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Pro. N. Hampshre.
At a Council held at New Castle, Aug. 1, 1716.

The Hon. George Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov".
Rob Eliot,

Mark Hunking,
Richa Waldron, Esqs. Jno. Wentworth,
Sam' Penhallow, )

A letter from his Hon' ye Lt. Govt of Massa to Lt. Gov Vaughan, bearing date July 24, 1716, was read at this board (P. 360.) relating to the sending Commissioners to y Indns at Nurridgwock to treat wth them, &c. There was also read at the Council board a copy of a fryar's letter from Nurridgwock, translated into the English tongue, bearing date, July 8th, 1716.

In Council Ordered, That Capt. Moody be desired to act in behalf of this Prov., in the affair of the Indians, as he doth in behalf of the Massa'; and the Councill desire the Lt. Govt to give Instructions accordingly.

. In Councill Ordered, That Thursday, the sixteenth of this instant, be observed a day of Publick Thanksgiving, &c.

Prov: N. Hampre.

At a Council held at Portsmo, Oct. 17, 1716.

The Honol Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Govi.
Richa Waldron, L

John Plaisted, Esas.
Sam' Penhallow, S sqs. Mark Hunking, I

John Wentworth, Esq. This day his Excellency Sam' Shute,* Esq. p'sented his

* Journey of Gov. Shute from Boston to Portsmouth, October, 1716.

(Coll. N. H. Hist. Soc., Vol. 4, pp. 249-251, copied from an ancient paper.] "On Monday last, his Excellency our Governor proceeded on his journey to New

noshire, being atten led out of town by several of his Majesty's Council (of Massachusetts) the sheriff of the County, with other gentlemen and officers, and at Cambridge was first received by several of his Majesty's Justices, with the sheriff of the

Letters Patents, under the great seal of Great Brittain, to this board, appointing him Capt. Gen' & Govin Chief of his Majties Prov. of N. Hamps' weh said letters Patent being publickly read, his Excellency took the oaths appointed by Law to be taken & then took his place at ye Board accordingly.

In Council Ordered, That the Clerk issue out a Proclamation for the continuance of all officers till further order.

Pro. N. Hamp".
At a Councill held at Portsmo, Oct. 18, 1716.

His Excellency SAMUEL SHUTE, Esq. Gov?

His Hon" Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Sam' Penhallow, - John Wentworth, Esq.

Mark Hunking, s [P. 361.] Rich Gerrish, Theo. Atkinson, Geo. Jaffrey, Shad" Walton, Richa Wibird, Thomo Phipps & Thomo West

county of Middlesex, and a troop of horse of Col. Phip's Regiment. At the College, his Excellency was waited on by the President, Fellows and students, into the hall, and there saluted with an oration by Mr. Foxcroft, one of the Masters of Art of that house. At Lewis's his Excellency was met by the several gentlemen of the Council from Salem, and one of the sheriffs, and a troop of horse of Col. Brown's regiment; at Salem, his Excellency was entertained at Col. Brown's, where as well the ministers of that an t the neighboring towns, as the Gentlemen and officers, civil and military, congratulated his Excellency's safe arrival to his Government.

On Tuesday, the Governor was received on the road towards Wenham by Capt. Heink's troop of horse, and at Wenham by the other sheriff of the counts of Essex and a troop of horse belonging to Col. Appleton's regiment. A Tuesday night, his Excellency lodged at the Hon. the Lieut. Governor's, and the next morning was attoaded by a troop of horse belonging to Col. Noyes' regiment, with the Gentlemen and others from Newbury, At Salisbury, near the line between the two provinces, his Excellency was met by the Honorable the Lieutenant Governor of New Hampshire, Hoveral of his Majesty's Council, the sheriff, with a number of Gentlemen and others of the Province of New Hampshire, being guarded by a troop of horse from Hampton, and after that, met by a troop of horse from Exoter, and at Hampton Town, four conpanies of foot were drawn up upon the Common before Capt. Winget's, where the Governor dined.”

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Wednesday, 17th October. This day, about 5 o'clock P. M. his Excellency Saml. Shute, Esq. our Governor, arrived at this place, being bronght to town by the Hon'ble our Lieut. Governor, Council, a great number of our gentlemen and officers, as well as some from the neighboring Province, and welcomed by the discharge of cannon of our castle and the ships in the (harbor.) Our regiment was under arms flanked with two troops of horse. His Excellency went directly up to our Council House, and there published his commission, after which the regiment discharged their volleys, and the people their huzzas, in token of their great and un

py upon this, so happy an occasion. His Excellency lodged at Mr. Penhallow's."

brook, being summoned to this Board pr order of his Excellency, appeared accordingly; at which time his Excellency informed them that they were appointed to be the King's Councill for this Province. Thom Phipps, Esq. desired to be excused ; the others accepted. Whereupon his Excellency appointed their meeting on Monday next, at 10 o'clock, to take the oaths, &c.

Adjourned to Monday next, 10 o'clock, A. M..

Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Councill held at Portsmo by adjourn Sbr.

224, 1716.
His Excellency Sam’ Shute, Esq. Gov'.

The Honble Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Sam' Penhallow, Teos John Wentworth, Esq.
Mark Hunking,' $98.

Richa Gerrish, Theo. Attkinson, Geo. Jaffrey, Shadr Walton, Richa Wybird, & Thos. Westbrook, Esq. appeared at this Board in order to be sworn of ye Councill. Col. Smith desired to be excused. The others took the oatlis, &c. and then took their places at the board accordingly.

In Councill Ordered, That the Clerk issue out a Proclamation for proroguing the Gen. Assembly of this Province to Wednesday ye 21st Obr, 1716. Prov: N. Hamp'. At a Councill held at Portsmo, Obr. 131, 1716.

The Honhle Geo. Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov'.
Mark Hunking,

Shadre Walton,

Richa Wibird, Esqs. Geo. Jaffrey, Theo. Atkinson, His Hon' the Lt. Gov' desired ye opinions [P. 362.] of

Jno. Wentworth,

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Thom. Westbrook, )

this board, whether, when Col. Shute is in Massa. himself is not Command" in Chief of N. Hamp". Jno. Wentworth, & Geo. Jaffrey, Esqs. desired to suspend their opinions in that matter.

In Councill Ordered, That the Clerk write his Excellency Gopi Shute & inform him of two actions entered, to be tryed before the Gov' and Councill by appeal, and that the trial be suspended till ye 24 Tuesday in Jan' &c.

Pro. N. Hamp?.

At a Council held at ye Council Chamber in Portsmo, Novem. 26, 1716.

Present The Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gor". Sam' Penhallow, I Dons Richa Wibird, Lone Shad: Walton, 1895. Thom® Westbrook, s

The Clerk of the Council laid a letter before this Board, signed by John Boydel, bearing date 9br. 23, wch letter being read, it was

In Councill Ordered, that the Clerk write to his Excellency the Gor', and tell him that ye Councill is of opinion, that any directions respecting the dissolution of an Assembly or calling one is a matter that ought to be under his Excellency's own hand, and directed to his Hon' ye Lt. Gov' when there is one on the spot.

In Councill, Ordered, that Thursday the fifth of December next be observed a day of Publick Thanksgiving throughout this Province; And that Proclamations be issued out accordingly.

Richa Waldron, Cler. Con.

Mark Hunking,

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Shad Walton,

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[P. 363.] Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Council held at Portsmo Jan. 11,

His Excellency Samuel Shute, Esq. Gov.

His HonGeo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Sam' Penhallow, ) Theo. Atkinson,

Geo. Jaffrey, I
Jno. Wentworth,
Richa Gerrish,

Richa Wibird,

Thomo Westbrook, Esq. Mr. Francis Wainwright came to yo.Council board and p'sented a Petition and information agest Mr. Sherriff Phipps, for neglecting his duty in the execution of his office, as on file, Jan. 11th, 1716-7. Prov. N. Hamp"... At a Council held at Portsmo, Jan. 11th, 1716-7.

Present as before, except Mr. Penhallow. This day severall Indians appeared at this Board, at wch time there was some talk past between the Govern' and them, as on file, Jan. 17th, 1716-7.

In Council Ordered, That the Indns that came to wait on his Excellency the Gov", be p’sented each wth a new blancket and that ye Treasurer be desired to make provision accordingly.

James Jaffrey p'ferred a Petition to this board to become a banckrupt, &c., wch petition was granted and the Commissioners appointed for that business are Messrs. Gambling, Fellows & Hughes.

Elisha Cook and Oliver Noyes, Esq., p'ferred a petition or rather memorial & appeal to this board, from Rich" Waldron, Esq., Judge of Probate, as this is the Supream Probate of the Province.

In Council In answer to the appeal and memorial of Elisha Cook

in' 1716.between


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