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His Honor the Lieutenant Governour made the following speech, in hæc verba sequen.


His Excellency having account thirty men short of number Quota appointed for this Government, for her Majesty's service for Expedition in reducing Canada, the glorious undertaking of so great an enterprise by her Gracious Majesty, together with the charge and expense from the Crown should have been in particilar Incouragement to this her Government, considering, please God to give success, will be that persons may sit quiet under their own vines,-am sorry there should be a neglect attended with disorders.

His Excellency would have the Transports dispatch with speed, and that due care be taken for full allowance for four months from Nantaskett, and care for their subsistance while they stay, that they may not waste their stores; and provision for officers, & sick and wounded.

His Excellency's desire is that you would supply Major Walton with twenty pounds.

In obedience to his Excellency's commands, I am come into the Province to promote and forward his desire as above. Gentlemen

It is now about twelve months I came into the Government with hazard of my life: staid by his Excellencys command some time, spent my own mony and time, had no allowance, am now come again, expect allowance as is in Honor due to the Queen's Commission; kulowing considerable hath been advanced for others, as by acets sent home.

It is his Excellencys pleasure you sit every day till all things accomplished, hope you (P. 243.] will dispatch all things to satisfaction; there is nothing thats proper for me to do shall be wanting.

I have ordered all Commission officers to attend me that due care may be taken for supply of the soldiers. Gentlemen

It seems strange that his Excellency for a long time should give orders for impressing two Transport Vessels, and men to navigate them, for her Majestys service: that when I now come into the Province wanting about five or six (when Seamen walk in the streets) that I am obliged to lay an Imbargo: must say service not promoted as ought.

His Excellency the Governor's letter of the 16th current, dated at Roxbury, relating to the Transports and provisions for four months full allowance for our Quota of men, and for subsistance while they tarry in the country, and for provisions for the officers and sick and wounded; as also that there is thirty men wanting of our Quota, and that the Council sit de die in diem till all things were done to satisfaction, was communicated at this Board.

The Council in Answer to his Excellency's said letter, are of opinion, that it is very necessary that there be four months provisions full allowance for our Quota of men at Nantaskett, as also subsistance for them till they depart from thence; and have discoursed the Treasurer relating to the same, who acquaints them that by reason of the unexpected length of time of the Fleets tarrying, there will be wanting (besides what is raised by Act of Assembly) two hundred and fifty pounds to purchase the said provisions and subsistance.

The Council replies, That there can be no mony raised till an Assembly meets; who desires the same may be signified to his Excellency, the Governor.

Ordered, that the Proclamation about Deserters, in 'hæc verba sequen: be forthwith published. [P. 241.] By the Honorable Joux USHER, Esq. Lieutenant Governour

and Commander in Chief of Her Majestys Council of New Hampshire, in New England, in America:

A PROCLAMATION. Whereas divers persons within this her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire have been impressed into her Majesty's service to go upon an Expedition to Canada against the French and Indian Rebels and Murtheres, who have since run away and deserted the said service

I have thought fit by and with the advice of her Majesty's Council, to issue forth this Proclamation, that in case such deserters or any of them doe come in and surrender themselves to some of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, within this Province, within forty eight hours, there shall be noe Fine or punishment inflicted upon them ;-otherwise they will be proceeded against with utmost severity of Law. And all her Majesty's subjects and others are hereby strictly forbidden to entertain, harbour, or conceal any of the said runaways or deserters, as they will answer the contrary on the penalty of the Law.

Given at the Council Chamber, at Portsmouth, the 20th day of June, in the eighth year of her Majesty's Reign, and Anno Dom. 1709.

God save the Queen.
By order of the
Lieut. Governor
and Council.

Chas. Story, Secretary.
Adjourned till tomorrow morning ten of the clock.

[P. 245.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held by adjournment on Tuesday, the 21st June, 1709.


The Lieut. Gov'. Wm. Vaughan,

Samuel Penhallow, I Esas. Robert Elliott, use. John Plaisted,

His Honor the Lieut. Governour and Council, having discoursed Mr. Treasurer relating to the subsistance of the soldjers at her Majestys Fort, Wm. and Mary, with provisions,

Mr. Treasurer answered, That he was incapable of doeing the same, for that he had no pork or salt provisions, nor knew not where to get any in these parts; and alsoe that there was no mony in the Treasury to purchase the same, but he hopes in 14 days time he may be able to supply them.

Ordered that whereas there was two vessels formerly voted by the General Assembly in May last, for Mr. Commissary Penhallow to take up as Transports upon an Expedition to Canada, and whereas the said Commissary hath taken up the Brigantine Newcastle, and the Sloop Exeter, who are now in readiness to sail for Nantaskett:

That the Secretary issue forth a warrant of apprisement directed to Capt. Richard Wybrid and John Wincal, to value and apprise the Sloop Exeter; and to Robert Elliott, Esq. and Hugh Reed, to value and apprise the Brigantine Newcastle, upon their oaths, and to an Inventory of each Vessel's Tackle, apparrell, furniture, &c. and return the same into the Secretary's office within three days, And that the said Vessels be allowed and paid in proportion pro rata as the Massachusetts Government pays, as likewise the Sailors, Officers, and Soldjers.

Ordered, that the Lieut. Governour be paid out of the Treasury five pounds, for his Expenses and disbursements in Coming into this Province about our Quota of men and Transports, in [p. 246.) order to hasten them to Boston ; and that for his Extraordinary Care, charges and good service, it may be laid before the next General Assembly, that a sum of money may be presented him as a Gratuity for the Same.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on
Sunday, the 26th June, 1709.

The Honorable John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Governour.
Wm. Vaughan, Esq. Samuel Penhallow, Esq.

John Plaisted, Esq. His Excellency's letter of the 24th Currant, directed to the Honourable Colonel John Usher, Esq. relating to 200 Indians marched from Mont Real thirty two days ago, was communicated at this Board.

His Honor acquainted the Gentlemen of the Council that he had issued out orders to Colonel Hilton, to raise the Troop and forty Soldiers to range the Frontiers, from Kingstown to Newichawanack, and to keep watch and ward, and to put all in close garrison and therefore proposes to kuow what method to take, that the Troop and the forty soldiers as a Scout be provided for with provisions.

The Gentlemen of the Council think it highly reasonable that provisions be taken care for accordingly.

Ordered that Mr. Treasurer Penhallow, take speedy care that the Troop and forty soldjers abovesaid, be furnished with provisions necessary for the scouting.

In answer to the above order, Mr. Treasurer saith he has no salt provisions, neither [P. 247.] knows where he can procure any in these parts, but can spare about 2004 of Bread and is very free and willing to advance for the purchasing of provisions needful, as soon as it possibly can be got, provided the Assembly raise a fund for the same.

Province of New Hampshire.
At a Council held at Portsmouth, on Monday,
the 27th June, Anno Domini, 1709.

The Honble John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Governour.
Peter Coffin, la ... Major Wm. Vaughan, )
Robert Elliott, s

98. Saml. Penhallow, Esqs.

John Plaisted. His Honor the Lieut. Governour was pleased to make the following speech, in hæc verba sequen.

Gentlemen: Yesterday I communicated to you his Excellency's letter of the 24th June, giving account of Indians coming from Mont Real. I have his Excellency's letter of June. Then wanted 26 men; that if I send 20 by the Transport and the Council be contented to have six men bired at five pounds a man, did judge they may be bad; be pleased to grant your consent that Major Walton may have thein accordingly.

The Council are of opinion that they are no way concerned in hiring of men.

Mr. Treasurer Penhallow proposed to his Honor the Lieut. Governour, and the Gentlemen of the Council, that there might be a Minute of Council made relating to the subsistance of our Quota of men, how much per diem he must allow each officer and soldier, for subsistance on the present expedition to Canada.

P. 248.] Ordered that each officer shall be allowed in equal proportion with those of the Massachusetts, according to their establishment.




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Proportion for Ordinance, Carriages, powder, shot, &c. to be issued for supply of her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, in America, viz:Iron Ordnance Minion Travelling Carriages for ditto . Round Shot for Minion ..

• . . 300 Tin Cases filled with Musq? Shot for Minion

la. sp. Ladle and Sponge .

12 12 Ladle Staves Cases of Wood for Minion .

. 24 Funnels of plate . . Corn powder . .

115 Barz Malch . . . . Sheet Lead . Aprons of Lead .. Linspins . . Sleges . . Hosecockers [?] Small metting Ladles. Nailes of 405

500 20

1000 10 .

2000 .


2000 Field Bedds

12 Conies Tompkins small

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