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inspections with credit, or entitle the merchant to preference in every foreign market: Be it therefore enacted So moh of by the General Assembly, That so much of the act *:::::::: passed in May, one thousand seven hundred and eigh- to flour rety, as relates to the inspection of flour, be, and the same pealed. is hereby repealed.

II. And be it farther enacted, That all flour, before Flour before it shall be exported, shall be first inspected and weigh-exported, ed at the public inspections of tax flour at Alexandria, shall be inFredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg and West- spected. Point, by the inspectors to be appointed under an act Places of inof this present session of assembly for ascertaining cer-spection. tain taxes and duties, and for establishing a permanent . e revenue, who shall be allowed two-pence per barrel, o: IIIfor their trouble, to be paid by the owner. pection.

III. And for ascertaining the condition of such flour How barrels as ought to pass inspection, and also the duty of the to be made. inspectors, Be it enacted, That the barrels shall be Amade of sound and well seasoned timber.of a sufficient thickness, and be hooped with twelve hoops, and to . contain not less than one hundred and ninety-six, nor Contents. more than two hundred and four pounds weight of nett M

e - Marks when

flour. The inspectors shall mark on each cask by them ... inspected, the name of the miller, the name of the place where it is inspected, and the quality, whether superfine, fine, or seconds; and when the flour is thus marked, they shall grant to the owner a certificate of the certificates number of barrels so by them inspected, distinguishing to be granttherein the quantities and qualities of each kind, which ed. shall entitle the owner to dispose of the same as flour

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fit for exportation. IV. And be it farther enacted, That for the conveniency of millers as well as shippers of flour who live Other places inconvenient to the public inspections, inspectors shall opes. be appointed at the following places, to wit: New- " Castle, York, Falmouth, Port-Royal, Hobb's-Hole, Colchester, Dumfries, Manchester, Osborne's, Pokahuntus, Nomony, Broadway, Low-Point in Surry, Suffolk, South-Quay, and Norfolk; and the county or.” courts in which the above posts are, are hereby direct- :* pointed and empowered to appoint inspectors, who shall take an oath for the faithful performance of their duty, Their oath, and shall receive the same allowance for inspection, and be subject to the same penalties for neglect, as the

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, orj inspectors at Alexandria, Fredericksburg, West-Point, ... o: Richmond and Petersburg: Provided nevertheless, That o ... where any merchant mill is, or shall be situated on namerchant vigable water below the falls, that it shall and may be mills; lawful for the ozoner of such mill or mills, to call on one of the inspectors of flour in the county where such mill is, who is hereby directed to attend and inspect the same, and grant certificates as in other cases. or atlanding V. And be it farther enacted, That all flour brought if o by by water to the inspections aforesaid, may be inspected water. at the landings for the greater conveniency of the ownFlour ship. er for exportation; and all flour that shall be shipped ped unin- for exportation without being inspected as before dispected, for rected, (a certificate of which shall be produced on .*** oath to the naval officer of the district) shall be liable State. • e - o . . . * . to be seized by the said officer, and being prosecuted How to be before the court of the county where the seizure is made prosecuted. on the information of such officer and condemned by such court, shall, by the said officer, be sold for the Flour found b w - to o ...'..." benefit of the state, who shall receive for his reward ten packed, for- per centum on the sales, and after deducting his comfeited to the missions, pay the amount of such sales into the treasu#. ea for ry. . And all flour that shall be sound on inspection to want of good be false packed; shall be forfeited and given to the poor casks, may of the parish; and where any shall be refused for the *:::... want of good casks, the owner shall be at liberty to reed in such. © o - * , o s pack it in good casks before it is removed from the public inspection.


An act to recruit the Pirginia line on the continental establishment.

I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the governor, with the advice of council, shall appoint some discreet officer or officers in the respective counties within this state, to recruit, by voluntary enlistments, any number of soldiers not exceeding three thousand, for the term of two years, or during the war; each soldier to be not less than five feet four inches high, not being a deserter nor subject to fits, of able-body and sound mind, fit for immediate service. For every soldier enlisted as above described the recruiting officer shall be entitled to the sum of forty shillings specie. The governor, with the advice of council, shall have power to advance any sum of money necessary for the full execution of this act, either to the officers aforesaid or to some other proper person in each respective county where the recruiting business shall be, first taking bond and good security if necessary, for the faithful application of the same. The men enlisted shall be entitled to subsistence from the day of their enlistment.

II. And be it enacted, That every soldier who shall

Virginia line
on continen-
tal establish-
ment, to be
recruited, for
two years
or the war.

Recruiting expenses.

Advance of money.

enlist to serve in the continental army for the term of $oldiers, en

two years or during the war, shall be allowed the sum of twenty dollars, to be paid down as soon as he is sworn for that purpose, and shall be entitled to all other immunities that other continental soldiers are. The governor, with advice of council, shall appoint the place of rendezvous, and also a proper officer to take a review of all the troops that are enlisted, and shall order the same to be marched, on to join the army with all possible expedition. If upon a review any soldier shall be deemed unfit for service, except rendered so after enlistment by sickness or accident, the officer so recruiting him shall be responsible for the bounty momey, or find another in his room. The time of service shall begin from the date of the review, and not soon©I’. *

• III. And be it farther enacted, That where any per

listing for two years or the war, entitled to same bounty and immunities as other continentals.

son shall furnish one able-bodied man to serve in the

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continental army for two years or during the war, and shall deliver the same to any continental officer appointed to receive soldiers recruited in this common

wealth on or before the first day of July next ensuing;

and also produce a receipt from the commissioner of the war office, such person shall receive a certificate for the same, and shall be exempted from militia and military duties for and during the term of service of such substitute.

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CHAP. XXXIX. An act to empower, the naval officers to receive the duties in their several districts. H. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That all

duties and customs which now are, or shall hereafter

accrue due to this commonwealth upon ships, goods,

wares and merchandizes, or any other articles whatsoever, by virtue of any law of this commonwealth, may

and shall be paid to the naval officer of the district

where such duty or custom is directed to be paid; and

the respective naval officers are hereby required to collect, account for and pay into the public treasury, the

amount of all such duties or customs, according to the

several acts imposing the same, and under the pains

and penalties therein contained.

Continuance e tinue and be in force from the passing thereof until the

of act.


Goods im

- ported by

land, to be entered with the sheriff.

II. And be it farther enacted, That this act shall con

end of the next general assembly, and no longer.
III. And be it farther enacted, That where any
goods are imported by land, except for private use,
due entry shall be made to the sheriff of the county
wherein they may be brought, who shall take bond
from the importer to pay the duties agreeable to the
time prescribed by law. $ •


An act for ascertaining certain taa!es and duties, and for establishing a permanent revenue. .

I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the sheriff, and in case there should be no sheriff, the first acting magistrate of each county within this commonwealth, shall annually appoint some day in the month of February, or at any time before the fifteenth day of the next succeeding month, if prevented from holding such courts in the said month of February by any accidents, from and after the passing of this act, on which a court shall be held in his said county, and the said sheriff or magistrate, as the case may be, shall give notice thereof to the justices and to the clerk of his said county, who shall attend at the court-house thereof on the day appointed, if fair, if not, on the next fair day, and the said justices shall then and there appoint three reputable freeholders resident in their said county, to be commissioners for ascertaining the value of all lands within the same, except the lands belonging to the said commissioners, which shall be valued by two justices to be appointed by the respective courts, who shall proceed in the same manner, and be allowed the same pay and be liable to the same penalties, as directed in the

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case of commissioners by this act, which said commis

sioners, before they enter upon the duties of their office, shall take the following oath or affirmation, to wit: “I, A. B. do solemnly swear (or affirm as the case may be) that I will truly, candidly and impartially as: certain and fix the value of the several kinds of land within my county, as the same shall be worth in specie, if sold for ready money, separately from other lands, after giving reasonable public notice, according to the best of my judgment: So help me God.” Which oath or affirmation shall be administered by any magistrate within the county, and the two commissioners

Their oath.

Their duty.

first named in the appointment of the court shall proceed to take an account in writing of the quantity of

land belonging to all persons within their said county, except as before excepted, and also of the name of the

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