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In Councill. Ordered, That upon application of ye sheriff setting forth ye deficiency of ye goal, & y® return of an escape into the same, the Clerk give a warrt to ye sheriff, to impress two men each night to watch sa goal for ye better security of the Escape therein, till ye sessions of the next Superiour Court of Judicature, or further order.

R. Waldron, Cleric Con.

Pro. N. Hampre.

At a Council held at ye Council Chamb? in Portsmo, March 7th, 1715–6.

Present. Rob Eliot,

John Plaisted, ) hallow. Esqs. Sam' Penhallow, }

Jn. Wentworth, )

Esqs. John Menzies, Esq. appeared before the Council & presented unto them his Patent from King George, constitut. ing him Judge of the Admiralty wthin this Prov: & others wch gd Patent empowrs ye sa Menzies to depute, two or more, as he sees meet under him. It is dated Aug. 26, 1715, sealed wth ye seal of the Admiralty of Great Brittain, & signed by Sam Hill, Register.

Upon reading the Patent aforesa, ye sa John Menzies, Esq. had y® oathes, instead of ye oathes of allegiance & supremacy, administered unto him in Council.

[P. 356.] Prov. of N. Hampre.

At a Councill held at the Councill Chamber
in Portsmo, March 14, 1715-6.

The Hon. Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Rich' Waldron,

John Plaisted,
Sam. Penhallow,

sqs. Mark Hunking,
John Wentworth, Esq.

Mr. Smith appeared at this Board in behalf of sundry Inhabitants of Swampscut & p'sented a petition (aget making Swampscut a town) as on file; bearing date, Jan. 14th, 1715–6.*

Notwithstanding wch petition & sundry other objections wch have been made since ye first motions abt making sa Squampscut a town, it is

In Council Ordered, That Squampscutt Patent land be a township by the name of Stratham, & have full power to chose officers as other towns wthin this Province, & that the bounds of sd town be according to the limits specified in a petition p'ferred to this board by Mr. Andrew Wiggin, the 13th day of Jan' last, except some families lying near to Greenland, (viz.) John Hill, Thogø Letherby, Enoch Barker, & Michael Hicks, wch gd some families shall belong to the Parish of Greenland: And that a meeting house be built on the King's great road leading from Greenland to Exeter, wthin half a mile of the midway between ye bounds yt are next Exeter & the bounds that are next Greenland, as the road goes ; and that the [y] be obliged to have a learned orthodox minister to preach in said meeting-house wthin one year from ye date hereof.

R. Waldron, Cleric Con.

In Council Ordered, That Thursday next ensuing be kept a day of Publick fasting & prayer throughout this Prov: & that Proclamation be issued out accordingly.

R. Waldron, Cleric Con.

* See all the papers on flle relating to Town of Stratham, in subsequent volume "Towns."

[P. 357.] Prov. N. Hampre.

At a Councill held at Portsmo, March
190, 1715–6.

The Hon'ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov.
Richa Waldron, Tone Jno. Plaisted,
Sam' Penhallow, si

sqs. Jno. Wentworth, His Hon' the Lt. Govt laid before the board a letter och he had received (by an Express), from Col. Tailer, importing yt there was a design among the Indians to make an onsett on some part of New England, wch advice he had from Col. Hūter of New York, by a letter from him, together wth report of the Committee for ye Indian affairs; a copy of wch report & of Col. Hūters letter to Col. Tailor, & Col. Tailor's letter to Col. Vaughan are all on file, dated March 19th, 1715-6.

Upon reading ye letters and report above mentioned, relating to the Indns, it was

In Councill Ordered, That ye commanding officer at Exeter be forthwith sent for to appear at the Councill board, & y Edwa Hall be also notifyed to make his appearance in Councill to morrow, 10 o'clock, A. M.: It is also ordered that Capt. Davis be forthwth sent for to advise us we may be proper at this juncture; further 'tis ordered that copies of Col. Hunter's & Col. Tailor's letters together wth a copy of the report of ye Committee for Ind" affairs be immediately expressed away to Lt. Col. Pepperill in ye Prov: of Main.

Adjourned to tomorrow, 10 o'clock A. M.

[P. 358.]

Pro. N. Hampre.
At a Council held at the Councill Chamber
in Portsmo, March 20th 1815-6.

The Hon ble Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Govi.
Richa Waldron, 1

John Plaisted,
Sam' Penhallow, Top


Mark Hunking, ).

Mark Hunking, so The Gent" officers that were sent for last night are now p'sent in Councill. Mr. Tho. Davis was sent for to this board, who appearing, it was proposed to him, y he wth two more should scout in the woods under a pretence of hunting, to see what discovery might be made of the Indns & their motions; that they should be abroad eight days from Thursday next, at which time they are to sett out on their march, & that they shall each be allowed 4s per diem, for their service, they finding their own provision. Mr. Davis agreed to the proposals above.

Ordered, That another scout be employed and sent into the woods from Exeter upon the same account & on the same terms; & the Council pray his Hon' the Lt. Govr to give ord' accordingly.

R. Waldron, Cleric Con.


Prov. N. Hampre.

At a Council held at Portsmo', June 3, 1716.

The Honble Geo. Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Sam' Penhallow, 7 Mark Hunking, L
Jno. Plaisted, usqs. John Wentworth | Esqs.

An Express from his Hon? Lt. Govt Tailor was this day read at the board, together wth the order of ye house of Mass Representatives relating to the Indns at the Eastward; also a copy of the Lt. Govt Tailor's order to Messrs. Watts & Joyles, &c. as on file; upon reading of wch Mr. Sam'

Hinkes was sent for, who appearing at the board, was agreed with to go & joyn wth Messrs. Watts & Joyles as a messenger from this Governm", to act wh ym, in behalf of this Province in that affair, and that he have ten shillings per diem [P. 359.) out of ye treasury; he finding himself subsistance; and that the sa Mr. Hinkes have an instruction thereab', and that à letter be wrote from hence to Messrs. Watts & Joyles to inform them accordingly.

Pro: N. Hampsre.

At a Councill held at the Councill Cham-
ber in Portsmo, June 6, 1716.

The Hon ble George Vaughan, Esq. Lt. Gov?.
Rob Eliot,

John Plaisted, )
Richa Waldron, Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs.
Sam! Penhallow, ) John Wentworth, )

This day sundry Indns appearing at this board & being interrogated as to some disorders committed by them, answered as on file, dated June 6, 1716.

Pro. N. Hampre.

At a Council held at Portsmo July 28, 1716.

The Honble George Vaughan, Esq., Lt. Gov".
Nath' Wear,

John Plaisted, )
Richa Waldron, Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs.
Sam' Penhallow, )

John Wentworth, ) A Petition was p'ferred to this board by Jno. Hinks, Esq. abt settling his accounts wth Mr. Treasurer Penhallow, &c. which being read was ordered to be referred to the Committee of Auditts at their next sessions, which sa Petition is on file, bearing date, June 28th, 1716.

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