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panies. ...And for the more speedy enlistment of the said marines, Be it enacted, That the captains and subalterns to be appointed for the marine department by virtue of this act shall immediately after their respective appointments, proceed to enlist their following quotas, that is to say: Every captain shall enlist.

twenty five men; every first lieutenant, fifteen men;

and every second lieutenant, twelve men; and every third lieutenant, eight men; and shall be at liberty to. recruit the same in any part of this commonwealth, and shall receive one hundred dollars for every man so recruited, as a compensation for his trouble and expense in recruiting. And if any officer shall fail to recruit his quota of men on or before the first day of October next, the governour, with the advice of the council, shall take such measures therein as may seem most likely to expedite the raising such quota, whether it be by continuing the same officer, or by making a new appointment; and whenever a new appointment shall be made, on the failure of any officer or officers to raise their respective quotas, the men enlisted by such officer or officers so failing, shall be delivered over to the next officer appointed to succeed him, he refunding to the officer who enlisted the same, such recruiting expenses. And to the end that recruits rass

ed by virtue of this act may be coveniently received

and passed, Be it enacted, That every captain or subaltern shall carry each recruit to the commanding officer or county lieutenant of the county in which he may have recruited him, who, upon the request of such captain or subaltern, shall examine such recruit, and pass a certificate for such and so many as they may judge to be able bodied and sufficient for the purpose. And as an encouragement for marines to enter into the said service, Be it enacted, That there shall be paid to each marine so enlisting for the term of three years or during the war, a bounty of one thousand dollars, and one dollar per day, and all other privileges and emoluments as are allowed by an act concerning soldiers, sailors, and marines.

CHAP. xxviii.

An act to suspend in part the operation of the act concerning escheats and forfeitures from British sub

jects, and for other purposes.

Acteoncern. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That all ing eacheats the lands on Leatherwood creek, in the county of Henand forfei ry; and all that tract of land commonly ealled the ; *... Wartmountain tract, in the said county of Henry, which British sub- o jects, sus- formerly belonged to Walter King and John Harmer, pended, as esquires of Great Britain, and which have been es#. cheated under the act of assembly “Concerning es'..." cheats and forfeitures from British subjects,” being now conveyed by conveyed by the said Walter King and John Harmer John, oi, to Walter King Cole and George Harmer, esquires, mer to Wal- o - - - . o . . . . . . * . i.' ..." to wit: The part of the lands belonging to the said Cole, and Walter King, to the said Walter King Cole, and the George Har part belonging to John Harmer, to the said George Ygler. Harmer; both of whom are now resident in, and citizens of this commonwealth, shall, and the same are hereby declared not to be subject to sale under the said recited act; and the escheator for the said county of Henry is hereby directed to surcease all farther proceedings on any inquisition which may have been taken thereon. And the said Walter King, having conveyed to the said Walter King Cole one fourth part of certain lands, which the said Walter King was entitled to on Hat creek, in the county of Amherst; and also one plantation to be laid off to the said Walter King Cole, out of the possessions of the said Walter King, commonly called Nassaw, as conveniently as might be to Hat creek, and to contain one thousand acres, together with all the negroes, stocks, emplements, and the whole of the crop made thereon in the year of our Lord one thougand seven hundred and seventy nine; which said lands, negroes, stocks, implements, and crop have been sold, and the money applied to publick uses, under the said recited act, Be it therefore enacted, That retribution shall be made to the said Walter King Cole, according to the measure prescribed by the said recited act; and the treasurer of this commonwealth is

hereby directed and required to pay to the said Walter King Cole, the amount of sales of the aforesaid lands, megroes, stocks, and implements, as well as the amount of sales of the crop aforesaid, that have been received into the treasury, or which may therefrom be hereafter received into the treasury. And the said John Harmer, having also conveyed to the said George Harmer, his whole estate, both real and personal within this commonwealth; and the said George Harmer hawing left Great Britain in expectation of receiving the said estate, which would have been sufficient for his support and maintenance, but the same being now escheated and sold, except the lands above mentioned,

the said George Harmer is much distressed for want

of the means of supporting and maintaining himself

until it shall be determined whether retribution shall

be made him, Be it therefore enacted, That the said

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George Harmer may, and he is hereby authorized to r

draw on the treasurer of this commonwealth for such

sum or sums of money as may be judged necessary for his support and maintenance, by the governour and council, until it shall be determined, whether retribu...tion shall be made the said George Harmer for his estate, confiscated and sold as aforesaid; and the treasurer of this commonwealth is hereby directed to pay the same out of the sequestered profits of the said George Harmer's estate, or the amount of sales thereof, upon the governour's warrant being produced to him therefor.

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goo. An act to enable the governour to pró. vide a laboratory and proper magazines for the reception of arms, ammunition, and other publick

stores. --

.* I. WHEREAS it is expedient that proper magaje zines for the reception of the arms, ammunition, and

provided, other publick stores, and a laboratory be speedily pro- vided, Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the governour, with the advice of his council may, and he is hereby empowered and required to cause such and so many magazines as shall be judged necessary, and a laboratory to be immediately erected at the publick expense, at such place or places as they shall think proper; and that reasonable satisfaction may be made to the proprietors of all lands which by virtue of this act may be taken and appropriated to the uses aforesaid, the clerk of the county wherein any such land shall lie, is hereby empowered and required, on requisition from the governour for the time being, to issue a writ ad quod damnum, to be directed to the sheriff of the said county, commanding him to summon and empannel twelve able discreet freeholders of the vicinage, no ways concerned in interest in the said lands, nor related to the owners or proprietors thereof, to meet on the said lands respectively on a certain day to be mentioned in the said writ, not under five, nor more than ten days from the date thereof, of which notice shall be given to the respective proprietors of the said lands, if they be to be found within the county, and if not, then to their respective agents if any there be; which freeholders taking nothing, on pain of being discharged from the inquest and immediately imprisoned by the sheriff, either of meat or drink from any person whatever, from the time they came to the said place until their inquest sealed, shall be charged by the said sheriff impartially, and to the best of their skill and judgment to value the lands on which the said magazines and laboratory are to be erected, to be

Lands, how acquired.


laid off by order of the governour, and not exceeding three acres for each of the said buildings; and after such valuation made, the said sheriff shall forthwith return the same under the hands and seals of the said jurors, to the clerk's office of the said county; and the right and property of the said lands so laid off and valued, shall be immediately divested and be transferred to this commonwealth in fee simple; any want of consent or disability to consent in the said owners notwithstanding. The cost of building such magazines and laboratory, the cost of the said inquest, and the several sums at which the rights of the owners are vajued, shall be paid by the treasurer, out of the publick money in his hands, to the undertakers of the said magazines and laboratory, to the said proprietors, and others respectively entitled, on warrants from the auditors, countersigned by the governour.

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In act to continue and amend the act

entitled An act for establishing the county of Ilinois, and for the more

effectual protection and defence of the same, and for other purposes.

iPassed at the May Session 1780–See printed acts of May Session 1780, page 40.] .

FOR continuing the act of assembly passed in the , . Act estayear one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight, blishing entitled “An act for establishing the county of Ilinois, i.* and for the more effectual protection and defence ther continthereof.” Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That ued. the said act shall centinue and be in force for one year after the passing of this act, and from thence to the end of the next session of assembly. And be it farther enacted, That the governour, with the advice of his council, may, and he is hereby authorized and

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