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Wilyam X Jones-his mark
Thomas Jones.
John Clark
John Amaseen
Sam'. Sevee

Sam. Rand
James Leach
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John Leach

B. II. p. 34.
To the Honorable, ye Lieut Govern' and Councill of this their
Maj'ties' Province of New Hampshire; – the humble petition of
the Inhabitants of the Great Island, humbly sheweth:

[Literal and exact copy.] That whereas we, being part of ye twone of portsmo: and having found for many years great Inconveniences arising thereby, in regard of the distance we are from the banck, and no way to it but by water, wherein there is great diffyculty at any time, but sumtimes more espetialy, to ye hazard of our healths and lives, in going up to atend the publike worship of god at Strawberry banck, and having many poore people amongst us, both men and woemen and children, which have no convenience of passage, by which meanes ve greatest part of our people canot Injoy ye hearing of ye word preached to them, wch causeth many times ye breach of ye Sabath, and the dishonor of god's holy worship; as also our Iland being ye mouth of ye harbor and Inlet into ye Province, having the King's fort placed here, and all the stores of amenution, which is of great Consequens, and ought at all times to be carefully atended and lookt after; but if the Inhabitants of this Island must be Confyned to atend their duty at Strawbery banck upon every publike ocation, the King's fort is left destitute of assistance, and lyes exposed to ye surprizall of ye enemie and our owne distrucktion: we, therefore, the Inhabitants of ye Great Island being a competent number to make and uphold a twoneship, doe humbly beg and desire of this honorable board ye govern" and Councill, that we may be constituted a Twoneship by our selves, and that you would grant us the previleges and imunities as their Majestys have bin gratiously pleased to allow sutch a Twonship; and that the bounds of our Twoneship may be settled as may be most convinient for ye gd twone in respect of an addition To our soldiers belonging to our Island: and ye petitioners shall ever pray. Phesant Eastwicke

Wm. X Furbush-mark
Thomas Parkar

John Amaseen

John West
John Lewis,
Sam'. X Rand,
Will. Wallis,
Thomas Paine,
John Crowder,
Willm. Manfield,
James Robertson,
Henry Roby,
Helly Trevethan,
Robert Jordan,
Steven x Walford,
Richard Tarleton

Georg Wallis
Tho. X Jones
James Leach
Daniel X Oshea [?]
James Booth
Edward Randall
Thomas Marshal
Tho. Cobbett,
Shadrach Walton
Francis Tucker
John Clark
Edward Beele
John X Marden
Sam'. X Seave
Tho. X Seave
Thomas Lane

B. II. p. 35.

To the Honble ye Lieut Govn' and Councill of New Hampshire, now sitting at Great Island.

In obedience to your Honors summons Requiring us to appear this day to shew cause why ye petition of the Inhabitantse of Great Island and Sagamores Creek should not be granted; and how wee come to be a Township, as also to give an accot why and for what we made ye last Assessment for the towne of Portsmouth; wee here attend and make answer to each particular in brief, as followeth:

18. The Petition ought not to be granted because not desired by the inhabitanse of Sagamore Creek, who tho' said to signe ye Petition, affirm yo no freeholders of Sagamor Creek ever signed ve same, but desired the contrary ;-as sundry of them and others have now signitied under their hands: And why the Inhabitants of Sagam' Creek, &c. should agts their desire, be so much incommoded, to gratify the desires of the Inhabitants of Great Island, wee humbly leave yr Honors to judge.

2d. As to our being a Township, It is not unknown to some of your Honors, how long we have been under such a construction: But, if any question the legality of ye authority that first constituted us soe, we presume his Maj'ty's owning us as such in two Commissions for ye Government of the Province, and yo administration of ye affairs of Government, having been all along toward us as such, should silence all gainsayers. However if it be in y’ Honors power to add anything toward the confirmastion] of townships which may yet be wanting; wee are humbly of opinion it will much more conduce to their Maj’tie's interest and the peace and unity of his subjects soe to doe, than to admit of any division thereof at this time.

3rd. In answer to that, why & for what wee made the last Assessment for ye town of Portsmo, wee crave leave to say; Wee did it, Because the law (entitled an Act concerning the prudential affairs of the town,) impowers us soe to doe; and that to defray ye necessary charge arising within the towne; and shall follow the direction of that Law, within the yeare to give an Account of all ye money so raised by us to one of the Justices of the Peace, with three men chosen by the freeholders as a committee for that end; that there may be no damage to any man; & while we thus make the law our rule, we promise oʻselves to be indemnified thereby. However, that your Honors may be satisfied there are charges arising in the town, for wch such an assessment was necessary, we mention sundry, viz.

For a stock of powder, shott &c., about .

30:00:00 For defraying ye charge of ye assembly-men, about 15:00:00 For weights & measures, beam, &c. for the town . . 05:00:00 To the poor, viz, old Lewis, dyet and clothes-about. 15:00:00 To ditto, old Will:[?] and his wife-about. . 20:00:00 For a Bell sent for to England-about. .

20:00:00 To so much to repair the meeting house, Minister's house, fencing in a garden, building a stable, boardnails, &c. about . . .

30:00:00 For a Pound

. .

. . . . . . 10:00:00 For 9 wolves killed this winter .

09:00:00 For Splan Lovewell for keeping the glass of the meet

ing house and minister's house in repair, per annum 02:00:00 To maintaining ye bridge over the mill-dain . . . 01:00:00 For sweeping ye meeting house, per annum.

. 01:10:00 To making a new causeway over the great swamp, about 15:00:00 To the town clark, per annum

. . . 02:00:00

175:10:00 Besides other incident charges that may occur within the year. So we take leave to subscribe,

Your Ilonors most humble servants 17th March, 1693

Richa Martyn ) owned by them all to be

Wm. Vaughan their Answer

Geo. Swett Selectmen. Tho. Davis, Sec. Obadiah Mors

John Pickerin.

B. II. p. 37.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, the 17th of March 169; for the sd Province.


The Lieut. Govern'.
John Hinckes )

Henry Green
Robe. Elliott Esqs.

Nath. Weare
Peter Coffin S

William Vaughan Esqrs.

Rich. Waldron J The Selectmen of the town of Portsmouth (by virtue of an order of Councill) attended this Board, to show cause why the petition of the Inhabitants of Great Island (praying that they might be constituted a Township with those immunities, privileges and liberties that their Majesties' are wont to grant to such a Township) should not be granted.

The Selectmen gave in their answer in writing, and say, the Towne has been for many years reputed to have been a Towne; and believe there may be such a Grant but know not where it is; say, their Bounds were layd out by the Massachusetts, and they, having injoyed it many years, pray it may still be so continued; confess it is inconvenient for the inhabitants of Great Island to goe to meeting at the Bank, but ought to have a minister on the Island; and the rather, for that their Maj’ties' fort and stores ought not to be at any time deserted.

The Selectmen being withdrawn, the Councill considered and debated what was sayd and offered; and are of opinion that Great Island should be made a Township and divided from the Bank, provided, it is able to support itself.

The question being put whether Sandy Beach and Little Harbor should be added thereto: John Hincks )

William Vaughan)
Robi Elliott Yeas. Richa Waldron Nays.
Henry Greene )

Nath' Weare
Peter Coffin, if all parties consent.

Tho. Davis, Secy.

B. II. p. 38.

At a Council held at Portsmouth

the 18th March 1693.


The Lieut. Governor
John Hincks )

Henry Greene
Robt. Elliott Esqrs.

Nath'. Weare Esqrs. Peter Coffin ) Ordered, That Richard's the Post's bill be paid six pounds, six shillings by the Treasurer, & that a warrant be issued out accordingly.

Ordered, That all vessels that carry 15,000 of boards and staves, pro rata, pay dutyes according to the Act:—that is to say, 1000 of pipe staves, 3 tunn; 1000 bhd. staves, 2 tunn; barrell staves, 1000, one tunn & halfe.

Jam: Amy, Milles and Hart produced their clearings, and ordered they be protected, and allowed the discharge to be good.

The Lieut. Governor read a Let' from Sir Wm. Phipps, dated at Boston, 14th March 1693.

The order irregular and they ought not to comply with it. That what the Lieut. Governor did with the Purser was regular and nothing but just and fair.

Ordered, That the Secretary write to Sir Wm. Phipps to give him notice of the running the bounds of this Province at Hampton.

B. II. p. 39.

At a Council held at Hampton,

March 20th 1693.

Present — The same. Ordered, That — Haynes, Francis Sherlott, Jeremiah Walford, Wm. Sharp and John Cross be settled and appointed to keep watch at their Maj’ties' Fort on Great Island, and that they constantly attend their duty at the Fort, and that they be allowed their Majestpay.

vera copia, at. — Wm. REDFORD, Dep. Sec.

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