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A. There was a Bear Skinn, and two or three other Skinns, but what sort of furrs he knows not.

Ordered, that Peter Legroe be dismist, by paying his ffees.

Ordered, that Benjamin Gatchel give 500168 Security to Answer to Complaint of John Abbett aforementioned, at Her Majesties Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General Goal Delivery, to be held at Portsmouth the Second Wednesday in August next, or to Stand committed till the same be performed, and the Secretary take the Recognizance.

Benjamin Gatchel and Richard Wybird both of Portsmouth, in the Said province of New Hampshire, entred into Recognizance to her Majestie Joyntly and Severally in the Sume of five hundred pounds, according to the abovementioned Order.

Cha. Story, Secretary.

[P. 298.1 Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmouth, the 12th day of August, Anno Domini, 1712.

Present. Major Wm. Vaughan, ) John Plaisted, ) Richard Waldron, 'Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs. Saml. Penhallow,

John Wentworth, ) John Wentworth, Esq. one of the members of her Majesties' Council, was this day sworn a Justice of the Peace, and his name incerted in the Commission of the Peace, and took the accustomed oaths of allegiance and supremacy; and repeated and subscribed the Declaration and Association.

[P. 298.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmo. the
28th day of Aug, 1712.

Wm. Vaughan,

Mark Hunking, one
Saml. Penhallow, Esqs. Jno Wentworth,

Jno Plaisted, The Council being Informed by Capt. Prebble of York, that he Discovered Lt. Banks of the same place, who had been at Casco Bay Last Saturday, and there the Said Banks understood that there were four hundred Indians had marched Six days before towards this & the Massachusetts Government, and that there then in and about Cascoe Bay, forty Indian Canoos with a number of Indians, intending as supposed, some ill Designe, but where they might at tempt, not known.

The Council therefore directs that Capt. Walton, Comand' of her Majesties fort Wm. & Mary, fire one sacre* Gunn next to the maine Sea every morning about thre of the clock, for twelve Days following, unless further order to the contrary.

(P. 299.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmouth, the 31st day of August, Anno Dom. 1712.

Present. Wm. Vaughan, ) . John Plaisted, ) Richard Waldron, Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs. Saml. Penhallow, )

John Wentworth, ) Ordered, that an Embargoe be sett upon all vessells as well as fishing sloops or shallopps; (coasting sloops alias Deale Boards weavers [?] only excepted.)

• A small piece of artillery.-Web. Dic.

Ordered, that Capt. Hunking fitt out a shallopp with a master and three hands as a spy boat to cruise betwist Great Boars head and Cape Nettick for the enemy; and to come as neare this Harbour's mouth every night as weather will permitt; and that the said Capt. Hunking give the Mas' instructions accordingly.

[P. 300.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmouth, the
29th of August, 1712.

Wm. Vaughan, ) John Plaisted,
Richa Waldron, Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs.
Sam' Penhallow, ) John Wentworth, )

Ordered, that Mr. Secretary Story issue forth proclama.
tion to the several towns relating to the adjournmt of the
Courts in hæc verba sequen:
To all persons whom it may concern:

These are to give notice that the General Qua? Sessions of the Peace, to be held at Portsmouth the third day of Sep' next, and the Infer" Court of Pleas to be held there the — day of 7br next, considering the present danger of the Enemy, will be both adjourned,—the Court of Sessions to Tuesday, the sixteenth of September next, and the Court of Pleas to Thursday, the eighteenth of September next ensuing ; And all persons concerned are desired to give their attendance accordingly. Given at the Council Chamber at Portsmouth, the 29th day of

August, in the eleventh year of the Reigne of our Sove-
aigne Lady Anne, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain,
France and Ireland, Queen, &c. Anno Domini, 1712.
By order of the Council,

Cha. Story, Secretary.

[P. 301.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmo the 7th
September, 1712.

Wm. Vaughan, )

Mark Hunking, Esgs.
Sam' Penhallow, Esqs. John Wentworth,
John Plaisted, )

The Embargoe aforementioned is ordered to be taken off, and Mr. Secretary Story is hereby directed to give notice thereof to the Captaine of the ffort, the Collector and Naval officer, and other persons concerned therein accordingly.

Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmo on the
10th of October, 1712.

His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Govern".
Peter Coffin,

Saml. Penhallow,

W, Esqs. Maj. Wm. Vaughan, Esqs. John Plaisted, Robert Elliott,

His Excellency being acquainted that there was a Cause hanging or pending to be heard before the Govern" and Council, betwixt Mr. Daniel Rogers of Ipswich, and the feeholders, Comon of Hampton; and it appearing that Major Joseph Smith was manager for Hampton; who then was not well ;—and the Law of usage in such cases demands fourteen days notice of tryal; And his Excellency being necessitated to Returne to the Assembly in Boston, It was then declared that the cause was continued till the next coming of his Excellency in the Province of New Hampshire. And the Secretary is ordered to write to Mr. Rogers to desist coming from Ipswich, by reason of such continuance.

[P. 302.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmo ye 29th of October, Anno Dom', 1712.

Wm. Vaughan,

Richa Waldron, )
Sam' Penhallow, Esqs. Mark Hunking, Esqs.
Jno. Plaisted,

Jno. Wentworth, ) The following Proclamation was read at this Board in hæc verba sequen: and published by beat of drum ; the Council, Justices and Gentlemen being present; and the Militia Companyes raised, the day was performed with Great solemnity.

By the Queen.

A PROCLAMATION, Declaring the Suspension of Arms as well by Sea as Land

agreed upon between her Majestie and the most Christian King, and enjoy[n]ing the observance thereof:

Whereas, the putting an End to this long and Expensive Warr, and for restoring a General Peace, a Treaty hath been for some time set on foot, and is now carrying on at Utrecht* ; and whereas, for the preventing of the effusion of Christian blood, and all the Events of Warr which might possibly interrupt the progres of that negotiation, and for the better securing the Trade of our Kingdom and the Dominions thereunto belonging, It hath been agreed between us and his most Christian Majestie, as follows: that is to say,

That there shall be a General Suspension of all warlike actions and Enterprises, and of all Acts of Hostallity in General between the Armies, Troops, Fleets, Squadrons of her majestie of Great Brittain and the most Christian King, during the tearm of four months, to commence from the Eleventh of this instant August, and to continue untill the Eleventh of Decem" next.

And to prevent all occasions of Complaints & disputes

The treaty of Utrecht between Great Britain and France was concluded and sigued on the 30th of March, 1713. “By this treaty the French King yielded to the Q ieen of Great Britain, the Bay and Straits of Hudson, the Island of St Christopher, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland."-Holmes' Am. An., Vol. I, p. 510.

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