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(chan Rev. An act for continuing an act entitled p. 118.] An act to revive and amend an act entitled An act to make provision for the support and maintenance” of tdeots, lunaticks, and persons of unsound minds. - *

Act provid I. WHEREAS the act of assembly, passed in the :::::::::, year one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight, and lunatics, entitled “An act to revive and amend an act entitled further con- An act to make provision for the support and main* tenance of ideots, lunaticks, and persons of unsound minds,” will expire at the end of this present session of assembly, and it is necessary the same should be continued, Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That the act entitled “An act to revive and amend an act entitled An act to make provision for the support and maintenance of ideots, lunaticks, and persons of unsound minds,” shall continue and be in force, from and after the expiration thereof, for and during the term of one year, and from thence to the end of the next session of assembly. Further al. II. And be it farther enacted, That the farther sum Towance for of fifty pounds shall be allowed and paid for the main

support of tenance and support of each person in the publick hospatients, pital. - *

... * The words “and maintenance” omitted in the orignal, evi. dently by mistake, but inserted in Chan. Rev. p. 118.

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An act to suppress eaccessive gaming.

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That every promise, agreement, note, bill, bond, or other contract to pay, deliver, or secure money or other thing won, or obtained by playing at cards, dice, tables, tennis, bowles, or other games; or by betting or laying on the hands or sides of any person who shall

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play at such games; or won or obtained by betting or

laying on any horserace, or cockfighting, or at any
other sport or pastime, or on any wager whatsoever,
or to repay or secure money or other thing lent or ad-
vanced for that purpose, or lent or advanced at the
time of such gaming, sporting, or wager, to a person
them actually playing, betting, laying, or adventuring,
shall be void. Any conveyance or lease of lands, ten-
ements, or hereditaments, sold, demised, or mortga-
ged; and any sale, mortgage, or other transfer of slaves,
or other personal estate, to any person, or for his use,
to satisfy or secure money or other thing by him won
of, or lent, or advanced to, the seller, lessor, or mort-
gager, or whereof money or other thing so won, or
lent, or advanced, shall be part or all of the consider-
ation money, shall inure, to the use of the heir of such
mortgager, lessor, bargainer, or vender, and shall vest
the whole estate and interest of such person in the
lands, tenements, or hereditaments so leased, mort-
gaged, bargained, or sold, and in the slaves or other
personal estate, so sold, mortgaged, or otherwise trans-
ferred, to all intents and purposes in the heir of such
lessor, bargainer, mortgager, or vender, as if such les-
sor, bargainer, mortgager, or vender had died intes-
II. If any person by playing or betting at any game
or wager whatsoever at any time within the space of
twenty four hours shall lose or win, to or from another,
a greater sum, or any thing of greater value than five
pounds, the loser and winner shall be rendered inca-
pable of holding any office, civil or military, withiu

the state, during the space of two years; and moreo

ver shall be liable to pay ten shillings in the pound, for every pound over and above the said sum of five

Conveyances to Secure moneys &c. so won, enure to the benefitof the loser's heir.

Pellaities () in those who play or bet at games of wagers.

pounds, which he shall so win or lose; and upon iu. formation thereof made to any county court, and due proof thereof had, such county court shall levy upon the goods and chattels of the offenders, the fullpenalty incurred, to be applied to lessening the levy of the county wherein such offence shall be committed; and upon a conviction before such county court, shall incur the forfeiture hereby inflicted, and be ipso facto deprived of his office aforesaid, Any person who shall bet or play for money or other goods, or who shall bet on the hands or sides of those who play at any game in a tavern, racefield, or other place of publick resort, shall be deemed an infamous gambler, and shall not be eligible to any office of trust or honour within

this state. Penalty on , III. Any tavern-keeper who shall permit cards, dice, *::::::::: billiards, or any instrument of gaming to be made use ting gaming of in his house; or shall permit any person to bet or in their hou-play for money or other goods, in any outhouse, or * under any booth, arbour, or other place, upon the messuage or tenement he possesses, and shall not make information thereof, and give in the names of the offenders to the next court which may be held for the county, city, or borough wherein he resides, shall be deprived of his license, and moreover shall pay to the informer, one hundred pounds, to be recovered by ac

tion of debt, in any court of record. . . . . power of IV. Two justices of the peace may cause any perjustices of son not possessing a visible estate, nor exercising some ão, lawful trade or profession, who shall be suspected by o: §. them to support himself for the most part, by gaming, Sehaviour to come or be brought before them, and if the suspicion shall appear upon examination to be well founded, may require security of him for his good behaviour, during the term of twelve months, and if before the expiration thereos, he shall play for or bet any money or other thing, at any game whatsoever, he shall be adjudged to have broken the condition of his recogni, , zance. -

::::::::: V. No person, in order to raise money for himself j." or another, shall publickly or privately put up a lott tery of blanks and prizes, to be drawn or adventured for, or any prize or thing to be raffled or played for; and whoever shall offend herein, shall forfeit the whole gum of money proposed to be raised by such lottery,

raffling, or playing, to the use of the commonwealth. The presiding justice, as well in the general, as in all Charge to the inferiour courts of law in this commonwealth, shall 5"j” constantly give this act in charge to the grand juries of their courts at the times when such grand juries shall be sworn. This act shall commence and be in force, from and after the first day of March next.

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WHEREAS it is represented to this present gene- Christopher ral assembly, that Christopher Godwin did on the third Godwin, re. day of May one thousand seven hundred and seventy . * two, lease a certain house, garden, and pasture, lying in o: in the county of Nansemond, unto John Hamilton, for mond, leasthe term of twenty years, paying annually on the first i. o day of May the sum of ten pounds, wherein was in-ji.". serted a clause, that if no distress should be found on joined the the premises for the space of the said twenty years, it enemy. should be lawful for the said Christopher Godwin to

re-enter. - - - - - - -
. . And whereas the said John Hamilton having about
the ninth day of April one thousand seven hundred
and seventy five, privately removed from this state and
joined the subjects of his Britannick majesty, leaving
no effects on the premises, and his property real and
personal hath since been escheated and forfeited to the
commonwealth, whereby the said Christopher God-
win is likely to lose the arrears of rent as well as those
which might hereafter become due; for remedy where-
of, Be it enacted, That the said house, garden, and
pasture shall, and the same are hereby declared to be
revested in the said Christopher Godwin.


An act to amend an act entitled An

act to increase the salaries of the

clerks to the auditors of publick accott??ts.

... WHEREAS the salaries allowed to the clerks of i... the auditors of publick accounts by an act entitled encreased. “An act to increase the salaries of the clerks to the auditors of publick accounts,” have been found inadequate to their services; Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the additional sum of four hundred pounds per annum shall be given to each of the re

spective clerks aforesaid.


An act concerning the naval office of the district of South Potowmack.

Saol officer WHEREAS it hath been represented to this present

3. general assembly, that it will be expedient that a naval

mac, to ap. office should be kept in the upper part of the district

point a de- of south Potowmack; Be it therefore enacted, That

F., the naval officer of the said district be empowered, and

andria. he is hereby required to appoint a deputy to reside in the town of Alexandria, there to keep an office for the entering and clearing of vessels, in like manner, as such naval officer might or ought to do if personally present: - . . .

Provided nevertheless, That an office shall continue .

to be kept in the lower part of the said district, where a general register shall be made of all vessels trading. to the said district,

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