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upwards shall be rated by the selectmen of the toun of Exeter to all publique assesments; also, that they be under the comand of ye militia of Exeter untill further order.

Ordered the Treasurer do agree and pay Mr. Sam'. Rymes * for the use of his house whilest the Lieut. Governor and Council and Assembly sate there.

To p’vent the drawing off of the soldiers from Cocheca and Oyster River, Ordered, That the Treasurer disburse twenty or thirty pounds for supply of sd soldiers with provisions, to enable them to continue in their posts for the better defence of the Province.

Whereas it is necessary to strengthen the frontiers of the Province by the continuance of soldiers there; And there being not mony in the Treasury to supply provisions for them: Ordered, That whosoever shall disburse for supply of provisions for the soldiers aforesaid, shall be reimbursed out of the first mony that shall be raised by the Assembly at their next sitting for defraying such publick charges.

Proposed by the President in Council, that, whether the vessels belonging to the Province of Maine coming into this harbor, whether the masters ought not to come to the Governor or Commander-in-chief in this Province, to give an account of their proceeding, and to pay their respects accordingly, for their passing and repassing: The Councill will consider further thereof.

Ordered, That the Prison now on Strawberry Bank be the allowed Prison until further order.

B. II. p. 12.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth this 3d of January, 1692.

John Hincks, Esq., President.
Nath'. Fryer )

Wm. Vaughan Esas.
Robt. Elliott Esqs.

Rich. Waldron " Peter Coffin ) Mr. Thomas Davis was this day admitted and sworn Secretary of this Province and Clark of the Councill, and then delivered him the several Laws made by the Lieut. Governor, Council and Assembly, at their last sessions.

* Or Rynns.

The Booke containing the Governor's Commission, the Minutes of the Council, also of the Assembly, the several oaths of the Assembly Inroled, the remaine of them [files?]

B. II. p. 12.
Province of New Hampshire.

Portsmouth, at a Council held there the 24th February 1693.

John Hincks, Esq. President.
Nath'. Fryer

William Vaughan
Henry Greene Esqs. Rich. Waldron

Nath'. Weare. ) Ordered, That a general assembly be forthwith called, and that a warrant be issued out to the sheriffe, that he may make out his precepts directed to the several Townes and places, that they choose Representatives accordingly, and that they may meet on Wednesday the first day of March next by ten of the clock in the forenoon, at the Town of Portsmouth.

Tuo. Davis,


B. II. p. 16.

Whereas by virtue of the above Warrant there has been returned, Major Elias Styleman, and Sam'. Keeas of Portsmouth, and Job Clements, of the Towne of Dover, to serve as Representatives, to whom the oaths appointed by Act of Parliam', to be taken were tendered, and they required to sweare accordingly; but they refused:

These are therefore to require and comand you forthwith to issue out your Precepts, directed to the Constables of the gd Towns to summon the freeholders to elect others in the roome of the ga Elias Styleman, Sam'. Keeas & Job Clements; forthwith to meete, att the Assembly now convened, & held att Great Island in the Province of New Hampshire. Witnesse, John Usher, our Lieut. Govern", this 1st March in the ffifth yeare of our Reigne.

John USHER, Lt. Govern". To Rich. Jose, our Sheriffe.

B. II. p. 13.

Province of New Hampshire. Whereas there was an order of Council past the 15th August, 1692, that the Laws and Records belonging to this Province be demanded out of the persons hands where they then were and be delivered to the Secretary of the sa Province; and, pursuant thereunto Mr. Thomas Newton, then Secretary, on the 30th September following demanded of Capt. John Pickering the Books of Laws and Records in his hands, belonging to this Province, and said Pickering positively denyed to deliver the same:

These are therefore, in their Maj’ties' names, to require and command you Capt. John Pickering, to deliver unto Thomas Davis, Secretary of this Province, all the Books of Laws, Books of Records, and all ffiles of paper belonging to this Province, that have been in your custody; laying aside all excuses and pretensions whatsoever, as you will answer the contrary at your utmost peril. Given under my hand and seale this 28th day February,


Jxo. USHER, Lt. Governor.

6th May 1693. Demanded then of Capt. John Pickering the Records and all files of paper belonging to the Records of this Province; whoe said, he was then in haiste, could not staye, and that he did not know of any he had, but would look.

Tho. Davis, Seos.

Great Island, 20th May, 1693. Mr. John Pickering attending the Leiut. Governor this day, by virtue of a warr', and being demanded why he had not obeyed the within written warrant, owned he had several Books and ffiles in his custody which he had not yet delivered, though often demanded to have done the same.

Tho. Davis, Sec.

B. II. p. 15. :

Whereas sundry persons within this Province, out of a tender conscience, are indisposed to comply with that form and maner of laying the hand on the Bible, in taking of oaths; whereby many persons are and may be debared from public office or imployment in their Majities' service, which they are otherwise well qualified for:

Be it enacted, That any person, desiring ye same as aforesaid, shall be allowed the liberty formerly used within this their Maj’ties' dominions, of holding up the hand in swearing, & all oath[s] so taken shall be accounted in all cases as good and valled as if they had been taken by laying the hand on the Bible.

Joux PICKERIN, Clark. 3d March 1693.

Ordered by this House, that in regard it is but matter of seremony (the oath being the same) that this Bill be passed.* Indorsed — “A Bill

Tho. Davis, Secr. presented by the Representatives


WILLIAM & Mary, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland,

Fiance & Ireland, King & Queene, Defendrs of the ffaith, &c,To Richard Jose our Sheriff, in Province New Hampshire, greeting:

- Whereas in pursuance of our Precept to you directed, Seal you have returned for the Towne of Portsmouth in sd Im Province, Major Elias Stileman and Mr. Samuell Keeas as Representatives for sd Towne, but it not appearing by sd returne that they were duly chosen by the ffreeholders of the sd Towne, or that the ffreeholders were duly summoned thereunto, the sd returne was adjudged illegall and voyde: Wee therefore Comand you, by and with the advice of our Councill upon receipt hereof, you forthwith make out your Precepts directed to the Constables of the ga Towne of Portsmouth and the Isle of Shoales, requiring them to cause the ffreeholders of their gd Towne and of the Isle of Shoales. according to their Maj-ties Commission, being duly qualified, at time and place to meet & chuse two men for the sd Towne of Portsmouth, and one man for the Isle of Shoales, to serve for and represent them, respectively in the Assembly now convened, had and kept, for our service at Great Island in Portsmouth, aforesaid: And to cause the person or persons soe elected by the Major part of the ffreeholders to be summoned to attend our service, this sd Assembly forthwith, and so diem in diem, during their ses

It appears from the Records, that Major Elias Styleman and Saml. Keeas of Portsmouth, and Job Clements of Dover, returned as Representatives, had refused to take the oath “ by laying their hands on the Holy Evangelists and swearing accordingly" — "declaring they would swear by lifting up the hand, but not otherwise.”_ B. II. p 16. ED.

sion or sessions; and to returne the name of the persons soe chosen with this precept, and of your doings therein, under your hand, in our Secretary's office forthwith. Thereof faile not at your perill. Witness, John Usher, Lieut Govern' & Commander-inchiefe in and over our sd Province, Hampshire. Given at Portsmouth, under the Publick Seale of our said Province aforesaid, the ffourth day of March 1693 in the fifth yeare of our Reigne.


In pursuance to the wth in Precept, I granted out my writs to the Constable of Portsmoh. for ye calling of ye freeholders together, for ye making choyce of two men as Representatives to serve in General Assembly. In pursuance to wch I have returned to me by the constable, yo persons following: Maj. Elias Stileman and Mr. Sam“. Keeas, to serve as abovesaid.

RICHARD JOSE, Sher'. March 6th. 1693.

In pursuance to a precept to me directed some few days before this, for ye election of one man to serve as a Representative in ye general assembly now sitting att great Island in the roome of one Job Clements, ther was returned to me by ye constable of ye towne of Dover, Left. John Tuttel to serve as aforesaid.

RICHARD JOSE, Sher. March. 6th. 1693.

Returned for ye Isle of Shols, by the constable of sd Island Mr. Thomas Dimond, to serve as a Representative to sett in ye Generall Assembly, now sitting at Great Island in the towne of Portsmouth, in the Province of New Hampshire.

RICHARD Jose, Sherf. March 6th, 1693.

B. II. p. 15.

[The following paper, without date, is indorsed —“The inhabitants at New Castle sworn.") John Hinks

Sam'. Comfort
Thomas Cobbett

Theodore Atkinson
James Rendle

John Harst
Richard Buckly

Richard Knight
Samuel Winkly

John Lewis
Samuel Accutt

Willm Sevy

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