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made, or had been discussed, fyf the commonwealth, confirmed to the purchasers, saving the rights of all persons to the purchase money 201. So much of act for sfequestering British property, &c. as allows debtors to pay their debts into the treasury repealed 227. Act concerning escheats and forfeitures from British subjects suspended, as to lands in Henry &; Amherst, conveyed by John Harmer to Walter King Goje & George Harmer 300. Slaves sold as the escheated property of John Harmer and purchased by the peblic restored to George Harmer 371. BRITISH SUBJECTS.

See Eschmts, Forfeitures.

property of British subjects vested in commonwealth, the lands, slaves, and other real estate, by escheat, the personal estate by forfeiture 67.— Proceedings thereon 67, 69. British subjects described 69, Provision for-widows j wives and children 71. Mode and rules of proceeding on traverse of office, and monstrans de droit 153. All bonafide sales by British subjects valid;—Collusive sales declared void, and how detected 154. Injunctions to inquisitions of escheat*, how and for what causes obtained 155. Who are excepted out of the former act and how relievable 156. Act concerning escheats and forfeitures suspended, as to lands in Henry and Am

herst, conveyed by John Bar* mer to Walter King Cole & George Harmer 300. BRUNSWICK.

Brunswick county divided and Greensville formed 363.— Boundaries 363. .Court days

f 363.


Charles Carter, esq. the surviving trustee of William Byrds esq. authorised to convey lots and lands held under Byrd's lottery, and a deed of trust 446.


Barber Caesar alias John Hope3 a slave of Susanna Riddle eraancipated 211.


Campbell county formed from Bedford 447. Boundaries 447. Court days 447. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM

Wm. Campbell, Walter Crockett and others indemnified for suppressing a conspiracy & insurrection 195. CAPITOL.

See seat of Government.

For general assembly to be e~ rected in Richmond 86.—Land, how acquired & paid for 87. Capitol and palace in Williamsburg to be sold in the event that taxes prove unproductive 285. Capitol in Richmond located on Shoekoe hill 317.


Tax on carriages 166,244. Tax payable in., specie 594. CARTER, .CHARLES

Charles Carter, esq. the surviving trustee of William Byrd, esq. authorised to convey lots and lands sold under Byrd's lottery, and a deed of trust 446.


Gate a slave, the property of Benjamin Bilberry emancipated 372.


Tax on cattle 189, 504. Cattle belonging to this state or United States, how recovered from those who have the unlawful possession 218. Tax on cattle, in specie 504.


Troop of cavalry, for protection of Illinois 26. Four troops for eastern frontier 27. Cavalry to be raised during existing invasion 28. State cavalry reduced 215. Cavalry for relief of South Carolina, how formed 223. Horses how furnished 224. Volunteer cavalry to be called into service 312. To be credited to their division of militia 312. Cavalry entitled to same advantages of pay, &c. as infantry 467.


To judgments of commissioners for adjusting titles to lands on western waters, within what time to be entered in general court 48. Caveats depending before the revolution, how proceeded on 49. Causes of caveat 58. Proceedings on caveats 58. New caveats, for vvhafcauses allowed 59. Costs on caveats 59. Caveats on surveys before establishment of commonwealth's land of

V©L. S. Z 3

fice, how proceeded in 179, Caveats allowed to judgments of commissioners 354* CERTIFICATES Plats and certificates of survey, when and how made 57.— When returned to land office 58. Assignable 60. Within what time plats and certificates may not be delivered 61. Stealing, taking by robbery, forging or counterfeiting certain certificates, death without clergy 93. Altering erasing, &c. 94. Having in possession instruments for forging or counterfeiting 94. Proceedings against offenders 95. Person suspected of having forged or counterfeited, how apprehended 96. Decisions of court of appeals, how certified 92. Certain certificates receivable in payment for treasury land warrants 148. Loan office certificates with interest receivable for waste lands 148. Forms and marks of treasurer's certificates, for money borrowed, and mode of assigning them 184. Counterfeiting certificates, punishable with death 185,191. Provision certificates, when and where payable 234. Forging or counterfeiting, how punishable 236. Further time to enter warrants, on pre-emption certificates, with the surveyor 239, Further time to return preemption certificates, and providing in case of their loss 239. Certificates receivable in taxes 350. Militia certifi

cates receivable in taxes 410. | Death to counterfeit them 410. Loan office certificates, for paper money called in, to be . , given by treasurer, at the rate of one for a thousand 456. When redeemable 456. Interest payable annually 456. Payments on certificates to be endorsed 457. Traasferrable by assignment only 467. Certificates to be given to officers and soldiers, on settlement of their accounts 462. Receivable on sales of forfeited estates 464. Money arising from such sales reserved for their redemption 464. So, of tobaccoes arising from sales of confiscated estates


Effect of party's failing to attend surveyor, \yith chaincarriers and marker 56.— Chain-carriers to be sworn



High court of chancery, when to sit at Richmond 89. CHAPLAINS.

Latid bounty to chaplains, sargeons and surgeons' mates



Lands on bay of Chesapeake Dot to be granted 227. CHILDREN.

Provision for widows, wives & children of British subjects out of their estates escheated


Salaries of ministers of church . - of England, umber suspend

ed 111* AH acts .providing salaries for ministers repealed 197. Vestry authorised to levy arid make assessments for salaries in arrear, for complying with legal engagements, and providing for parish poor 198. CHURCHWARDENS. Overseers of the poor to succeed to powers and duties of vestries and churchwardens 289,


In court of admiralty, rules concerning 100.


Who shall be deemed citizens of this commonwealth 129. Citizenship, how acquired 129, Who deemed aliens 129. Expatriation right of, how exercised 129. Free white mha,^ bitants of other of the United States, entitled to privileges of citizens of this state 130, Fugitives from justice, in other s tates, how?appi?ehe»dejd and delivered up 1-30* For,* feiture, of propeirty, by attainder in other states,'afiects property in this 130. CLARKE, GEO. ROGERS Land bounty to volunteers, under colonel George Rogers Clarke 26. Regiment, under his command to be completed for defence of western frontiers 389.


Salaries of clergy of church of England further suspended 111. All acts providing for salaries for ministers repealed 197. Vestries authorised lo levy for salaries in arrear,

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,for complying with legal en-
gagements, and providing for
pa'rlsh poor 198.

Of court of appeals, how ap-
pointed and tenure of office
91. Duty of clerks as to re-
cords, bonds, &c. and dock-
etting causes 91. Salaries of
clerks in auditors' office en-
creased 107. Fees of clerk of
general court 127. Allowance
to clerk of general court for
ex offido services 378« Salary
of clerks iu public offices, in
specie 493. Their duty in re-
lation to lists of lands & tax-
able property 503,505.

Appointed, on discontinuance
of public store 374. His duty
to report to war office 427.

Clothing for ,the army, to be
furnished by certain counties,
and of what to consist 338.—
Mode of furnishing the cloth-
ing for the army, in each
cotinty 339. Further time al-
lowed 393. Officers to sup-
ply themselves with clothing
374. Act for more effectual
and speedy clothing the army
376. Clothing for seamen,
how provided 381.

Duty on coffee inported 511,

Act concerning escheats & for-
feitures from British subjects
suspended, as 4o lands in
Henry and Asnherst, convey-
ed by Jehn Harmer to Wal-
ter Ring Cole, and George
Harmer 300.


Congress authorised to impose
a duty on goods and prizes,

'and to appoint collectors 409.
Collectors of duties, to be re-
ported to, by masters of ves-
sels 511. Their powers 513.
Penalty for receiving a bribe,
or conniving at a false entry
513. When and how they
may break open houses 514.
Their allowance 516. When
to account and pay 516.

Lands of, in Kentucky county,
escheated to commonwealth,
vested in trustees for a public
school 288.


Act for protection and encou-
ragement of the commerce
of nations acknowledging
the independence of the Uni-
ted States 202. Consuls from
such states as acknowledge
the independence of America,
how received 202. Deemed
subjects or citizens of the
state by whom appointed 202*
Guilty of crimes'against this
state, remanded to their sove-
reign for punishment 202.,—
Their powers 202. In execu-
tion thereof,* how to be aided
203. Seamen deserting, how
apprehended 203. Mode of
proceeding in suits where fo-
reigners are parties 203.

Salary of commercial agent ra^
ted in tobacco 278. Value of
tobacco, in money, estimated
by grand jury 278. Com-
mercial agent appointed, on
the abolition of the board of

, trade 292. His duty to report,
torwar office 427. Salary of
commercial agent, in specie



Of specific tax, their appoint-
ment and duty 79. Their al-
lowances and liabilities 80.
Oath of commissaries as to
application of public money
confided to them 256. Gover-
nor and council may discon-
tinue state commissaries, and
transfer powers to continental
Staff 415. State commissa-
ries, &c. not absolutely ne-
cessary may be discharged by
executive 449. Surplus stores
transferred to similar conti-
nental officers 450.
His duty to report to the war
office 427.
Commissary Of Military


.His duty to report to war office

Commissioner Of War.
Commissioner of the war office
appointed, on repeal:of the
act establishing a board of
war 292. Powers and duties
of commissioner of war more
accurately defined 426. Com-
missioner of war to discharge
the duties of adjutant gene-
ral's department 428. Mili-
tary commissions to issue{from
war office 428. Salary of
commissioner of war 428.
Quarter master general, com-
missary general, state clothi-
er, commercial agent, and
commissary of military stores
t© report to commissioner of

war 427. Salary of commis- •
sioner of war, in specie 493.

Of tax, further duties of 10.
Their oath 10. Allowance
encreased 14. Commissioners
for adjusting and determining
claims to lands on the western
waters, how appointed, their
oath, duty, power, and modes
and rales of proceeding 42-
47. Commissioners for sale
of escheated lands, their du-
ty, allowance, and liabilities
68,69. Commissioners fy com-
missaries of specific tax, their
duty, allowances and. liabili-
ties 80, Duty of commission-
ers of tax and assessors, in
furnishing lists to sheriffs; 166.
Allowance to commissioners
and assessors 167. Powers of
comttiisskwers for adjttsting
claims to vnpatented Jands
further continued 178,238,
403, 484. Commissioners of
tax shall not be sureties for
sheriffs 200. -Further time al-
lowed to the western eoramis,"
sioners 238. Further allow*
ance to them and their offi-
cers 238. Commissioners of
tax and assessors to meet and
class the lands 342. Their
oath on that occasion 242.
General oath of assessors 243.
Rule if a difference of opinion
between them 243. Duty of
commissioners and assessors
246. Allowances to commis-
sioners and their clerk, and
to. assessors 247. Commis^
sioners to act two years 252,
Assessors to be annually ap-
pointed5 hut to assess once in

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