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Later from ijeed not be apprehensive of the force Great Britain has ETtVTtlfe rema'n'nS uPon the continent, or which she can h.erefa* governor ofter probably bring. But the greatest encouragement to Virginia, a vigorous preparation is, that it will be the most likely method of gaining more allies and forcing Great Britain into a negotiation, which we have every reason to suppose would end in a peace honorable to the interests and views of America.

I will take the liberty of recommending a matter to your excellency which I must solicit you to urge to the legislature, as absolutely necessary to the filling your regiments with proper men, more especially if the mode of drafting should be adopted. It is, stationing continental officers of the rank of field officers at least, at the different places of rendezvous, who shall jpdge of the ability of the recruit and pass him or reject him as circumstances may require. For want of a regulation of this kind, we have had hundreds of old men, mere children, disordered and decripid persons passed by civil characters appointed for muster masters, and have, been under the necessity of discharging them the moment they have joined the army; whereby the state has been put to a vast expence for an useless man, and the service l?as lost a man for the campaign, as the districts from whence such have been sent, have scarce ever replaced them. The Secretary at War will address your excellency upon this subject, which I can assure you is of the utmost importance to the constitution of the arn^.

I have the honor to be,

With the greatest respect, sir,
Your excellency's most obed't. servant,

His Excellency,

Governor Harrison.







Act of 1748, prescribing the method of proving book debts, repealed 133. Limitation of actions on store accounts 133. Delivery of articles to be dated 133. Penalty for post-dating 133. When limitation to commence 134. Courts and juries ex officio to take notice of this act 134. ACTS OF ASSEMBLY.

All acts of assembly which would have expired at the end of, or during the session of March 1781, continued 401. ADDRESS.

Address of the general assembly of Virginia, to congress, on the alarming situation of the southern states, as it respects the operations of the enemy 539. ADJOURNMENT.

One judge, or more, of general court may adjourn 402. Judges may adjourn their courts

if they think they cannot sit with safety 408. ADJUTANT GENERAL.

Commissioner of war to discharge the duties belonging to the adjutant general's department 428. Military commissions to Issue from the war office 428.


Court of admiralty, when to sit at Richmond 89. Court of admiralty established 98.— Number of judges 98. Jurisdiction 98. By what laws governed 98. Provision where regulations of congress conflicf with laws of state 98.— Judges how chosen 98. Oath of judges 98. Penalty for acting without oath 99. Register, advocate. and marshal 99. Tenure of office 99.— Court where to sit 99. Sale of perishable goods 100.— Rules of practice 100. Libel, citation, publication, defence, depositions, 100, Trial by A

jury 101 . Security for costs, tvhen 101; Sale of goods condemned 1O1. Appeal, right of, and to what tribunal 101. Present judges confirmed in office 101. Salary of judges of 118. Court of admiralty continued it) Williamsburg 136. Marshals fees 232. Salary of the judges rated in tobacco 277. A jury to estimate the value of the tobacco in money 277. Court of admiralty may sit anywhere on proper occasions 408. Salary of judges, in specie 493.


In court of admiralty, how: appointed 99i Tenure 99,

Mil it ar p

71. Their duty and compensation 71. Salary of commercial agent 278.


Vestry of Albemarle parish in county oi Sussex dissolved 360., ALEXANDER, JOHN' •

Certain lots laid ofl" by John Alexander annexed to the town of Alexandria 192. ALEXANDRIA.

Towns of Alexandria and Winchester incorporated 172. — Officers, how elected 173. — Style of corporation of Alexandria 173. • May or, recorder &c. how qualified 173. How long mayor eligible 173. Judicial and ministerial powers of mayor, recorder & alderrnen 173. ..Powers of serjeatH 174. Limitation of jurisdic

tion 174. Market days 175,
Officers, how removable for
misconduct 175. Penalty for
refusing to execute office to
which elected 175. Common
council, how summoned 175,
Property heretofore vested iu
trustees of Alexandria, trans-
ferred to corporation 176.—
Town of Winchester -incor-
porated in same manner as
Alexandria 176. Styleofcor-
poration 176. Jurisdiction
176. Certain sales and leases
of lots made by trustees of A-
lexandria confirmed 192.—»
Certain lots laid off by John
Alexander annexed to the
town of Alexandria 192. Pro*
prietors allowed a furthertinae
.after-the end of the present
war, to build upon and save
their lots 193. Naval officer
of district of south Potow-
mack to appoint a deputy to
reside in Alexandria 208^

W !Hrdeemed*aUens-129,,

Form of oatb of aUegiimee ©r fidelity 22. Oath of gover^ nor, council, and others 22, 23. Acts imposing treble taxes on those refusing to take the oath of allegiance repealed 194. Such taxes, when &: how reimbursed 194, ALLIES.

Deserters from army or navy of our allies, how apprehended 267.


Judges of superior courts authorised to make allowances to their officers 118.


Boundaries of parishes of Am-
herst and Lexington, in the
county of Amherst altered


Lead mines, the property of
John fa Mead Anderson, to
be assessed for taxes, accord-
ing to the value of the soil
only 193.

When to sit at Richmond 89,
152. Court of appeals esta-
blished 89. Terms 90. Of
what judges constituted 90.
Precedence of judges 90.—
Oath of judges 90. Jurisdic-
tion 90. Clerk, tipstaff and
crier 91. Sheriff to attend 91.
Appeals', writs of error, fac.
how prosecuted 91. Duty of
clerks, as to records, bonds,
Sic. 91. Docketting causes
91. Statements of cases 92.
Decisions, how certified 91.
Certain land claims to be
laid be tore court of appeals
and there decided 48. Court
of appeals to sit at Richmond
li?2. Terms of court of ap-
peals altered 455. Court of
appeals may sit beyond their
term, and then the term ofihe
high court of chancery to
commence the next day 455.

To court of appeals, how pro-
secuted 91. From decisions
of court of admiralty, how
imide.fa to what tribunal 101.

Penally on masters receiving
tiny consideration for the en-
Vor,. x. Y 3

listment of their apprentices
335. County courts below
the falls of the rivers shall
bind out at least half their
male orphans to the sea 385.


Arms belonging to this state or
United States, how recovered
from those who have the un-
lawful possession 218.


Volunteers to be raised 18. How
organized IS. Officers and
staff 18. How appointed 19.
Chaplains 19. Pay, rations,
&c. same as cnntinentaM9.
Spirits and sugar, how fur-
nished 19. Bounty and term
of service 2.0. Volunteers for
western frontiers 20. Arms,
&c. how furnished 20* Where
posted,, & time of service 21.
Pensions and provision for
wives & indigent parents 2K
Additional bounties to sol-
diers, sailors and marines 23,,
Land bounty 24. Pensions
24. Exempted from personal
taxes 24. Goods at stipulated
prices 2G. Half pay for life,
to generals, field officers, cap-
tains, subalterns, chaplains^
physicians, surgeons and sur-
geons' mates 25. Recruiting
officers, how appointed 250
Their powers, duty and com-
pensation 25. Troop of ca-
valry for protection of Illi-
nois 26. Land bounty to vo-
lunteers under colonel George
Rogers Clarke 26. To sol-
diers for protection of Illinois
27. Four troops of cavalry
for eastern frontier 27. Land
bounty to those who enlist

during the war 27, Cavalry
to be raised, during existing
invasion 28. Four regiments
to be raised; two for the de-
fence of the western, and two
for the eastern frontiers 32.
Pay and emoluments 34.—
Military agents to be appoint-
ed 71. Their duty and com-
pensation 71. . Board of war
to furnish lists of articles for
accommodation of army 72.
Board of trade to procure such
articles 72. How transmitted
to army 72. Invoices &, pri-
ces to be sent with goods 73.
Accountability of agents 73.
Duty of board of war in as-
certaining wants of army
73. One 25th man of the mi-
litia to be drafted for 18
months 82. Act to enable the
governor and cotmcil to sup-
ply armies and navies of Uni-
ted States with grain & flour
further continued 107, 142.
426. All acts empowering
county courts to provide for
the wives, parents h families
repealed 212. Proviso in fa-
vor of those in indigent cir-
cumstances 212. Officers of
the Virginia line, and of the
two state regiments and of
artillery authorised to re-en-
list their men 214. Bounty
214. Executive authorised to
send assistance to .our sister
state, of South Carolina 214.
Militia and state troops,to be
sent 214. Drafts under for-
mer laws to be completed 214.
New organization of state
troops 215. Cavalry and in-
fautry 215. Garrison and ar~

* tillery regiment 215. Regi-
ment for defence of western
frontiers 215. Enlistments by
county lieutenants, how long,
to continue 216. Money re-
ceived for enlisting men, how
accounted for 216. Summary
remedy 216. Militia embo-
died for relief of South Ca-
rolina 221. Provisions for
the army procured by pur-
chase or impressment 233,—
Various regulations concern-
ing 234-236. Additional for-
ces to be raised to complete
this stale's quota of troops Oh
continental establishment 257
One 15lh man of the militia

258. Militia to be laid off in-
to divisions, and each divi-
sion to recruit a man 258. h
not recruited in 30 days to be
drafted 259. Term of service

259. Substitutes admitted
259. Bounty 260. Place of
rendezvous 260. Returns to
be made to governor 260.—
Fines for delinquencies 260.
A division or draft producing
a deserter, relieved from ser-
vice 261. Mutiny, how pun-
ishable 261. Quakers or men-
onists drafted, exempted from
service, but a substitute to be
provided at expense of socie-
ty 261. Allowance to widows
and aged parents of soldiers
dying in service 262. Act
exempting, and per-
sons employed at iron works
(^except for the public) re-
pealed 26.2. Additional troops
for the war to be raised 326.
Number to be furnished by
each coiUiiy 327. Taxes for,

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