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any wise notwithstanding: Provided always neverthen... less, That in all cases where actual payments have ..".” been made, by any person or persons, of any sum or stand for sums of the aforesaid paper currency, at any time or o * times, either to the full amount or in part payment of “ any debt, contract or obligation whatsoever, the party paying the same, or upon whose account such sum or sums have been actually paid, shall have full credit for the nominal amount of such payments, and such payments shall not be reduced, any thing in this act, or in any other act or acts, to the contrary in any manner notwithstanding. Executions III. And whereas many of the inhabitants of this suspended, state have been exposed to the ravages of the enemy, optio"... and other distresses incident to a state of war, by means debts due to - .* * * * * -. we , ... whereof they have been by violence deprived of the wealth. fruits of their labour and industry, and thereby rendered for the present incapable of paying many of their just debts: Be it therefore enacted, That in all cases, except such as are hereafter excepted, where judgment has been or may hereafter be obtained for the payment of any sum or sums of money, execution shall not issue thereupon before the first day of December, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three,” except when judgment has been or may be obtained for any sum or sums of money due to the commonwealth, for taxes or otherwise, against any public collector, or any other Except also person or persons whatsoever: And also in all cases *:::::: , where any such judgment hath been or may hereafter .j be obtained for monies due for the rent or use of any lands, plantations, houses, ferries or fisheries, or for the hire of any slave or slaves, or of any servant or servants: Provided, That all judgments so staid shall carry interest at the rate of five per centum per annum until paid. . . . . . scale of de IV. And be it farther enacted, That the following preciation, scale of depreciation shall be the rule to determine the value of the several debts, contracts and demands in this act mentioned, compared with silver and gold: In the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy. . . . . . . . . S87)67?. In 1777. January one and a half, February one and a half, March two, April two and a half, May two and a half,

Actual pay

see May 1783, c. 44 october 1782, c. 45 oct. 1783, c. 30.


June two and a half, July three, August three, September three, October three, November three, December

In the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-
- - eight.
January four, February five, March five, April five, In 1778.
May five, June five, July five, August five, September
five, October five, November six, December six.

In the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy- nine. January eight, February ten, March ten, April six- In 1779. teen, May twenty, June twenty, July twenty-one, August twenty-two, September twenty-four, October twenty-eight, November thirty-six, December forty.

In the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty.

January forty-two, February forty-five, March fifty, April sixty, May sixty, June sixty-five, July sixty-five, August seventy, September seventy-two, Octobefseventy-three, November seventy-four, December seventy-five. - In the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one.

January seventy-five, February eighty, March nine- In 1781. ty, April one hundred, May one hundred and fifty, June two hundred and fifty, July four hundred, August five hundred, September six hundred, October seven hundred, November eight hundred, December one thouSand. - . W. And be it enacted, That where a suit shall be Courts maw brought for the recovery of a debt, and it shall appear ...” that the value thereof hath been tendered and refused; disputes acor where it shall appear that the non-payment thereof cording to is owing to the creditor; or where other circumstances * arise which, in the opinion of the court before whom the cause is brought to issue, would render a determination agreeable to the above table unjust; in either case it shall and may be lawful for the court to award such judgment as to them shall appear Just and equitable. And where any verdict hath been given for damages between the first day of January, one thousand jose seven hundred and seventy-seven,and the first day of Jan-ji.” uary one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two, and judgments, the judgment remains unsatisfied, it shall be lawful for the several courts within this commenwealth, in a summary way, by motion to them made, either before any exe

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In 1780.

cution issues, or at the return day of such execution, to fix, settle and direct at what depreciation the said damages shall be discharged, having regard to the original injury or contract on which the damages are founded,

and any other proof or circumstances that the nature of the case will admit.

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An act to continue and amend the se. veral acts of assembly respecting the tnspection of tobacco, and for other purposes.

Actrespect. I. WHEREAS the act of assembly entitled, “All ing inspec- act to amend an act entitled An act to amend the sevetion of: ral acts of assembly respecting the inspection of tobac#: i. co,” hath expired, and it is expedient the same should ued and a- be revived and amended: mended. II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said recited act shall continue and be in force from and after the expiration thereof, for and during the term of twelve months. III. And be it farther enacted, That the inspection Meriweth- of tobacco at Meriwether's warehouse, in the town of er's, Macho- New-Castle and county of Hanover, at Machodack in i. *... the county of King George, and at Glascock's in the ascock’s e warehouses county of Richmond, shall be, and the same are hererevived and by revived and established. - e. * IV. And it being represented to this present general assembly, that the erecting a ware-house on the lands of Charles Lewis, near Rockett's landing, in the county of Henrico, will be of public benefit, and the proprietor of the land is willing to build the same: ... W. Be it therefore enacted, That an inspection of wo: * tobacco shall be, and the same is hereby established at established. the said place, which shall be called and known by the name of Rockett's; and that the transfer notes issued by the inspectors thereof shall be payable for public dues, in the same manner as those of Byrd's and Shockoe.

VI. And whereas the mode established by law for Amount paying inspectors salaries may become expensive to the in...” public: For remedy whereof, Be it enacted, That in-salaries, at stead of the allowance heretofore given by law to in- the different inspectors, they shall be allowed the following salaries yo. in specie, shat is to say: To each of the inspectors at o: Guilford and Pungoteague, under one inspection, thirty-five pounds; at Roy's fifty pounds; at Hobb's-Hole thirty pounds; at Kennon’s thirty pounds; at Bolling’sPoint seventy pounds, at Bollingbroke sixty pounds, at Bowler's thirty pounds; at Layton's thirty pounds; at Colchester forty pounds; at Alexandria forty pounds; at the falls of Potowmack thirty pounds; at Poropotank thirty pounds; at Deacon’s Neck thirty pounds; at Meriwether's sixty pounds; at Crutchfield's sixty pounds; at Page's sixty pounds; at Rocky Ridge seventy pounds; at Osborne's seventy pounds; at John Bolling's sixty pounds; at Byrd's seventy pounds; at Shockoe seventy pounds; at Rockett's fifty pounds; at Smithfield twenty-five pounds; at Shepherd's twentyfive pounds; at Mantapike and Frazer's, under one inspection, thirty pounds; at Todd's and Aylett’s, under one inspection, forty-five pounds; at Boyds-Hole and Machodack, under one inspection, fifty pounds; at Falmouth sixty pounds; at Dixon's sixty pounds; at Gibson's thirty pounds; at Davis's twenty-five pounds; at North Wycomico and South Wycomico, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Indian creek thirty pounds; at Deep Creek and Glascock's, under one inspection, thirty pounds; at Urbanna thirty pounds; at Miłmer's forty pounds; at South Quay forty-five pounds; at Cherrystone’s and Hungar’s, under one inspection, twentyfive pounds; at Littlepage's thirty-five pounds; at the Brick house thirty pounds; at Coan's thirty-five pounds; at Boyd's sixty pounds; at Davis's, in the town of Blandford, sixty pounds; at Blandford sixiy pounds; at Quantico sixty pounds; at Dumfries sixty pounds; at Cat Point thirty-five pounds; at Totuskey thirtyfive pounds; at Gray's creek thirty-five pounds; at AQuia forty pounds; at Fredericksburg sixty pounds; at Royston's sixty pounds; at Denbigh twenty-five pounds; at Nomony thirty pounds; at Leeds and Mattox, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Yocomico and Rust's, under one inspection, forty pounds; at the Capitol and College landings, under one inspection, thirty-five

T pounds; at Roe's twenty-five pounds. And for the purbio. te pose of raising the said salaries and paying the warespected. house rents, there shall be collected by the inspectors from the owners of tobacco, the sum of five shillings for each hogshead by them inspected and past, which shall be paid at the time of delivering the mote or an Storage al- order received for the delivery of the tobacco; and the tered. inspectors at each ware-house shall, in lieu of the sormer allowance given for storage, pay to the proprietor thereof the sum of two shillings in specie for each hogshead of tobacco by them inspected and note given or If inspection tobacco delivered. Provided always, That if the infees suffi." spectors at any ware-house shall not receive as much cient for money for inspection as will be sufficient to pay the *** rents of the ware-house and salaries aforesaid, they *:::::"*" shall in that case pay the proprietor the warehous spectors to e pay the prop I 3 Fe-il OUIS® pay the rents rents, and be allowed and paid only so much for their and receive salaries as the balance of the money so received by *:::::::. them; and in case they shall receive more than sufficient to answer the purposes aforesaid, they shall account for and pay the overplus in manner directed by the said recited act: There shall be paid to the inspectors at each ware-house, five shillings specie for every hogshead reprized, for reprizing and finding nails, to be paid by the proprietor; and the sum of seven shillings specie for every hogshead of tobacco prized up and exchanged for transfer notes, and finding mails, to the use of the inspectors, in lieu of tobacco heretofore directed to be paid for the said services. . . . . County VII. And whereas several warehouses have been dei.e.: stroyed by the enemy, and the former proprietors may i.e. refuse or neglect to rebuild the same, to the great instroyed by convenience of the public: Be it therefore enacted, That the enemy, the court of the county where such refusal or neglect Šišiad. may be, may appoint two or more of their body to let & the Brick to the lowest bidder the re-building the same, and to house. draw on the treasurer for payment thereof, except the inspection at Crutchfield's and the Brick house, which are hereby discontinued, unless the proprietors will rebuild at their own expence. And the court of every Inspectors county that hath failed to recommend inspectors at the ::ia time directed by law, shall, and they are hereby emsoony time, powered to recommend inspectors at any court after the r passing of this act, who, upon being qualified according to law, shall proceed to the execution of their office.

Fees for reprizing.

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