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penalty in double the amount of the said duties, to pay the same within thirty days thereafter, and if any such bond shall be unpaid at the expiration of the said thirty days, the naval officer is hereby required to move for judgment on the same, at the next court to be held for his county, giving the obligors, or one of them, ten days previous notice of such motion, which court shall proceed to judgment, and immediately award execution thereupon, and the money so recovered shall be by the sheriff levying the execution (his fees being first deducted) paid to the naval officer, who shall account for and pay the same to the treasurer, in the same manner, and under the like penalties, as is herein after directed for other duties. In case any captain or owner of a vessel importing into this commonwealth, rum or other spirits in such vessel, shall fail to comply with the directions of this act, such vessel with her cargo, tackle, apparel, and furniture, shak be forfeited-and subject to confiscation. Each and every naval officer, before he enters upon the discharge of the duties: hereby directed to be by him performed; shall-appear-before the court of his county; in the month of August or

September next, and there enter into bond with aps

proved security, in the penalty of ten thousand pounds, payable to the governour for the time being, for the use of the commonwealth, conditioned for the true,and.

faithful collecting, accounting for; and paying into the treasury, all and every sum or sums by him to here:

ceived in virtue of this act; which payments shall: by

each and every naval officer, be made to the treasurer

in the months of May and October next; and so in each. of the three next succeeding years. And shall mores over before such court, at the same time take an oath, truly and faithfully to comply with the directions of this act. The clerk of the general court, and of each respective county court within this commonwealth, shall immediately after receiving information of this act, to wit: At the next court to be held thereafter, take an oath before the court under which he shall act, truly and faithfully to collect, account for, and pay into the treasury the several duties and taxes received or to be received by him in virtue of this act. Each and every such clerk, shall in the months of May and Qctober in the present year, pay into the treasury, and so on for each of the three succeeding years, all and


every sum or sums of money by him received for any tax or duty hereby imposed. And moreover at the time of taking the said oath, each and every such clerk shall enter into bond with approved security, in the penalty of ten thousand pounds, payable to the governour for the time being for the use of the commonwealth, conditioned for faithfully and truly accounting for and paying into the treasury the money to be by him collected in consequence hereof, at the respective periods aforesaid. Which bond, when thus taken, shall be by the said court before whom it is taken, transmitted to the auditors of publick accounts, who shall, and they are hereby authorized and empowered by motion, upon ten days previous notice to a delinquent clerk, in any court of record to obtain judgment against such clerk who shall fail to comply with the condition of his said bond. Each and every clerk for doing the duties imposed by this act, shall receive for his trouble five per centum on all duties and taxes by him collected under the same. If the events of war it, - e . . . & *XCC

should render any of the aforesaid funds unproductive, prov. . then the houses and lands with their appurtenances in productive, the city of Williamsburg, which have been heretofore thenthocoP

o . . . . . ye ... itol and paused as a capitol, and palace, as also the publick lands ...o. in the county of James City, as well as those on the liamsburg, 5. eastern shore, shall and the same are hereby ordered the public to be sold under the direction of the governour and oty council for gold or silver, or the bills of credit emitted and on the by virtue of this act, which money arising from the eastern sale thereof, shall be applied for the purpose of making o to be good such deficiency. The taxes hereby imposed shall ” be paid by the respective persons chargeable therewith, in Spanish milled dollars at the rate of six shillings each, or in other gold or silver coin at a proportionable value, or in the bills of credit hereby to be emitted, at the rate of forty paper dollars for one Spanish milled dollar, or so in, like proportion for other gold or silver coin. The notes or bills of credit to be by this act emitted, shall not be receivable by any collector for other taxes than those imposed hereby; and when thus received and paid into the treasury, they shall be burnt or otherwise destroyed under the direction of a committee, to consist of three proper persons to be appointed for that purpose by the governour with the advice of council; and all the gold and silver which


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shall be received by the funds and taxes established by this act, shall remain in the treasury for the sole purpose of redeeming such of the aforesaid paper bills of credit as shall remain outstanding at the time herein before limited for the redemption of the same. ... " ' And be it farther enacted, That he or she shall be adjudged a felon and suffer death without benefit of clergy, who shall forge or counterfeit, alter or erase, any bill of credit or treasury note to be issued by virtue of this act; or who shall cause or procure such bill of credit or treasury note, to be forged or counterfeited, altered or erased; or shall aid or assist in forging or counterfeiting, altering, or erasing, such bill of credit or treasury note; or shall pass or tender, or shall cause or procure to be passed or tendered, any such bill of credit or treasury note in payment or exchange, knowing the same to have been forged or counterfeited, altered, or erased; or shall have in his or her custody or possession, any press, type, stamp, plate, or other instrument necessary to be used in the fabrication of any such bill of credit or treasury note, and not actually used in some publick printing office; or any paper with or without signature, on which the charac

ters and words contained in a genuine bill of credit or

treasury note are or shall be impressed or inscribed, in like order as they are in such bill of credit or treasury note; or any such bill of credit or treasury note,

which hath been altered or erased, knowing the same

to be altered or erased, and shall not discover such press, types, stamp, plate, instrument, paper, or altered or erased bill of credit or treasury note, to two jus

tices of the peace within five days after the same shall have come to his or her possession. Any person or persons charged with having been guilty of any one or more of the abovementioned offences, shall be prosecuted and tried in the manner as directed for the trial of the like offences, by an act of assembly passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine, entitled “An act for punishing persons guilty of certain thefts and forgeries, and fixing the allowance to sheriffs, veniremen, and witnesses in certain cases,


An act for giving more adequate wa- (chan.Rev. ges to scouts. - p. 128.]

I. WHEREAS the wages allowed to scouts for dis- wage, of covering the approach of the Indians, or any other sco. enemy on the frontiers, as by an act of assembly enti- in tobacco. . tled “An act for providing against invasions and insurrections,” is inadequate to their fatigue and trouble, Be it enacted, That every scout appointed as by the before recited act is directed, shall, in lieu of the former allowance, be entitled to, and receive, for every day he shall be employed in such service, seventeen and an half pounds of tobacco, to be paid in money, according to the valuation of the grand jury made immediately preceding the service of such scout.

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in act to west certain escheated lands in the county of Kentuckey in trustees for a publick school.

WHEREAS it is represented to the general assem- Preamble, "bly, that there are certain lands within the county of Kentuckey formerly belonging to British subjects, not yet sold under the law of escheats and forfeitures, which might at a future day be a valuable fund for the maintenance and education of youth, and it being the interest of this commonwealth always to promote and encourage every design which may tend to the improvement of the mind and the diffusion of useful knowledge, even among its most remote citizens, whose situation a barbarous neighbourhood and a savage intercourse might otherwise render unfriendly to science: Be it therefore enacted, That eight thousand acres of land, within the said county of Kentuckey, late the

to property of Robert M'Kenzie, Henry Collins, and .." * Alexander M'Kie, be, and the same are hereby vested i. in in William Fleming, William Christian, John Todd, Kentucky Stephen Trigg, Benjamin Logan, John Floyd, John so May, Levi Todd, John Cowan, George Meriwether, ...t. John Cobbs, George Thomson, and Edmund Taylor, publicschool trustees, as a free donation from this commonwealth for the purpose of a publick school, or seminary of learning, to be erected within the said county as soon as the circumstances of the county and the state of its funds will admit, and for no other use or purposewhatsoever: Saving and reserving to the said Robert Mokenzie, Henry Collins, and Alexander M'Kie, and every of them, and all and every person or persons claiming under them, or either of them, all right and interest to the above mentioned, lands, or any part thereof to which they may be by law entitled, and of which they shall in due time avail themselves, any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstand

- ing.


§,” An act for dissolving several vestries, and electing overseers of the poor.

Preamble. I. WHEREAS great inconveniences have arisen from the mode prescribed for making provision for the poor and other duties of the vestries, as by law now directed in the counties of Rockbridge, Botetourt, Montgomery, Washington, Greenbrier, Augusta, and vestries in Frederick, Be it enacted by the General Assembly, severalcoun-That where any of the above enumerated counties have . * vestries, or other bodies vested with powers to provide *I*Ol. for the poor, the same are hereby dissolved. And for providing for the poor, and such other parochial duoverseers of ties as have heretofore been exercised by the vestries, the poor to churchwardens, or other bodies of the respective pa. ; o rishes, Be it enacted, That the sheriffs of the said coun...” ties shall, at their respective courts to be held in the

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