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John Sevy

Jeremiah Walford Thomas Sevy

Paul Holand Samuel Rand

Edd. Willson John Bracitt

John Leach Francis Tucker

James Berry John Odihorn

Mathey Rumry John Bickford

Sam! Foss. John Amaseen

Thomas Holland Thomas Parker

John Samson Edd Cary

Benj. Sevie Richard Hales

Jothan. Odiorn James Philpot

Will. Arnup Jos. Read

Jacob Clark Rich. Goss

Jacob Randall Sam'. Dorse

James Roberson Tho, Marchall

John Mardin Will. Enderson

John Churchell John Searle

Nick: Hodg John Hammons

Dan'. Shaw Tho. Mardin

Georg Harris John Foss

Sam'. Moudy Dan'. Joanes

Phes. Estwick Richa. Taulton [Tarlton?] Jos. Menserat James Mardin

Foster Traform[?]* Will: Foss

Steven Estwick James Leach

Moses Paul Georg Wallis

Benj. Parker James Berry

Will: White Sam'. Langmaid

Richd. Oliver James Burgis

John Coock John Badson

James Joyce Nathan White

John Stevens Georg. Trundy

Henry Traform[?] Tobias Horne

Shadrick Bell John Clark

Rob'. Jurdon Thomas Paine

Andrew Cranch Will. Enderson, sen.

John Berry James Leach, sen.

Jeff[?] Currier Richd Glas

Will. Manserat John Beale

Jos. Alwell Edward Randal

Arthur Head Will. Tucker

Thomas Joanes Edd. Hales

John Marting * The first letter, T, is doubtful.

The above persons appeared personally before us and took the oaths appointed instead of the oath of allegiance.

Tho. Packer > Justices
Shadrach Walton J of ye Peace.

B. II. p. 29.

At a Council at Portsmouth, the

10th day of March, 169}


The Lieut. Governor. John Hincks

Henry Greene ) Nath Frver )

Nath. Weare Esqs. Rob'. Elliott Esqs.

Rich. Waldron Peter Coffin )

Proposed by the Lieut. Govern", whether the rights and bounds of this Province should be asserted and maintained: Ordered, that it be.

Proposed, That the selectmen of Portsmouth may be ordered to attend this Board to give an account of their making an Assessment on the sd towne: Vo final resolution made thereto.

The Lieut. Governor read a Lett" from Sir Wm. Phipps, dated Boston, the 6th of March, 1693, demanding several men as having deserted their Maj’ties' service, belonging to the Nonsuch: Ordered, That those who have a clearing from apt. Short ought to be protected; & if there be any others that have not such a discharge, ought not to be protected.

Ordered, That the Treasurer take care that a centinall's Bo x be made on Little Harbor Poynt upon Great Island.

Capt. Pickering attending this Board acknowledged it is his hand writing subscribed to the warrant of Assessment for Great Island.

The Petition of the inhabitants of Great Island being read petitioning to be made a Township by itself: Ordered, That a coppy of the Petition be given to the Selectmen of Portsmouth, & that they have notice to attend Friday next to show cause why the Petition should not be granted; and likewise that they come prepared to show how they came to be a Towne, and what their rights and immunities are.

Adjourned to Fryday next, 10 o'clock forenoon.

B. II. p. 28.

Mr. Moss one of the Selectmen of Portsmouth ownes he signed the Warrant for gathering in an Assessment for gd Towne, saith

severall things were layed before them whereby to induce them to make the Assessm', as partly some ingagements of the Towne, some before the arrival of the Lient Govern', some since. Being asked whether any part of this Rate was not to goe towards paying the Towne's engagemt with Mr. Moody in case the contribution would not doe, sayth he cannot say, & being asked whether they did not intend it, sayth he cannot neither owne or deny it.

Mr. Snell, another of the Selectmen ownes it is his hand subscribed to the three several lists for raising an Assessm' on the Towne of Portsmouth. Being asked what was committed to him at the meeting of the freeholders pursuant to their Warrt, sayth, he was not there at their meeting; on what account did you assess Great Island? sayth as belonging to the Towne. What Poor or necessary charge is laid before you by Great Island, that you assessed them soe much- to be disposed of by the Inhabitants thereof for the use of the Poor or such occasions as they should think fitt, sayth they did as they were part of the Towne. Being questioned what are the engagems of the Towne & whether this Tax a part of it was not to goe towards paying Mr. Moody in case the contribution fell short, cannot say.

Upon reading the Warrt made on the Assessmt for Great Island, the Board was of opinion the Warrt was illegal, as also the Assessmt.

Ordered, That the rates for the Banck goe on, but that the rate for Great Island be stopped.

Ordered, That Mr. Martyn and the Selectmen be dismist till further order.

Adjourned to 10 a clocke, ffryday morning, 10th March, 1693.

B. II. p. 30.

At a Councill held at Portsmouth, on Fryday, the 17th March, 1693.


The Lieut. Governor.
John Hincks )

Henry Greene )
Rob'. Elliott Esqs.
Peter Coffin )

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.

Rich. Waldron) The Petition of the Inhabitants of Great Island was read, and the Selectmen of the Towne of Portsmouth attended this Board,

Nath. Weare

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and gave in their answer in writing: and say, the Towne has been represented soe; believe there may be a Grant constituting Portsmouth a Towne; know not where it is; say the bounds were laid out by the Massachusetts, and as baving enjoyed it for many years, pray it may be still soe continued as a Towne; say it is inconvenient for the pcople of Great Island to go to the Bank to meeting, but ought to have a minister on the Island; say Great Island ought not in reference to their Maj’ties’ Fort and Stores, to be deserted at any tyme.

The selectmen withdrew and the Councill considered and debated of what the Selectmen had offered; and are of opinion, Great Island should be a Township and divided from the Banck, provided it is able to support itselfe: And that Sandy Beach and Little Harbour be added.

John Hinks )

Wm. Vaughan )
Rob. Elliott yeas.

Rich. Waldron nays.
Henry Greene )

Nath. Weare )
And Peter Coffin, if all parties consent.

The Lieut. Govern' then declared it should be a Towne; and that he would make it soe separate from the Banck.

Capt. Pickering(1) be called up.

Demanded of him if he knew anything of a Warrant that was shown him; a stock of powder, &c., as in the paper given in ag an answer of the selectmen.

The Law says, the Select men and a Justice P. may raise money: They did raise the Assessm for repairing the house for the minister: Cannot say all the charges for which this money is raised accrued since the Lt. Govern" arrival: Cannot say any of the money was to go to Mr. Moody in case the contribution tell short. Major Vaughan(1) called up.

That 'tis his hand to Warrant and Assessm as a Selectman: They have acted as the Law directed them: The things were proposed at Town meeting that are mentioned in the papers given in for the Town's use.

Agreed – The warrant for the Assessment on Great Island is illegall.

Ordered the Selectmen now be called, and checked(2) for the same, & ordered to be more careful for the future.

Ordered, That the Treasurer pay house and man that attended.

(1) Capt. Pickering and Major Vaughan were summoned to appear by special warrant, dated March 10, 1097.

(2) Chided, reproved.

Ordered, the soldiers pay be 2s. 6d. per week for subsistence.

Ordered, the Govern" or President issue out their Warrants to Treasurer to pay for the Plattform at Fort, and repairing thereof, & for the carriages and mounting of guns, and likewise for supplyes for the future for the garrisons.

B. II. p. 33.
To the Honored Governour and Councill of the Province of New-

Hampshire. Whereas by their Majesty's Royal Commission you are invested with power to constitute Townships in this Province, we, the inhabitants of Great Island being incapacitated on several accounts to attend the worship of God in any other place but on the said Island – it being also unmeet that the Island should be deserted at any time by its Inhabitants, in reference to their Majestys' Fort here; we desire and petition that we may be constituted a Township with those immunityes, privileges and liberties that their Majestyes' are wont to grant to such a township; & for the better upholding of the said Towne, that you would be pleased to state & appoint the bounds of our said towne to comprehend not only the Island, but from the mouth of Sagamores Creek to the head thereof, and so to the reputed Bounds of the towne of Hampton all ye families and land seaward, that we may be ye better enabled for ye discharge of all dutyes. So prays your humble Petitioners. Thomas Parker

Jacob Rendall
Phesant Eastwicke

James Roberttsone
Nathaniel Fryer, jun.

John Lewis
Thomas Paine

John X Cross-his mark
James Casowah

Jn. X Church--mark
Joseph Read

Shadrach Walton
Richard Tarletoun

Tho. Cobbett
James Booth

Francis Tucker
Williain Forbes

Robert Jorden
Arthur Hed

Daniel x Oshaw [?] (1) mark
John Fenicks[?]

Will. Wallis
Ezerya [Ezra?] Elwell

Georg Wallis
Joseph Elwell

Tho. X Sevey
Henery Tevetlan

Thomas Rann
Fostar Trevetlan

John Mardin
Jaramyah X Walford, mark.

(1) In Portsmouth Records, 16th March, 1673, is the name of Daniel I shaw.

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