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when and how collected 329. Mode of recruiting men for three years or the war 330. Additional bounty 331. Land bounty, 300 acres to soldiers who have eñlisted, or shall enlist and serve to the end of the war 331. If quota not recruited to be drafted for eighteen months 333. Troops how reviewed, furloughed and rendezvoused 333. Mutiny or resistance to this act, how punishable 334. Quakers & menonists drasted, exempted from personal service, but a substitute to be furnished at expense of society 335. Desertions, how guarded against 335. Sick soldiers provided for 335. Waggons procured by impressment 335. Penalty on masters receiving any consideration for the enlistment of their apprentices 335. Penalty for selling recruits 336. Additional penalties for concealing deserters 336.Person enlisting a soldier for the war exempted from all other drafts or militia duty 337. Clothing for the army to be furnished by certain counties, in what proportion, and of what to consist 338. Mode of furnishing the clothing for the army in each county 339.Beef for the army, how furnished by the several counties 340. Waggons for the army, how furnished by the several counties 342. Act for procuring a supply of provi

sions for the use of the army |

revived and amended 344.

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diers for two wears or the war
433. Expenses of recruiting,
how paid 434. Bounty and
immunities 434. Officers in
the state line reduced 449.-
Regiments consolidated 449.
Not to affect general Spots-
wood's legions 449. State
quarter-master's, commissa-
ries, commissioners, &c. not
absolutely necessary to be
discharged 449. Executive
to call all officers reduced or
discharged to account 450.
Surplus stores, &c. transser-
red to similar continental of
ficers 450.
pay and subsistence of officers
and soldiers to be made equal
to specie 462. Auditors to ad-
just accounts according to
scale of depreciation & give
printed certificates, payable
with interest 462. Also of os-
ficers and soldiers dead 462.
Or, out of the service, for
the time they served 463. Au-
ditors to return a list of cer-
tificates to the treasurer 463.
Advance to officers 463. Fu-

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For what time

surveyed 466. Return to be
made of state officers & their
merits 466. Their pay & sub-
sistence to be made equal to
continentals 467. Also their
bounty in lands, to be sur-
veyed as the regulars 467–
Cavalry the same advantages
as insantry 467. Officers and
seamen of the navy, same as
land service 467. Tobacco
received for confiscated es-
tates to be sold and the mo-
ney to redeem certificates 467.
Act for supplying southern
army with waggons and hor-
ses 482. Penalty on sheriffs
and justices for neglect 482.
How recoverable 482. Wag-
gons and teams how disposed
of 483. Governor & council
to appoint, persons to pur-
cliase waggon horses 483–
Virginia line on continental
establishment to be recruited
for two years or the war 499.
Recruiting expenses 499,-
Advance of money 499. Sol-
diers enlisting for two years
or the war, entitled to same
bounty and immunities as o-
other continentals 499. Per-
son furnishing a soldier for
two years or the war, exemp-
ted from militia duty 500.
To be published 311. Militia in
actual service, subject to 416.
Artificers employed at iron
works exempted from militia
duty 397. Act continued 425,
444. f

Officers of artillery regiment, in

continental service authorised to re-enlist their men 214.— Organization of garrison and artillery regiment 215. ASSEMBLY. Wages of members of general assembly, in tobacco, how estimated and paid 30, 104, 229. Capitol to be erected for at Richmond 86. When to sit at Richmond 89. Grand jury, at general court, to estimate price of tobacco payable to members of assembly 104. Acts fixing allowance of members of general assembly explained and amended 137. Elections for members

of assembly may be held at

any place secure from the enemy 412. ASSESSORS. Of tax, further duties of 10.— Their oath 1 1. Allowance encreased 14. Duty of commissioners of tax and assessors in furnishing lists to sheriffs 166. Allowance to commissioners and assessors 167. Their duty in classing lands 242. Their oath on that occasion 242. General oath 243. Rule, if a difference of opinion 243. Duty of commission

ers and assessors 246. Allow- |

ances 247, 252. Assessors to be annually appointed, but to assess once in two years 252. Penalty for neglect of duty 252. Penalty on assessors encreased 361. ASSIGNMENT.

Warrants and certificates assign- |

able 60. Loan office certificates for paper money called

in, transferrable by assignment only 467. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Salary of attorney general 118, 219,278,493. Salary of attorney general rated in tobacco 278. Value of tobacco in money estimated by grand jury 278. Salary of attorney general in specie 493. AUCTION. See Pendues, and page 158. AUDITORS.. Salaries of clerks in auditors' office encreased 107,208,219, 278. Salary of auditors 118, 219. Commissioners of tax to settle with sheriffs, & transmit account of settlement to auditors 247. Salary of auditors rated in tobacco 278. Value of tobacco in money, estimated by grand jury 278. One judge of general court may qualify the auditors 402. Salary of auditors in specie 493. . . . AUGUSTA. Part of the county of Augusta. added to Monongalia 114.— Another part of Augusta added to Monongalia 351, - BACON. Tax, payable in bacon 490. BAIL. Disaffected persons, confined by order of executive not to be set at liberty by bail, mainrize, or habeas corpus 414. BAINE, ROBERT. Estate of Robert Baine, sold as eschested property, restored to him 452. , BALL, BURGESS

Certain lands whereof Burgess

Ball is seized as tenant for
life, vested in trustees to be
sold, and the monies laid out
in other lands' 469.
Governor and council authori-
sed to banish disaffected per-
sons 414. Felony without
clergy to return from banish-
ment 414.
TNo marriage (except between
quakers and menonists) but
on licence or publication of
banns 362.
Tax, payable in barley 490.
Further time allowed purchasers
of lots in town of Bath to im-
prove them 103.
i3AY. -
Lands, on bay of Chesapeake
not to be granted 227.

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Benjamin Bilberry emanci-
pated 372.
Tax on, in specie 504.
Stealing, taking by robbery,
forging or counterfeiting cer-
tain bills of credit, selony
without clergy 93.
Sheriffs annually to give bond
for collection of taxes 506.
A copy to be sent to audi-
tors, which shall be evidence
506. Duty bonds, how given

512. Proceedings thereon
515. -

Act of 1748, prescribing method
of proving book debts repeal-
ed 133. Limitation of actions
on store accounts 133. Deli-
very of articles to be dated
133. Penalty for post-dating
133. When limitation to com-
mence 134. Courts and ju-
ries bound ea officio to take
notice of this act 134.
Town of Boonsborough in Ken-
tucky county established 134.
See Army.
Additional bounties to soldiers,
sailors and marines 23. Land
bounty 24. Land bounty to
volunteers under col. George
Rogers Clarke 26. To sol-
diers for protection of Illinois
27. To those who enlist dur-
ing the war 27. Land bounty
to chaplains, surgeous and
surgeons' mates 141. Pro-
portion of land bounty to of
ficers and soldiers 160. Rights
of those slain or dying in ser-
vice devolve on their heirs or
legal representatives 161.-
Bounty to militia ordered for
relief of South Carolina 224.
Bounty for recruits or drafts

for the continental army 260.

Bounty in lands, &c. to sai-
lors and marines for protection
of eastern frontier 298. Land
bounty 300 acres to soldiers
who have enlisted or shall en-
enlist and serve to the end of
the war. 331. Land bounty
to general officers 375. Boun-
ty in lands to other officers
encreased 375. Legal repre-
sentatives entitled to bounty
375. Land given to Baron
Steuben 375. Further tract
of territory allotted for boun-
ty of officers and soldiers, it
lieu of that fallen into Nortii
Carolina 465. When & how
their ands may be surveyed
466. State troops as to land
bounty, made equal to conti-
mentals 467. Soldiers enlist-
ing for two years or the war,
entitled to same bounty and
immunities as other continen-
tals 499. Resolution extend-

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how conducted 68. Allow-
ance to escheators 68. Grants
for escheated lands, how ob-
tained 68. Proceedings a-
gainst escheators for delin-
quency 68. Ailowance to
commissioners 69. Nett pro-
ceeds to be extended in to-
bacco, how estit 'ted 69.—
i}uty of escheators be per-
formed in Northern neck, by
sheriffs 69. British subjects
described 69.
particular instances, excepted
out of this act 70. Provision
for widows, wives, and chil-
dren 71.

fice, and monstrans de droit
153. All bona fide sales by
British subjects, valid, collu-
sive sales, declared void, and
how detected 154. Injunc-
tions to inquisitions of escheat,
how and for what causes ob-
tained 155. Who are except-
ed out of the former act, and
how relievable 156. Titles to
estates found to have been es-
cheated, or forfeited, to which
a claim either had mot been

Property, in .

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Mode and rules of
proceeding on traverse of of

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