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An act to empower the court of Greenbrier county to have a waggon road opened from their courthouse to the eastern waters. o

WHEREAS it is represented to this general assem- court of bly, that the inhabitants of the county of Greenbrier Greenbrier łabour under very great inconveniences for want of a ...", waggon road from their courthouse through the moun-nave a wag. tains to some place on the eastern waters, from whence gon road othere is a waggon road to the town of Richmond, that Boo

- o their court such a road would not only be very beneficial and con- hose je venient to the said inhabitants, but of great publick eastern wautility, and that they are willing to pay the expense ofters. viewing and clearing the same; Be it therefore enacted. by the General Assembly, That the justices of the said county of Greenbrier, or a majority of them, shall have full power to appoint three or more proper persons, who being first sworn to view and mark a way for a waggon road from Greenbrier courthouse to the Warm Springs, or to the waggon road at the mouth of the Cow Pasture river, whichever the said commissioners' shall think the nearest and best way, a report of which being returned to and approved of by the said court of Greenbrier, they, or a majority of them are empowered to employ a person or persons to clear and open the same agreeable to the said report, upon the best terms they can, the expense of which shall be delivered to the commissioners of the tax for the county for the next year, who shall proportion the same amongst the owners of property in the said county, according to the va- . lue of their respective estates, agreeable to the assessment made in October 1780, which shall be collected by the sheriff in the same manner as the last payment of the tax for the same year. Provided always, That the said inhabitants shall have the alternative of paying the said tax in money or clean merchantable hemp, to be delivered at the courthouse of the said county of Sreenbrier, to whatever person the sheriff or collector may appoint to receive it, according to the price of hemp at Richmond, allowing a deduction for carriage.

And provided also, that no distress for the said tax shali
be made before the first day of March one thousand
seven hundred and eighty two.
And be it farther enacted, That the aforesaid coun-
ty court of Greenbrier shall have full power to levy
such sum or sums of money, from time to time, as will
be necessary to keep the said road in repair, the ex-
pense of which to be levied and collected as above-

CHAP. XXI. colo. An act to amend an act entitled An 5.134) act to amend an act entitled An See antep, act concerning High-ways, Mill 164. o

Dams, and Bridges.

I. WHEREAS the penalties imposed by an act of Penalty in assembly entitled “An act to amend an act entitled an ...'..." act concerning highways, mill dams, and bridges,” overseer, have been found insufficient to compel the due execution thereof, Be it therefore enacted, That instead of the penalty inflicted by the said act upon every suron masters veyor of a road for neglect of duty, he shall forfeit and ...” pay two hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco; and that send; for every male labouring servant or slave, the owner thereof, or overseer as the case may be, shall fail to send when required by a surveyor, he or she shall forand on o- feit and pay fifty pounds of tobacco, and all other perthers com- sons who are dy the said recited act compelled to lao * bour on roads, failing to attend and labour when re... " quired dy the surveyor, with such tools as he shall direct them to bring, shall also forfeit and pay fifty pounds of tobacco; which said penalties shall be to the informer, and recoverable before a justice of the peace penalty for of the county where such offence shall be committed. feiling a tree II. Jind be it enacted, That if any person shall fell into a road any tree or trees into such highway, or cause the same ... to be felled, and not cut and carried away immediate

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sixty feet from such highway, or cause the same to be killed and not felled, or shall make any fence into such . *m. highway, such person shall for every such offence for- ring a fence feit and pay one hundred weight of tobacco, recover- across, or to able as aforesaid. And that if any person shall pre- op. sume to cut, pull up, destroy, or deface, any stone or ..., dipost or the inscriptions thereon, and be thereof con- rectionstone victed by confession, or the oath of one or more cre- *P* ditable witnesses before a justice of the peace of the county where such offence shall be committed, he or she shall forfeit and pay two hundred weight of tobacco, recoverable as aforesaid. "... O III. And be it farther enacted, That all overseers of ex: highways, shall be personally exempted from working working on on any other highway beside the road he is appointed other roads. overseer of And where any presentment shall be made on present. by a grand jury against any surveyor, the penalty ments, the shall be applied towards lessening the county levy. So fines to the much of the said recited act as comes within the per-j" view of this act, is hereby repealed. y.

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CHAP. XXII. An act for the more equal division of the parishes of Amherst and Leacington, in the county of Amherst.

WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pre- Boundaries sent general assembly, that the dividing line between : o: the parishes of Amherst and Lexington, as established i ū. by an act of assembly entitled “An act for dividing ton, in counthe parishes of Camden and Amherst and for other y o on. purposes,” is unequal and unjust, in as much as it gave ...” to the parish of Lexington too large a proportion of tithables, Be it therefore enacted, That instead of the dividing line mentioned in the said act, the said parishes shall be divided by the following lines, to wit: Beginning on the Fluvanna river at the mouth of Elk island creek, and with the said creek to Hilton's mill,

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from thence a direct line to Tye river at the mouth of Camp creek, thence up Tye river to the mouth of Piney river, thence up Piney river to Rose's mill, thence continued up Piney river to the fork thereof above Lucas Powell's plantation, and thence up the north fork to the blue ridge. The collector of the parish of Lexington, shall have power to collect and distrain for any dues which shall remain unpaid by the inhabitants of that part of the said parish of Lexington hereby made part of the said parish of Amherst, and shall be answerable for the same in like manner as if this act had not been made.

CHAP. xxiii.

An act for ascertaining the center of the county of Stafford.

commission- WHEREAS it is represented to this present general ers to ascer- assembly, that the court of the county of Stafford hath *...of failed by the time limited for that purpose, to carry stafford, in into execution an act passed in the year one thousand order to fix seven hundred and seventy mime, directing them to fix i. $." on a place at or as near the center thereof as the situOUISE. . e. & & e * g.

ation and convenience would admit, for building a court house and prison; Be it therefore enacted, That Francis Thornton of the county of Spotsylvania, Joseph Brock, John Herndon, John Taliaferro, and James Lewis, gentlemen, shall be and they are hereby appointed commissioners for the following purpose, that is to say: That they or a majority of them, shall on or before the fifth day of April next, ascertain the center of the said county of Stafford, and fix on a proper place as near thereto as convenience will admit, for building a court house and prison, and lay down the distance and bearing of such place from the present place of holding the said court, and return their proceedings to the court of the said county, and the said court shall make return thereof to the next general assembly; the

expense of ascertaining the center of the said county, * . shall be adjusted and levied by the said court at the laying of their next county levy. . . . . .

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BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That so Slaves sold many of the slaves, conveyed by John Harmer of Great , *: i. Britain to George Harmer, now a citizen of this com- so TQs monwealth, as were sold under the act of assembly en- John Hartitled “An act concerning escheats and forfeitures from ..., British subjects and for other purposes,” and purcha- ... sed by the publick, shall on the tenth day of January lic, restored next be vested in and restored to the said George Har- to George mer, except a negro named Ned, who shall from and ** after the passing of this act be vested in the said George Harmer. The executive shall cause the said slaves to be delivered to the said George Harmer, agreeable to

the directions of this act.

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