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who is hereby ordered to provide the same at the province Charges.

Ordered, that Mr. Treasurer Penhallow advance thirty shillings to Major Smith for to bear his and six troopers charges, now going to Raise the said Scout.

[P. 282.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at ports

mouth, the 20th of July, 1711.

Present. Peter Coffin Wm. Vaughan (Esqs. Saml. Penhallow in Nath. Weare J John Plaisted y Esqs. Whereas Information is made to his Excellency the Governor by General and Admiral Walker, that Several Soldjers and Sailors has deserted her Majtes Service, &c. .

Ordered, that Major Joseph Smith Imediately Issue forth his Orders to the Several Capts. of the Militia of this pro vince, that they and their Several officers with Soldiers doe Imediately make Deligent Search in the Several Towns, Districts and Villages within this province, for such Deserters, And to cause them and all Travellers that are Strangers, and other persons not Known, to be taken upp and Carryed before the next Commission Officer Civil or Military, to be examd; and in case they give noe Satisfactory Acc of themselves and Business, then to be Returned to Boston under a Guard, to be further Examd by His Excellency the Governour, or Some of Her Majties Councill; And further that the Secretary forthwith Send an Order from this Board to the Commander of Her Majesties Fort Wm. and Mary, that he Cause all Sloops or other Vessels to be frequently Searched for Such Deserters, till further Order, and any person soe on Board that shall refuse to give a Satisfactory Acct. of themselves, such Deserters are to be brought before some of Her Majesties Council or Justice of the peace within this province, to be further Examd, &c. · Ordered, that there be a publick Fast kept throughout this province the same day that it shall be kept in the Massachusetts Government, and that the Secretary Issue out the proclamations as foll. viz – [p. 283.]

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captaine General and Governour in chief in and over Her

Majesties province of the Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire, in New England, in America.

Honellency Generale Provinces Underf Some of Heroes from

enden Wallfefe of the Salommand of

with them on the the seat forces of his

A Proclamation for a General Fast. Upon Consideration of the Vast Importance of the preparations making for a Vigorous Carrying on the Warr in Europe, this present Summer, and the Great Expedition now Setting forward in these parts by her Majesties Especial Command, with her Majesties Land and sea forces from Great Brittaine, and the Addition of Some of Her Majesties Troops of these provinces Under the Command of his Excellency General Hill in Chiefe of the Said fforces, & the Honourable Lt. Hovenden Walker on the Sea part, and the · Hon'ble Lt. General Nicholson on the Inland part.

I have thought fitt with the Advice of Her Maj’ties Council, and at the Desire of the Representatives, to appointe a General Fast upon Thursday, the 26th of July Currant, And upon Thursday the 30th of August next following, and to be continued upon the Last Thursday in Every month during the Expedition, Strictly forbidding all Servile Labour thereon, And exhorting both ministers & people in their Respective Assemblies on the Said dayes, with Humble penitential Confession of Sinn and Sincere fervent Supplications to Almighty God, to Implore Mercy for protection of Her Majesties Sacred person, prosperity to Her Just Arms every where, and particularly in the present Important Espedition, that Divine Conduct may be Granted to his Excellency the General, and the Honourable the Admiral, with Her Majesties Forces under their Command.

Given at the Council Chamber in Portsmo the 20th day of July, 1811, In the 10th year of the Reigne of Our Soveraigne Lady Anne, by the Grace of God, of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faithe,. &c.

By Command of His Excell. with Advice of y® Council.

Chas. Story, Secretary.
God Save the Queen.

[P. 284.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmo on Fri-
day, the 28th of September, 1711.

Major Wm Vaughan,

John Plaisted, Sam' Penhallow, s

95. Mark Hunkin, Ordered, that there be a publick ffast Kept throughout this province on Thursday, the 11th day of October next, and that the Secretary Issue forth a proclamation to the Several Towns in manner foll. viz: By His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq., Captaine General

and Governour in Chiefe in and Over Her Majesties provinces of the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, in New England:

A Proclamation for a General Fast. Whereas, upon the 16th day of July last, a proclamation Issued for the Observation of a monthly Fast during an Important Expedition then Setting forward, The next day in Course appointed for that Service being Thursday the twenty Seventh day of September Currt, And the Circumstances of that Expedition being Since Altered, Intelligence being Arrived of an Awfull Rebuke of Heaven on part of the Fleet; for which we ought to be Deeply Humbled before God:

In Consideration whereof and the Just concerne wee ought to have for the Land and Sea forces in the Service;

I have thought fitt by and with the Advice of Her Majesties Council to Remove the Said General Fast from the twenty Seventh of this present month of September, to

Thursday the Eleventh day of October next coming, Earnestly Recommending the due Observation thereof to the Ministers and people throughout this province, with a becoming Selfe Abasement and Devotion and Sincere Confession of Sinn Joyned with ffervent Effectual prayer, (P. 285.] Humbly to Implore the Divine Mercy to our Soveraigne Lady the Queen, Her Kingdoms and Just Arms, To Her Majesties officers and forces in Service within these Her Majesties Northern plantations; And for all Needfull Blessings Spiritual and Temporal to be Gratiously Bestowed upon the poor, Afflicted and Distressed people of these plantations; And all Servile Labour is forbidden upon the said day.

Given at the Council Chamber in Portsmouth the twenty Eighth day of September in the tenth year of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lady Anne, by the Grace of God, of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, Queene, Defender of the faith, &c.

J. DUDLEY. By Order of the Governour with the Advice of the Council.

Chas. STORY, Secretary. God Save the Queen.

[P. 286.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Councill held at Portsmouth, the
15th of November, Anno Domini, 1711.

Major Wm. Vaughan, Irons Saml. Penhallow, )
Richard Waldron,

5. John Plaisted, Esqs.

Mark Hunkin, ) Ordered, that the Secretary Issue forth proclamation to the Several Towns of this province that a day of publick Thanksgiving be sett a part throughout this province, on Thursday, the 29th Currt. And that the proclamations be in hæc verba sequen:

By His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Captaine General

and Governour in Chiefe of Her Majesties province of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, in New England, &c.

A Proclamation for a Publick Thanksgiving. Amidst the Various Awfull Rebukes of Heaven wherewith we are Righteously Afflicted in the late disappointment of an Important Expedition (1), attended with soe many Smiles of providence in the beginning and progress thereof, and promising Hopes of Success; in the late Dreadfull Desolations by Consuming Fire and other Calamities (2), which demand our Deepest Humiliations and Contrition of Heart;

We are still under the Highest obligations of Gratitude for the many Instances of Divine Goodness in the favours Vouchsafed, particularly for the preservation of our most Gratious Soveraigne Lady the Queen ; The prosperous Success of Her Majesties Just Arms in Europe; the Seasonablenesse of the Weather in the Summer past; the plentifull Harvest, the Great Measure of Health, the preservation and Safe returne of the Forces of these provinces, The Restraints of the Enemy and many other Undeserved Blessings Spiritual and Temporal, not to be enumerated.

(P. 287.) I have therefore thought fitt with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, and at the desire of the Representatives in their present Session to Order and appointe Thursday, the twenty Ninth day of November Currant, to

Conte are sti Instances of for the pan; The prothe se

01) Tho expedition against Canada, besides the land forces under Gen. Nicholson, consisted of a Fleet of 68 vessels, commanded by Sir Hovenden Walker, and having on board 6463 soldiers. The fleet sailed on the 30th of July, and arrived at the mouth of the St. Lawrence on the 14th of August. In proceeding up the river, the fleet, through the unskillfulness of the pilots, and by contrary winds, was in imminent danger of entire destruction. On the 220 August, about midnight, the seamen discovered that they were driven to the north shore among rocks and islands. Eight or nine of the British transports, on board of which were about 1700 officers and soldiers, were there cast away, and nearly 1000 men lost. Upon this disaster, the admiral bore away for Spanish River bay, at Cape Breton, where a council of land and naval officers, in consideration that there was but teli weeks' provis'on for the treet and army, and that a seasonable supply from New England could not be expected, judged it expedient to relinquish the design. The Admiral sailed directly for England; and the provincial troops returned home. General Nichsolson, who had advanced to Lake George, hearing of the miscarriage of the expedition on the St. Lawrence, retreated with the land army, and abandoned the enterprise." See Holmes Ann., Vol I., p. 595; also Farm. Belk., pp. 180-181, and Penhallow's Ind. Wars, Coll. N. H. Hist. Soc. Vol. I., pp. 12-76.-ED.

(2) On the 2d October, 1711, a firo broke out in Boston, near the centre of the town, and consumed all of the houses on each side of the main street, trom School street to the foot of Cornhill. Besides the buildings in Cornhill, "all the upper part of what is now called State street, on the north and south sides, together with the town house. was burnt." Holmes Ann. Vol. I., p. 505.-ED.

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