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Ordered, that Lieut. Colonel Hilton, imediately (P. 2271 draw out twenty proper souldjers from Hampton, Exeter and Dover, to be commanded by Capt. James Davis, if he can be persuaded to take it upon him; otherwise the said Lt. Colonel Hilton to provide a suitable man to command the said souldjers, as a Scout, to march to Winnepissiacoe, pursuant to his Excellency's letter there to lye secretly at the usual landing place of the enemy, and if possible to make a discovery of them, and their number, and upon any discovery forthwith to return secretly and give intelligence; and the Treasurer is to take care to provide eight days provisions for the said Scout, and send the same to Capt. James Davis, his house.

Ordered, that Mr. Secretary Story, write to Lieut. Colonel Hilton, that he immediately send to Capt. James Davis to consult with him about the men proper to go the abovesaid Scout.

Pursuant to his Excellencys' letter aforesaid, Ordered, that the Line formerly built in Portsmouth, extending from the Mill Dam pond to Major Vaughan's Barn, being most of it down, and the rest much out of repair, be forthwith rebuilt and repaired; and that the Secretary issue forth his warrant in her Majestys' name to the Committee of the Militia of Portsmouth, that without delay they take care to see the same rebuilt and repaired with all expedition.

[P. 228.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Hampton, on
Monday the 16th August, 1708.

The Honourable John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Governour.
Peter Coffin,

Saml. Penhallow,
Nathl Weare, S'
S. John Plaisted,


se His Honour was pleased to declare to this Board, that by his Excellency the Governour's commands, he was come into this Province for her Majesty's Service, and that his Excellency had acquainted him there were four hundred soldiers ordered to be quartered in this Province, from the Massachusetts Government, and three hundred in the Province of Maine, to be ready to assist any town or place that

may be set upon by the enemy; And that he received his Excellencys orders of the Sabbath Day, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, and got to Newberry by five in the afternoon, and that night arrived at Hampton in the Province of New Hampshire; and immediately issued forth his order to the Secretary to notify the Council, to meet at Hampton the next day, being Monday, by ten of the clock, in the morning.

His Excellencys letter of the 12th instant relating to the Forces and the Line in Portsmouth being asked for by the Lt. Governour, was read at this Board.

The Gentlemen of the Council acquainted the Lieut. Governour, that considering the danger the Town of Portsmouth were in to be attacked by the enemy, they had wrote to his Excellency for a supply of fifty or sixty men to be sent to that Town for their defence; and in the meantime prays that his Honour the Lieutenant Governour, would be pleased to order that there may be detached out of the sereral Companies of soldiers Quartered in this Province, soe many, as his Honour shall see meet for the security of the said Town of Portsmouth. [P. 229.]

Upon the application of the Gentlemen of the Council, and considering the danger the Town of Portsmouth is exposed unto by the opportunity the Enemy has to come by water:

Ordered, That two Vessels or Shallopps be imprest with men and oars to be sent out as Spy Vessels for discovery of the Enemy, or fires in the woods, and to Cruise along shore from the Harbors mouth at Portsmouth to the Eastward, as far as Winter Harbor, and soe back again, and to continue soe doing till further order.

Ordered, that Mr. Treasurer Penhallow, provide proper lodgings, in every respect, at her Majesty's Fort Wm. and Mary, for the Honourable the Lieut. Governour by to-morrow at night.

the saineut. Got the Se Messrs ?

[P. 230.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Newcastle, the
18th August, 1708.

The Honble John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Govern'.

Wm. Vaughan, )
Saml. Penhallow, | Esqs.

John Plaisted, ) The Selectmen of the Town of Portsmouth, being summoned to appear at this Board to give account of what stock of Powder were in the Town Treasury; and accordingly Thomas Phipps, Esq. Messrs. John Pickerin and James Levitt, three of the Selectmen, appeared and being asked by the Lieut. Governour what stock of powder there were in the said Treasury: —

Answered - Not half a dozen pounds.

Ordered that the present Select men of the said Town of Portsmouth, doe in twenty four hours time, provide a Town stock of powder and ammunition as the law directs.

The Petition of Theodore Atkinson, Esq., and owners of the Sloop Newcastle, relating to be Cleared from the Imbargoe, being upon her voyage to New Found Land, &c.

The Gentlemen of the Council considering the season of the year and the cattle on Board the said Sloop may want provisions, and that if the said Sloop is detained few days more it will ruine her intended voyage, it being late in the year; It is the opinion of the Council that his Honour the Lieut. Governour for the reasons aforesaid, may permit the said Sloop to proceed on her voyage with all expedition.

Joseph Smith, Esq. took the accustomed oaths appointed by Law, and sworn by the Lt. Governour as a Justice of the Peace, in open Council.*

Joseph Smith, son of Robert Smith, was born about 1653, as appears from the record of his death. He diel Nov, 15, 1736, 2. 61 years. He was thrice married, but

without offspring. He m. 1, Dorothy, el lest dau. of Rev. Seaborn Cotton, who d. Dec. 20. 1706, 2.50 years ; 2, April 17, 1707, Mary Moore, who d. Oct. 15, 1708; 3, Feb. 16. 1709. Wid. Elizabeth Marshall, who outliveil hiru.

Mr. Smith was not employed in town business as frequently as were some other men, yet he wis many years in public life. He was a Deputy or Representative in 1692, 1708, 9, 16, and perhajis at other times; # Selectinan 7 years, viz.: for the years commencing Nov. 10, 1701; Dec, 29, 1708; Dec. 29, 1709; Jan. 1, 1711; Ist Mon lav in March, 1713; March 1, 1714; March 7, 1715. At all these seven dates he is st le Major. In 1716 he is atvled Colonel. How long he was a Justice of the Peace, I do not know,

From 1694 to 699, he was a Justice of the Superior Court - Chief Justice in 1698. (see the XH Repository, Vol. 2, p. 35) from 1703 to 1708, Judge of Probate (idem, D. 111. In 168, he was a Councillor. He was also about this time Treasurer of the Province. (Com. by Joseph Dow, Esq. Hampton.-ED.)

[P. 231.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Newcastle, on
Thursday, the 19th August, 1708.

The Honble John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Govern'.

Robert Ellott, .
Wm. Vaughan, Esqs.

John Plaisted, His Excellencys Letter, dated Boston, 16th instant, relating to the extravagant price of Indian corn and Rumm sett by the Inhabitants of Kingstown upon the souldjers there, was read at this Board, and the Lieut. Governour acquainted the Gentlemen of the Council he had taken care therein.

Mr. Waldron's letter, dated Cocheco, 18th inst. directed to the Lieut. Govern", relating to a Company of souljers there wanting supply of Salt, &c. was read at this Board.

[P. 232.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Newcastle, on Monday,
the 234 August, 1708.

The Honourable John Usher, Esq., Lt. Govern?.

Win. Vaughan, )
Saml. Penhallow, Esqs.

John Plaisted,
His Honour acquainted this Board that he had recd an
Account from Capt. Coffin of his marching as a Scout to
Wheelwright's Pond*, Whitehall, &c. and that they see no
manner of tracks of the enemy.

His Honour also acquainted this Board, that the two rooms at the Fort being for lodgings for the Lieut. Governour, is neither fitted or plastered, and is very incon renient for lodging until finished.

Ordered, that the Treasurer take care to get workmen

* "Wheelwright's Pond " is in Lee: and is the principal source of Orster River. It is memorable tor the battle which was fought near it in 1690, between a sconting arty of India is and two companies of rangers, under Capts. Floyd and Wiswall." X. H. Gaz 18 3.

* Whitehall.” The locality of the place is not definitely ascertained.

and materials with all expedition, and cause the same to be lathed and plastered, finished and completed, fit for comfortable Lodgings.

[P. 233.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on
Thursday, the 26th August, 1708.

The Honble John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Govern".

Wm. Vaughan, )
Saml. Penhallow, | Esqs.

John Plaisted, ) His Honor the Lieut. Governor asked the Gentlemen of the Council if they had any thing to offer to him for her Majesty's service, and the good of the Province ;-he would readily adhere thereto.

Answer — they knew nothing at present.

His Honour acquainting this Board that having an account of the Enemy most of them being returned, desired to know their opinions whether the Spy vessels might be ordered to continue or to be dismist.

It is the opinion of the Council that upon the return of the Spy vessels, they be dismissed if they have made no discovery of the Enemy. [Speedwell dismissed, the 29th Aug, 1708.]

The Selectmen of Exeter according to notification, appeared at this Board, and gave his Honour an account that they had a Barrel and a half of powder and 200wts of shot in their Town Stock, it being generally the full quantity of that place.

His Honour made the following speech, in hæc verba sequen:


At my coming into this Province, informed you, Mr. Chase at Hampton had made provision for my Eutertainment; but at the request of this Board I went to Portsmouth, and from thence to her Majesty's Fort; I must say the provision made for my Lodging worse than my negros servants (but that is over) — both as to room and lodging

While in the Province, both night and day taking orders for security of the Province, I shall give full orders and directions that are needful as to the Militia.

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