440. Corporate pow-
ers 440. Officers, how quali-
fied 440. Limitation of office
of mayor 440. Territorial
limits of jurisdiction 440. Ju-
dicial and ministerial, powers
441. Civil jarisdiction limit-
ed 441. Powers of corpora-
tion to erect .public buildings,
to pass by-laws, to assess tax-
es 441. Market days 441.—
Penalties for refusiug to exe-
cute office 442. Officers^ how
removed fur misconduct 442,
Vacancies, hmv-supplied 442.
Common council-,-, -how con-
vened 442. Properly hereto-
fore vested in trustees, parti-
cularly the donation of Ar-
chibald M'Pherson, transfer-
red to the corporation 442.

Regiment for defence of western
frontiers 215. Act for putting
eastern fromier in a posture
of defence 296. Further act
for defence of eastern fron-
tiers 379. Regiment under
col. George Rogers Clarke
to be completed for defence
Of western frontiers 389.


From justice in other states^ how
apprehended in this and de-
livered up 130.

Two gallies to be built, of the
same construction as those at
Philadelphia, by order of-con-
gress 385.


Contracts to pay money, fee,
won by gaming void 205.—
Conveyances to secure money,
&c. so won, enure to the ben-
efit of the loser's heir 205.^—
Penalties on those who play
at games or wagers 205. Pe-
nalty on tavern keepers per-
mitting gaming at their hou-
ses 206. Power of justices of
the peace to bind gamesters
to their behaviour 206. Lot-
teries and raffling prohibited
206. Charge to grand juries

When to sit at Richmond 89.—
Salary of judges of 118. Fees
of c lerk 127. Act appointing
place for holding general
court further continued L?8.
General court to sit at Rich-
mond 152. To have direc-
tion of public jail, and make
allowances to keeper 156.—
Sheriff of Henrico to summon
a grand jury for general court
228, Salary of judges rated
in tobacco 277. A jury to es-
timate the value of the tobac-
co in money 277. Allowance
to clerk of general court for
ex officio services 378. Grand
juror dying or taken sick, af-
ter sworn, sp that he cannot

attend, his place may be supplied by a by-staiider 401.—

• One judge or more of general court may adjourn 402. Provision in case of the grand juror being taken sick during the present term 402, Governor empowered to rent a house for confining certain prisoners 402. One judge of general court may qualify the auditors of public accounts 402. Special courts may be constituted by governor and council, with same powers as general court, as to criminal matters 415. No discontinuance of general court or its proceedings in consequence of a failure to hold a term 421. Terms of, altered 456. Salary of judges, in specie 493.


Citizens of South Carolina and Georgia authorised to remove their slaves into this state 307. How long to remain, &£ under what circumstances they may be sold 307. GLEBES.

Vestry of Russell parish, in county of Bedford, authorised to sell their glebe 109. Glebe of parish of St. Anne, in Albemarle to be sold, and money divided between parishes of St. Anne and Fluvanna 112. Glebe of Drysdale in Caroline and King & Queen counties to be sold, and money divided between parishes of Drysdale and St. Asaph, in proportion to the value of ihe two .Churches 210. So

much of the last act ag directs a valuation of the churches repealed 213.


Christopher Godwin re-vested of his house, &c. in Nansemond, leased to John Ham* ilton, who had joined the enemy 207.


So much of an act as imposes a penalty for asking more for any article, in paper money, than in gold or silver, repealed 125. What proportion of land tax payable in gold or silver 508. GOOD BJ^VJOUR.

Justices may Blitd gamblers- 1« the good behaviour 200.

Sale of perishable goods, whe» ordered in court of admiralty 109. Sale of goods condemned, in what cases ordered 101. Duty on goods imported 511. Various regulations for collection of duties 511,512.


Seat of government removed to Richmond 8&- Ground ap~ propriated for public buildings 86. Capitol for the general assembly 86. Halls of justice for the courts 86. — House for executive boards 86. Governor's house 86. _ Directors of public buildings 86. Land, how acquired and paid for 87. Richmond to be enlapged 88. Temporary houses to be provided 88.— Jail of Henrico to be enlarged 88. Proviso as to contracts and expenditures 89. When the courts and general assembly to sit at Richmond 89. GOVERNOR.'

See Executive.

House for governor, to be efected at seat of government, in Richmond 86: Governor and council authorised to lav embargoes, 105, 140, 306:— Acts giving certain powers to governor and council further continued 106: Act empowering governor and council * to] superintend and regulate the public jail farther continued 108: Act to enable the governor and council to supply the armies and uavies of the United States, and their allies, with- grain and flour, further continued 107,142:— Salary of governor 118, 219. .Acts giving farther powers to governor and council further continued 141; Governor and others indemnified, for acts tig under a resolution prohibiting tte exportation of sal1150. S a!ary of governor rated in- tobacco 278.— Value of tobacco estimated by'grand jury 278. Extraordinary powers given to the governor and council 309:;— Power to call out militia and appoint officers of experience 310: To march the militia out of the state 310: Governor m*& council authorised to con S tie or remove disUffected petfsom 310: In case of invasion or insurrection, tbo^ who assist the enemy subject , to martial law 310: Sentence

not to be carried into execution, until approved by the governor and council 311:,— Articles of war to be published 311: Powers of governor and council as to a supply of provisions extended 312:— Governor and council au* thorised to establish a press, with aa able editor, firmly attached to the independence of the United States 313:— Act giving further powers to the governor and council, revived and. continued 386:— •Empowered to call out military force to suppress mutiny, or resistance to the laws for recruiting this states quota for the .-continental army 387: May constitute special courts for trial of treasons, &c* in case of invasion or insurrection 387: Governor & council may by proclamation change the time and place of holding courts 407: Extensile powers of governor and council in calling out the forces and resources of the state 413: To impress property 413: To order out particular officers 414: To apprehend disaffected persons, who are denied bail, mainprize or habeas corpus 414:— To send such persons within the enemy's lines 414: To banish others 414: Felony without clergy l& return frbm banishment 414: Persons opposii%the laws for calling out military force, declared civilly dead 414: Special courts may be constituted by goyernor and council, with same powers as general court, as to criminal matters 415, 460: May discontinue state quarer masters and commissaries, and transfer their powers to continental staff 415: Rules in impressments under this •act 416: Governor & council authorised to fix the value of provisions impressed for the,use of the army 437. Act empowering governor and council to lay embargoes repealed 443. Governor and council authorised to fit out a naval force of four gallies 458. Governor Nelsoti indemnified 478. Salary of governor, in specie 493, GRAIN.

Act to enable governor and council to supply armies and navies of United States and their allies with grain and flour further continued 107, 142<426. Act prohibiting distillation of spirits from corn, wheat, rye, and other grain repealed 112. Poll-tax, payable in grain 490. GRAJNDJURY.

At general court to estimate price of tobacco payable to members of general assembly 30,104. To be charged on the act concerning ordinaries &c. 145. Act to suppress gaming to be given in charge to grand juries 207. Sheriff ofHenrico to summon a grand jury for the general court 22& Grand jury to fix the value of tobacco salaries and

fees, in money 274,278.— Grand juror dying or taken sick, after sworn, so that he cannot attend, his place may be supplied by a by-stander 401. Provision in case of the grand juror taken sick during the present term of the general court 402. Grand jury to settle value of salaries of officers of government 433. Valuation of tobacco fees, 'by grand jury, repealed 489. GRANTS.

Under what rights, and in what manner grants shall be made for lands surveyed previous to the establishment of the commonwealth's land office 37. Form of grant or patent 60. How executed and recorded 61. Grants to heirs & assignees 61. Inclusive patents how obtained 63. Qaitrents and reservations in the royal grants abolished 64.— Grants for escheated lands, how obtained 68. The issuing of grants suspended 422. Tax on patents for land, exceeding 1400, except bounties to officers 510. GRAYSON, WILLIAM

Certain lots of William Grayson, severed from the town of Dumfries 102.


Punishment of those asserting that the United States ought to be dependent on the crown or parliament of Great Britain 268. Or acknowledging their sovereignty, or himself a subject 269.


County court of Greenbrier authorised to have a waggon road opened from their court house to the eastern waters 3G7. Act suspended 444.

GREENSVILLE. County, formed out of Branswick 363. Boundaries 363, Court days 363. HABEAS CORPUS. Suspended as to disaffected persons confined by order of the executive 414.


Half-pay, for life, promised to generals, -field officers, captarns, subalterns, chaplains, physicians, surgeons, and surgeons' mates 25. Half-pay to widows and children of officers dying in service 374.— Officers to have half-pay for life 374.

HALLS OF JUSTICE. For superior courts, to be erected in Richmond 86. Land, how acquired and paid for 86.


The court house in Hampton being occupied by the troops of our allies as a hospital, the justices of Elizabeth City county authorised to hold their courts at any other place in the county 495. Harmer, John & George Act, concerning escheats & forfeitures from British subjects suspended, as to lands in Henry and Ainherst convey ed by John Harmer to Walter King Cole and George Harmer 300. Slaves sold as

the escheated property of Jote Harmer, and purchased by the public, restored to George Harmer 371.

HARRISONBURG. Town of Harrisonburgin Rockingham county establisfoed 293.


Hemp receivable in taxes, & at 'what rate 245,508. Treasurer authorised to borro^v money, tobacco, hemp, or flour 481.. Interest, 6 per cent on commodities, and 100 for 90 on money 481. Receipts receivable in taxes 482. Hemp receivable in taxes 508.—, Warehouses for, where esta= blished 508.


Jail of Henrico to be enlarged 88. Sheriff of Henrico to summon a grand jury for general court 228. High Court Of Chancery* When to sit at Richmond 89* Salary of judges of 118. Act. appointing place for holding high court of chancery, and empowering it to appoint serjeant at arms further continued 128, High court of chancery to sit at Richmond 1£20 Salary of judges rated in tobacco 277. A jury to estimate the value of the tobacco in money 277. Terms of, altered 455. Salary of judges, in speriee&93.

HIGHWAYS, See Roads.


Horses belonging to this state9 or United States, how reco

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