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May be bound to

the beliavior

or commit. - ted.

Proviso in favor of brewers and distillers.

quors as aforesaid, he is hereby empowered and required to summon such person to appear before him, together with such witnesses as he may judge necessary, and upon the person's appearing, or failing to appear, if the justice, upon examining the witnesses on oath shall find sufficient cause, he may, and is hereby required to direct the attorney for the commonwealth in such county to institute a prosecution against such person, on the publick behalf; which such attorney is hereby required to institute accordingly. And such justice may also cause the person so suspected, to give bond, with two sufficient securities, for his or her good behaviour for the term of one year, the principal in the sum of fifty pounds, and the securities in the sum of twenty five pounds each; and upon failing to give such bond and security within three days after being thereunto required, such person may be committed to the jail of the county, there to remain, until he or she shall give bond and security accordingly; and if such person shall afterwards, during the said term, keep a tippling house, or retail liquors as aforesaid, the same shall be, and is hereby declared a breach of the good behaviour, and of the condition of such bond. .

III. Provided always, That nothing in this, or the before recited act contained, shall extend, or be construed to prohibit any person or persons from retailing such liquors as shall actually have been made from the produce of such person’s own estate, or brewed or

distilled by him, her, or them, or those in his, her, or

their employ; so as such liquors be not drank, or intended to be drank at the house or plantation where the same shall be sold; but where any dispute shall

arise concerning the making such liquors, the burthen

łiquors, &c.

may be rated twice a year.

of proof shall be on the defendant.
IV. And whereas by the before recited act, the
courts of the respective counties are vested with the
power of settling the rates and prices to be paid at
ordinaries for liquors, diet, lodging, provender, sta-
blage, fodder, and pasturage, only at their court in the
month of March; therefore, Be it farther enacted, That
each county court shall have full power to set the rates
and prices to be paid at all ordinaries within their re-
spective counties, for liquors, diet, lodging, provender,
stablage, fodder, and pasturage, as well in any other
month as in the month of March, and may increase

or lessen the rates, as often as they shall see cause,

but shall not fail to fix. the rates at least twice in a year, under penalty of one hundred pounds on every member of such court so failing. And every ordina

Tables of

ry-keeper shall, within one month after the rates so rates to be set, obtain of the county court clerk, a fair table of set up in orsuch rates, which shall be openly set up in the publick *

entertaining room of every ordinary, and there kept until the rates shall be again set by the court, and then a copy thereof shall be again so obtained and kept, from time to time, under penalty of fifty pounds on every ordinary-keeper failing so to do; and if any ordinary-keeper shall demand and take any greater price for any drink, diet, lodging, provender, stablage, fodder, or pasturage, than by such rates shall be allowed, he or she so offending, shall forfeit and pay one hundred pounds for every such offence; which penalty, as well as the penalty of fifty pounds for failing to

set up the table of rates as above directed; and that

on the members of a court failing to fix the rates, shall

be recoverable by action of debt or information, by

any person that shall sue for the same, in any court of record within this commonwealth. V. And be it farther enacted, That so much of an act entitled “An act for regulating ordinaries, and restraint of tippling-houses,” as is contrary to this act, is hereby repealed; and this act shall commence and be in force, from and after the last day of February Iłęxt.

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(chan. Rev. An act to empower the treasurer to p. 109.] receive certain certificates.

certain cer. I. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pretificates re- sent general assembly, that many of the inhabitants Seiyable so of this state are possessed of certificates, payable on Fo * the first day of March next, given in exchange for the land war emissions of May the twentieth, one thousand seven T&Ints, hundred and seventy seven, and April the eleventh, one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight, which were taken out of circulation by a resolution of congress; and that many of the holders of such certificates are entitled to the pre-emption of unappropriated lands, and others incline to purchase lands, which they cannot, unless such certificates are received in payment at the treasury: Be it therefore enacted, That the treasurer shall, and he is hereby directed to receive from all persons inhabitants of this state, such of the said certificates as have been issued therein, and shall be offered in payment for treasury warrants for waste or unappropriated lands. - - loan office II. And be it farther enacted, That from and after certificates, the first day of March next, the treasurer be also di... rected to receive the loan office certificates of this state, ble forwar. and to allow the interest due thereon to the day of relands. ceiving the same, for treasury warrants, for any waste or unappropriated lands within this commonwealth.

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An act for laying an embargo on
Salt, and for other purposes.

THE more effectually to supply the people of this e
so * .. . . Embargo

commonwealth with the necessary article of salt: Be laid ...ii.
it enacted by the General Assembly, That an embargo
shall be, and is hereby laid upon all salt within this
commonwealth, for and during the term of three months
from the end of this present session of assembly; and
that the governour, with the advice of the council may,
and is hereby empowered, at any time during the con-
tinuation of the present war, either to continue or to
revive again and renew such embargo, by proclama-
tion from time to time as the circumstances of trade

and the wants of the people may require. And if any remlya, o

person, during the time that such embargo shall bein breach.
force, shall presume to carry any salt which now is,
or hereafter may be within this commonwealth, out of
the same by land or water, he or she so offending, shall
forfeit and pay forty pounds for every bushel so car-
ried out, to be recovered with costs upon motion in
any court of record, to the use of the informer, the de-
fendant or defendants having had at least ten days

less, That the governour with the advice of the coun-soo jo

cil, may grant a permit for conveying salt out of this tion of salt;

commonwealth for the publick use of the United Amer-Permitteo
ican States, or any of them, and that any two justices
of the peace may grant a permit to any citizen of this
or any of the adjacent states, to carry out any quan-
tity of salt not exceeding five bushels, within any term
of six months, upon satisfactory proof to them made
that the same is for the use of such citizens own family
or those in his employ, and not for sale.
Every person sending or carrying salt from one dis- Bond to con.
trict to another within this commonwealth, shall give pel compli-
bond with sufficient security, in the penalty of fifty *...*
pounds for every bushel of salt so intended to be sent `
or carried, to the naval officer of the district from
whence it shall be carried, that the same shall be re-
landed within this commonwealth, and shall within

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Indemnifica. tion of governor and others acting under a resolution. prohibiting the exportation of Salt.

Premium for importation ; : of salt.

How obtained.

six months next thereafter, produce to such naval officer, a certificate thereof from the naval officer of the district, or from some justice of peace of the county where such salt shall have been relanded, to cancel his bond, which shall otherwise be forthwith put in suit. And every vessel lading or taking on board salt under pretence of carrying the same from one district to another, before such bond shall have been given, shall and is hereby declared forfeited; one moiety thereof to the use of the informer, and the other to the commonwealth; and the like proceedings shall be had therein as in the capture of vessels from an enemy. Be it enacted, That the governour, and all persons acting by his directions, shall be, and they are hereby

indemnified in their proceedings under the resolution

of the general assembly of the 19th of October 1779, prohibiting the exportation of salt. " .



An act to encourage the importation

of Salt.

WHEREAS from the scarcity as well as high price

'of salt, it is proper that encouragement be given to the importation of that necessary article of life: Be it therefore enacted, That every owner or master of a vessel, who shall import salt into this commonwealth after the passing of this act, shall be allowed to export one hogshead of tobacco duty free for every five bushels of salt so imported. At the time of entering a vessel in which salt may be imported, the naval officer shall give the owner or master thereof a certificate, specifying the time and quantity of salt imported. The owner or master of a vessel producing such certificate to any inspector, shall be entitled to ship one hegshead of tobacco duty free for every five bushels of salt contained in such certificate, giving the inspectors at such warehouse a receipt thereon for the number of hogsheads so delivered, which receipt and certificate

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