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same manner as the lax of ten shillings per hundred Is accounted for.

IV. And be it farther enacted, That the farther time Furtherlime of eighteen months be given to all persons who may iaiftTonpreobtain certificates from the said commissioners for pre- emptionceremptions on their obtaining warrants from the regis- tificateswith ter of the land office to enter the same with the sur- thesurver veyor of the respective counties in which their claims

were adjusted: Provided that the court of commissioriers for the district of the counties of Monongalia, Yohogania, and • Ohio, do not use or exercise any jurisdiction respecting claims to lands within the territory in dispute between the states of Virginia and Pennsylvania north of Mason's and Dixon's line, until such dispute shall be finally adjusted and settled.

V, And be it farther enacted. That all surveys upon All claims entries, the execution of all warrants, and the issuing within the of patents for lands within the said territory shall also t?r,rito'7h be suspended until the said dispute shall have been fi- PenTMsylva^ nally adjusted and settled; but that such suspension nia, suspenshall not be construed in any manner to injure or af- ded.

feet the title of any person claiming such lands. And whereas the business of the commissioners for settling the claims to unpatented hinds, will be much lessened in the counties of Monongalia, Yohogania, and Ohio: Be it therefore enacted. That the governour with the advice of council, be empowered to appoint commissioners within or without the said district as he may think reasonable: And to the end that pre-emption certificates heretofore granted by the commissioners of any district, and not returned to the register's office for want of time, or other impracticability, may not be lost to the holders thereof. Be it enacted. That where such pre-emption certificates may have been, or ^return "^' may hereafter be lost out of the owners possession, he pre-emption or she upon a certificate from a court of record of such certificates, loss, which shall be granted upon satisfactory proof^ being made to such court, shall be entitled to receive from the register a warrant thereupon, in the same manner as he or she might have done upon the original certificate; that the farther time of twelve months after the passing of this act, shall be allowed to such persons to return the said certificates to the register's office "for obtaining a warrant, and four months thereafter to enter the same with the surveyor of the coun

ty, which entries shall be good and valid as though they had been entered within the time heretofore prescribed by the said recited act.

Lost war- VI. And whereas many warrants from the register, rants, how raay jiave been, or may hereafter be casually lost: Be renewe . ^ enacted, That upon satisfactory proof thereof being made, before any court of record, the owner shall obtain from such court a certificate, which shall authorize the register to issue a duplicate of such warrant, which shall have the same force as the original would have had; but such original shall be void, unless a grant shall be actually issued upon such original before application for the duplicate.

^Regulations yil. And whereas some doubts have arisen upon waprant^for l^e construction of the acts, directing the granting military ser- warrants for land due for military service under the vice under king of Great Britain's proclamation in the year one proclama- thousamj seven hundred and sixty three: It is hereby tlon ot 17oo. t • • • *^ ,..•*

declared that no officer, his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, shall be entitled to a warrant of survey for any other or greater quantity of land than was due to him, her, or them, in virtue of the highest commission or rank in which such officer had served, nor in virtue of more than one such commission for services in different regiments or corps, nor shall any non-commissioned officer or soldier be entitled to a bounty for land under the said proclamation, for big service in more than one regiment or corps. JWtherre- VIII. rfnd it is farther declared, That the register gjjajj not jssue IQ any person or persons whatever, his or their heirs or assigns, a grant for land for more than one service, as above described, nor to those who have received warrants for services since October one thousand seven hundred and sixty three, notwithstanding a warrant or warrants may have been heretofore issued, and the land surveyed, unless the claimant shall within six months from the end of this present session of assembly, produce to the said register, the auditors certificate for the payment of the state price of forty pounds per hundred, for the quantity of land in such warrant or warrants; and if such money is not so paid* that-then the said warrants or surveys shall be to all intents and purposes void; and that the register may be able to comply with this law, he is hereby directed to make out, and keep an alphabetical list of all milltary warrants issued under the formef, as well as the present government; in case of any assignment making therein, the name of every assignor, and the several surveyors with whom military warrants obtained under the former government, have been lodged or loca* ted, are directed to transmit to the register in the month of November next, or before tha.t time, a list of all such warrants.


An act for calling in and redeeming [chan.Re?.

,7 ^ °. . j ,. £5 p. 123.1

the money now in circulation, and for emitting and funding new Mils of credit, according to the resolutions of Congress of the eighteenth of March last.

I. WHEREAS the just and necessary war into preamble* which the United States have been driven, obliged congress to emit bills of credit before the several states were sufficiently organized to enforce the collection of taxes, or funds could be established'to support the ere- The state'* dit of such bills; by which means the bills so emitted quota of con

soon exceeded the sum necessary for a circulating: me-tmental,m°* i. i 11 • i & nev and all

dium, and consequently depreciated so as to create an state pipe**

alarming redundancy of money, whereby it is become tobp called necessary to reduce the quantity of such bills; to call "*and dein and destroy the excessive mass of money now in circulation; and to utter other bills, on funds which shall ensure the redemption thereof. And whereas the certain consequences of not calling in and redeeming the money now in circulation in the depreciated value at which it hath been generally received would be to encrease the national debt thirty nine times greater than it really is, and consequently subject the good people of this commonwealth to many years of grievous and unnecessary taxation. And since congress Vol.*. F2

by their resolution of the eighteenth of March called upon the several states to make proper provision for the purposes aforesaid; Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That for the purpose of calling in and destroying this state's quota of the two hundred millions of dollars of continental money heretofore issued by congress; and also for calling in and destroying in like manner the money of this state now in circulation, whether emitted by the convention, or by the general assembly, either before or since the revolutionthe following fund shall be appropriated, and the following taxes imposed. The product of the several The taxes taxes ^hich are receivable in the months of August ^auieanl and September of the present year, in virtue of the act Member passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and of this year seventy seven, entitled " An act for raising a supply ot applied molTey for the pablick exigencies^ and of the several t0' subsequent acts amendatory thereof, shall be applied to the said purpose of calling in and destroying the said money as before described: And in aid thereof, Be it farther enacted, That a new tax be levied and Further tax- co]|ecte(] by a general assessment of all and every ar~ es' tide of articles of property directed to be valued and

assessed by the act of one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven; and also on plate, according to its real value, except only that the said valuations and assessment shall be in specie, as the same or the like property would have sold in the year one thousand seven Commission- hundred and seventy four, for ready money; and that ers and as- an average price may be affixed to landed property sessors to wjlhin the respective counties, the commissioners of Saeses the the tax shall, on or before the first day of October lands. next, call together their several assessors, to meet at

* such place as they shall appoint, and shall then and Th , ft th there administer to them the following oath. "I on that oc. do swear, or affirm, that I will, when called on by the easion. commissioners of the tax for my county, truly, candidly, and without reserve, declare the worth of the several kinds of lands within my county as they would have sold for in ready money in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, for specie, had the *ame been sold separately from other lands. Sq help me God." The said commissioners shall then proceed (o describe the lands of .their* county (except lots in .towns, which shall be separately valued by the assesso'rs of the hundred in which such lots shall be;) in so many general classes, not exceeding six, .as their different natures or kinds may require; and shall call on each assessor singly to declare, under the obligation.of his oath or affirmation, what he thinks each several kind of the said land would have sold for by the acre for ready money in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, which several opinions they shall state in writing for each kind of land separately, and shall add together the sums at which the same kind of land is rated by the several assessors, and then di vide the aggregate sum by the number of persons whose opinions were stated, and shall take the quotient or the sum nearest thereto, so as to avoid the difficulty of fractions, which may be thus approved by a majority of the said assessors, as the average price of such kind of land, and so shall proceed to deduce an average price for every other kind into which they shall have Classed the land of their county as before direct€^5ut lots of land in towns, ferry landings, mines of co$l or metal, mills, and all other buildings, shall not be included within any class, but shall be valued by the assessors within whose bounds they are, as the same or the like would now sell for in specie. One of the said commissioners shall then administer to the said assessors, the following oath or affirmation. "1 do swear or affirm, that I will, to the best of my skill and General oath judgment, value and assess the several parcels of land ° assessors within the bounds of my assessment as now classed and described; that I will faithfully, justly, and inipartially value all other property to be assessed under this act, in gold or silver, as the same or the like property would have sold in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, had the same been sold separately from other property of the same kind; that I will spare none for favour or affection, and none aggrieve for hatred, malice, or ill-vffll, but in all things .do my duty of an assessor honestly, impartially, and to the best of my abilities. So help me God." And if any assessor was not present at the meeting, the said Kule^if adii last mentioned oath shall be administered to him by a opinion becomnussioner or magistrate, before he shall proceed to tween there. assess. And if in the course of the said assessment the assessors shall differ in opinion, the medium between the two sums shall be taken as the true value of any Hind of property.

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