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Her Majesties Orders of the 29th October 1709, relateing to the former Seal of this province to be Broke in Council and then to transmitt the Same Soe Broken to the Com", was read at this Board, and the said Seal was accordingly Soe Broken in Council: which Orders be in hæc verba Sequen.


To our trusty and well beloved Joseph Dud-
Seal. I ley, Esq", Our Captaine General and Commander

m 'in Chiefe of our province of New Hampshire in New England in America, and to our Lieutenant Governor and Commander of our Said province for the time being, Greeting: with this you will receive a Seal prepared by our Order for the use of our Government of New Hampshire which Seal is Engraven with Our Arms, Supporters, Motto, and Crown, with this Inscription round the same: Sig. PROVINCIÆ NOSTRÆ NovÆ HAMPTONIÆ IN AMERICA. And our will and pleasure is, and we doe hereby Authorize you and our Lieutenant Governor or Commander in Chiefe of our said province of New Hampshire for the time being, to fix the Said Seal to all patents and Grants of Lands and to all public Acts and Instruments of Government which shall be made (P. 254.) and passed in Our name within our said province, and that it be to all intents and purposes of the Same force and Validitye as any former Seal appointed for the publick use of the Government in our Said province hath heretofore been: And wee further will and require you, upon the receipt of the Said Seal, to Cause the former Seal to be Broke before you in Council, and then to transmitt the Said former Seal Soe broken to our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, to be laid before us in Council as Usual.

Given at our Castle of Windsor, the 29th day of October, 1709, in the Eighth year of our Reign.

By her Majtics Commands,

SUNDERLAND. Voted unanimously, that there be an Address of thanks to her Majestie for her Majesties Favours to all her good Subjects in New England, to be drawn in forme and Sent by the first Conveyance. And that the Said Addresse be laid


before the General Assembly at their next Sessions for their Concurrence therein.

Ordered that the Secretary Issue forth proclamation to the Several Towns of this province in his Excellency's the Governour's Name, for the encouragement of Volunteers upon an Expedition for the Reducing port Royal. And that the Said proclamation be according to the forme of that in the Massachusetts Government, And that the Said proclamation be read publikely by the Secretary, being in hæc verba Sequen :By his Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esq. Governor and Commander in Chiefe of her Majesties province of New Hampshire, in New England.

A PROCLAMATION. . [P. 265.] Whereas her Majestie has been Gratiously pleased to Order an Expedition for the Reduceing of port Royal in Nova Scotia, and has Ordered Several of her Majesties Shipps of War, Marines, and Warlike provisions and Stores from Great Brittaine (which are happily Arrived) for that Service; withall Commanding the Service of her Majesties good Subjects, in this and her Majesties other provinces and Colonies, thereto, and has been Gratiously pleased to appointe and Constitute the Honourable Francis Nicholson to be General and Commander in Chiefe of the Said Expedition :

In obedience therefore to her Majtes Said Commands, I doe hereby perticularly and Especially invite all those Soldjers who bore her Majesties Arms the last year, for the then intended expedition, to come and take upp the Arms they then bore, And enlist for the present expedition ; And for the encouragement of them and other her Majesties god Subjects able Bodya Effective men Voluntarily to offer and enlist themselves in her Majesties Service for the said Expedition : * I doe, by and with the advice of the Council and Assembly, assure them that they shall have two Commission officers of this province in each Company, And that upon the Reduction of port Royal and other the French Settlements in Nova Scotia, or that the expedition thither be determined,

any hat all Volunteers given them, On embarqueing..

all the Companys of this province Shall be Allowed to Returne Imediately, except Such as shall be volunteers,-for any other Service for Garrisoning or otherwise.

That all Volunteers in the service Shall have a Coat of thirty Shillings Value given them, One months wages Advanced, and paid to them before their embarqueing. That they Shall bear the Queens Arms & enjoy them for their own for ever of her Majesties Royal Gift: [P. 266.] That they Shall be exempted from all Impresses for three years next coming after their Returne-excepting Scouting near the Garrison to which they belong, watching warding, &c.

Given at Portsmouth the 14th day of August 1710, in the Ninth year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady Anne, by the Grace of God, of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the faith, &c.

J. DUDLEY. By Order of His Excellency with Advice of the Council Chas. Story, Secretary.

God Save the Queen. Adja till Fryday 9 o Clock ante meridiem.

Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmo.
by Adjourt on Fryday, the 18th
day of August, 1710.

The Honble John Usher, Esq* Lieut. Governour,

Samuel Penhallow ),

Mark Hunkin Esqs. His Honor the Lieut. Govern" was pleased to say that the occasion why the Council were adjourned to this day; that it might be expected the Force Sent out age the enemy last Wednesday night, would return by this time, And Seeing they are not, His Honor Adja the Council till Wednesday next 10: of the Clock, ante meridiem.

(P. 267.) Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council and General Assembly held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, the 20th Septem

ber, 1710.

Major Wm Vaughan, John Plaisted

Sam' Penhallow ] Mark Hunkin Ordered, that the Secretary Issue forth proclamations to the Several Ministers of this province for a General Fast to be kept on Thursday, the 28th Currant, throughout this province in hæc verba Sequen:

A Proclamation for a General Fast. Her Majesties Forces being now embarqueing on the designed expedition for the Reduceing port Royal &c, an affair of the last Consequence to these her Majesties plantations; And it being our Commanded Duty in all our wayes to acknowledge God that he may direct our paths, Soe especially in Military Expeditions, that the Lord of Hosts may goe forth with our Troops and Fight the Battle for us :

I have therefore thought fitt by and with the Advice of her Majesties Council, and at the motion of the Assembly in their last Session, to Order and appointe Thursday, the twenty eight day of September Currant, to be Observed a day for publick Fasting & prayer throughout this province; Strictly forbidding all Servile labour thereupon, And exhorting both Ministers and people religiously to attend the same in their respective publick Assemblies, and with Sincere humiliation, for penitent Confession of sinn and Fervent Supplications, humbly to Address Almighty God who is Stiled a Man of Warr, for his most Gratious presence and Conduct to and with the Arms of our Soveraigne Lady the Queen, in Conjunction with those of Her Allies in the present Campaigne in Europe, as alsoe to and with the Honourable the General, the officers and Troops in the expedition from hence ; with whome alone it is to give victory and Success : [P. 268.] That this long Calamitous Warr may Speedily be brought to a happy period, and Issue in a well-Grounded lasting peace to her Majties Kingdoms and Territories, and to all Europe ; Especially for Restoring of Liberty to all the Oppressed and a free Exercise of the true Christian Religion in those Nations where it has been Suppressed by Horrible and Barbarous persecutions :

That our Most Gratious Soveraigne Lady the Queen may long live, the Royal person and Government be preserved and Defended from all Evil designes and Attempts of wicked and unreasonable men; That her sincere Services done for God and his Church upon Earth may be Gratiously rewarded with a Crown of Immortal Glory.

Given at Portsmouth the 21st of September, 1710, in the Ninth year of the Reign of our Soveraigne Lady Anne, by the Grace of God of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the faith, &c. By Order of the Governour by ,

J. DUDLEY. and with Advice of the Council.


[P. 269.] Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Council held at Portsmouth the Third day of October, 1710.

Present. Major Wm Vaughan,

Richa. Waldron,' ? Robert Ellott,

15. Sam' Penhallow, M'. Treasurer Penhallow P'sonally appearing before this Board made oath to the truth of his Account of Debt and Creditt for the years 1709, & 1710, Amo in the whole to 21241b: 18: 2d, the balance due to him remaining being gib: 98. 84.

Mr. Treasurer alsoe made oath to another Acc. for the year 1710; Amo to 3049, 9, 0, the Ballance due to the province 11916, 7, 4, off which Accounts; M'. Elliott, Major Vaughan and Capt. Hunkin as a Committee Chosen by the Governor and Council, Exam Said accts both of Debt and Creditt, and approved of the Same as they Reporte to this Board.

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