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116: Duty of clerk of gene-
ral court to certisy to eschea-
tor 116: Escheated lands,
when sold 116: Particular
interests in lands escheated,
how secured 117: Remedy in
case of inconsistent or üntrue
inquests 1 17: *
British property vested in the
commonwealth by escheat &
forfeiture 67: Proceedings,
how instituted 67: Officefound
for commonwealth vests the
property absolutely 67: But
right to money proceeding
from sale of property may be
afterwards asserted 67: Com-
missioners of sale 68: Sales
how conducted 68: Allow-
ance to escheators 68: Grants.
for escheated lands, how ob-
tained 68: Proceedings a-
gainst escheators for delin-
quency 68: Allowance to
commissioners 69: Nett pro-
ceeds to be extended in to-
bacco, how estimated 69:—
Duty of escheators to be per-
formed in northern neck, by
sheriffs 69: British subjects
described 69: Property, in
particular instances, except-
ed out of this act 70: Provi-
sion for widows, wives, and
children 71:

[blocks in formation]

Personal pro-
perty of persons joining the

[blocks in formation]

cheated or forfeited, to which
a claim either had not been
made, or had been discussed
for the commonwealth, con-
firmed to the purchasers; sav-
ing the rights of all persons
to the purchase money 201:
Certain escheated lands, in
Kentucky county, vested in
trustees for a public school
288: Act concerning escheats
and forfeitures from British
stijects suspended, as to
lands, in Henry and Amherst,
conveyed by John Harmer to
Walter King Cole & George

Harmer 300: Slaves restored

[blocks in formation]


House.for executive boards, to
be erected at seat of govern-
ment, in Richmond 86: Act
empowering executive to lay
embargo, surther continued
105: Acts giving further pow-
ers to governor and council
further continued 106: Act
empowering governor and
council to superintend and re-
gulate the public jail further
continued 106: Act to enable
the governor and council to
supply the armies and navies
of the United States, and their
allies, with grain and flour,
further continued 107,142:—
Acts giving further powers to
governor and council further
continued 141: Executive
vested with extraordinary
powers 309: Power to call
out militia and appoint offi-
cers of experience 310: To
march the militia out of the
state 310: Governor and coun-
cil authorised to confine or
remove disaffected persons
310: in case of invasion or
insurrection, those who assist
the enemy subject to martial
law 310: Sentence not to be
carried into execution, until
approved by governor and
council 31 1: Articles of war
to be published 31 1: Powers
of governor as to a supply of
provisions extended 312:—
Volunteer cavalry called into
service 312: Executive au-

thorised to set up a printing

establishment, with an able
editor firmly attached to the
independence of the United

States 313: Act giving fur-
ther powers to governor and
council, revived and continu-
ed 386: Power of executive
to call out military force to
suppress mutiny, or resistance
to the laws for recruiting this
states quota of troops for the
continental army 387: In case
of invasion or insurrection,
executive authorised to con-
stitute special courts for trial
of treasons, &c. 387: Mode
of proceeding 387: Execu-
tive may by proclamation
change the time and place of
holding courts 407: Exten-
sive powers of executive to
call forth the forces and re-
sources of the state 413: To
impress property 413: To
order out particular officers
414: To apprehend disaffect-
ed persons, who are denied
bail, mainprize or habeas cor-
pus 414: To send such per-
sons within the enemy's lines
414: To banish others 414:
Felony without clergy to re.
turn from banishment 414:—
Persons opposing the laws for
calling out military force, de-
clared civilly dead 414: Spe-
cial courts may be constitu-
ted by governòr and council,
with same powers as to crim-
mal matters as general court
415,460: Governor & coun-
cil may discontinue state
quarter masters and commis-
saries, and transfer their pow-
ers to continental staff 415:
Rules in impressments under
this act 416: Executive au-
thorised to fix the value of
provisions impressed for the
use of the army 437: Act em-
powering executive to lay
embargoes repealed 443:—
Executive authorised to fit
out a naval force of four gal-
lies 458: -
Right of, how exercised 129.
Provision for families of poor
persons of the militia called
into service 225.
Formed from Kentucky 315.—
Boundaries 315. Court days
Resolution to present the Mar-
quis de la Fayette, with a mar-
ble bust 569. Inscription 569.
‘Of inspectors of tobacco 76. In-
spection fees 78. Fees of sur-
veyors 126,230. Of clerk of
general court 127. Of regis-
ter of land office 127,230.—
Witnesses attending general
court 127. Or inferior courts,
or upon surveys 127. Wit-
nesses allowance 231. To-
bacco fees, how payable in
money 232. Fees of marshal
of admiralty 232. Fees of in-
spectors of tobacco rated in
tobacco 272. Valuation of
tobacco fees by grand jury
repealed 489. Tobacco fees
to be paid in money at 12s.
6d. per hundred 489. Allow-
ance to sheriffs, venire men
and witnesses attending the
general court, in criminal ca-
ses 489. Fees of inspectors of
flour 497.
Y 91... x. B 4

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Penalty for making a fence a-
cross a road 369.
New ferries established over
Roanoke, Shanandoah, Black
Water, and Pagan creek 124.
Rates 124. Penalty for ex-
ceeding legal rates 125. New
ferries over the Rappahan-
nock and Kentucky establish-
ed 196. Rates 196. Privi-
lege of foot passengers, at
JBowie's ferry, at Port Royal
abolished 197. Ferry over the
Potowmack at Shepherd's
town discontinued 197. Bate's
ferry disconsinaed 365-
New ferries established, and
rates of ferriage 365. Ferry
from Black’s oekett's es-
tablished 459. Rates 459.-
Penalty for exceeding legal
rates 459. Lynch’s ferry dis-
continued, and another esta-
blished 459.
Form of oath of fidelity 22.—
Oath of goveo Of pri-
vy councillor £2. Oath of any
other 23. Acts imposing tre-
ble taxes on those refusing to
take the oath of fidelity re-
pealed 194. Such taxes, when
and how reimbursed 194.
On officers and soldiers of the
militia 83. Serjeant of Wil-
liamsburg the same power to
distrain as sheriffs 85. Fines
on officers and privates, or-
dered to relief of South Ca-
rolina, for various delinquen-
cies 225. For delinquencies

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in recruiting or drafting for the continental army 260Fines on militia encreased 421 - FLAX. & Flax receivable in taxes, and at - what rate 245. FLEMING, WILLIAM Resolution indemnifying col. William Fleming for exercising the executive functions of government while he was the only acting member of council 567. FLOUR. Act to enable governor & council to supply armies and uavies of United States with

[blocks in formation]

• Interest at 6 per cent on com

modities, and 100 for 90 on

money. 481. Receipts, receivable in taxes 482. So much

of act of May 1780, ch. 23,

as relates to the inspection of flour repealed 496. [[G. The act here referred to comprised the inspection of pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch & turpentine, under which title the regulations concerning the inspection of flour had always been embraced. The act of November 1781, hereinafter referred to, was the first, in our statute book, which separated the inspection of flour from

that of the above mentioned articles.] Flour before exported shall be inspected 497. Places of inspection 497.Fee for inspection 497. How barrels to be made 497. Contents 497, Marks when inspected 497. Certificates to be granted 497. Other places of inspection 497. Inspectors to be appointed 497. Their oath 497. When flour may be inspected at merchant mills 498. Or at landings, if carried by water 498. Flour shipped, uninspected, forfeited to the state 498. How to be prosecuted 498. Flour found to be false packed forfeited to the poor 498. If refused for want of good casks. may be repacked in such 498. Inspections of flour, receivable in taxes, where establish

ed 509. Directions for appointing inspectors 509. At what places 509. o.

Glebe of parish of St. Anne, in Albemarle, to be sold, and money divided between parishes of St. Anne and Fluvanna 112. FOREIGNERS. May assign warrants & certificates of survey for lands 60. Their rights as to land warrants 60. Proceedings in suits where foreigners are parties 203. FORESTALLING. Act to prevent forestalling, regrating, engrossing & public vendues further continued 157,425. . . . . . . . .

See Escheats. -


British property vested in the
commonwealth, the lands,
slaves and other real estate
by escheat, the personal es-
tate by forfeiture 67. Pro-
ceedings how instituted 67.
Office found for common-
wealth vests the property ab-
solutely 67. But right to mo-
ney proceeding from sale of
property may be afterwards
asserted 67. Commissioners
of sale 68. Sales how con-
ducted 68. Allowance to es-
cheators 68. Grants for es-
cheated lands, how obtained
68. Proceedings against es-
cheators for delinquency 68.
Allowance to commissioners
69. Nett proceeds to be ex-
tended in tobacco, how esti-
mated 69. Duty of escheators
to be performed in northern
neck by sheriffs 69. British
subjects described 69. Pro-
perty, in particular instances,
excepted out of this act 70.
Provision for widows, wives
& children 71: Mode & rules
of proceeding on traverse of
office and monstrans de droit
153: All bona fide sales by
British subjects valid; collu-
sive sales declared void, how
to be detected 154: Injunc-
tions to inquisitions of escheat,
how and for what causes ob-
tained 155: Who are except-
ed out of the former act, and

[blocks in formation]

convey to John Fox, certain

entailed lands, sold by trus-

how relievable 156: Titles to
estates found to have been es-
cheated or forfeited, to which

a claim either had not been

tees, as the estate of Sarah the
wife of John Roetes 120.


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