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In his Acct. 1701, paid Mr Partridge (it being only paid for disbts) but noe Accts

100: 0:0 In his Acct. 1702 paid Mr. Partridge for Agency 200: 0:0 Paid to ditto for an Agent's passage

27: 0:0 [P. 216.] The Lieutenant Governour asked the Secretary who was appointed Agent for the Province ?

Answer, that he did not know who was appointed Agent, but believed it might be Major Vaughan.

Upon which the Lieutenant Governour ordered the Secretary to search the Council Book, and he found that in May, 1702, there was a vote of both Houses, that the said Wm. Vaughan be agent for this Province.*

The Lieutenant Governour asked the Secretary whether there were any publick letters or other papers relating to Major Vaughan's Agency, brought to this Board at any time.

The Secretary answered, none that he knew of.

The Lieutenant Governour asked the Secretary, if he had acquainted Major Vaughan to bring an Account of the disbursements of the mony he had raised as Agent, and an Account of his Agency.

The Secretary answered that he had acquainted the said Major Vaughan, and his answer was, he had disbursed the mony upon the Province Account as Agent, and he had been taken by the French in coming home, could not give any particular account, or words to that effect.

[P. 217.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a meeting of the Council held at Portsmouth, the 19th January, 1707–8.

Wm. Vaughan,

Saml Penhallow,
Robert Ellott, se
S. John Plaisted,


se Whereas the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds was lately voted by General Assembly for supplying an Agent in preferring an Address unto her most Sacred Majesty, respecting the circumstances of this her Majestys Province:It is the opinion and request of this Board that his Ex

*Refer to " Journal of Council and Assembly," July 29th, 1702.

cellency the Governour be humbly desired to draw an order upon the Treasurer, for payment of the same, and that seventy or eighty pounds be forthwith ordered, to answer the present necessity of the Province, as his Excellency in wisdom shall see meet.

And whereas Mr. Secretary Story is absent, that Mr. Penhallow, be desired to send a copy hereof, Express, unto his Excellency, representing the mind of the Council herein.

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[P. 218.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on
Thursday, the 13th February, 1707-8.

Major Wm. Vaughan, )
John Gerrish,

Saml. Penhallow, His Excellencys' letter, dated Boston, February 9th 1707, relating to John Bridger, Esq. her Majestys Surveyor General of her Majesty's Woods was read at this Board.

Pursuant to the above letter, Mr. Secretary Story informs that he acquainted Mr. Bridger last evening, that the Council would sit at Portsmouth this day, where they would be ready to hear any complaints that he would deliver upon oath, against Jno. Plaisted, Esq. one of the members of her Majesty's Council, for interrupting the said Bridger in his office, &c.

Mr. Bridger accordingly appeared, and having not drawn up his complaint against the said John Plaisted, desired further time which was granted ; and Wednesday next is appointed to hear the said complaint; and the Secretary is hereby Ordered to notify the Council accordingly.

Ordered, (his Excellency consenting thereto) that a warrant be issued forth, directed to the Treasurer, for the payment of 250 £, raised in the last Province Rate, for the laying before her Majesty Addresses relating to the public affairs of this Province; and that the twenty pounds paid Captain Pickerin, &c. for disbursements and charges to Boston in that affair be included in the [P. 219.) said warrant.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on
Wednesday, the 18h February, 1707.

Major Wm. Vaughan,
Saml. Penhallow,

Esqs. John Plaisted, Mr. John Bridger, Surveyor General of her Majesty's Woods in America, appeared at this Board and exhibited the following Information upon oath, which was read at this Board, viz.

The Information of John Bridger testifieth and sayth, that all the Mast Trees now cut or has been cut for five months past or thereabouts, by John Plaisted, Esq., his order, Agents, Workmen, &c. which are to a great number now cut and felld without the Royal Licence first had and obtained, (to the best of my knowledge) but were all positively cut, felld and destroyed without my leave; the said Plaisted, his Agents, workmen, &c. were often forbid to cut any Mast Trees, from time to time, by myself and deputies, &c.; yet notwithstanding he, the said John Plaisted, did by himself, his orders, agents or workmen, cut and fell a great number of Mast Trees, and has thereby invaded her Majesty's just Rights and prerogative, and rendered her Majesty's express commands to me by the Royal Licence, to be of no effect, and my Commission and Instructions not of force or virtue in these parts; all which, to the best of my knowledge is true, there being affadavits made of Mast Trees being felld by the persons as aforesaid, thirteen or fourteen miles above Salmon Falls. 18th February, 1707, Jurat: in Council.

Upon which John Plaisted, Esq. desired time to give his answer, declaring he could not doe it in three weeks time, by reason he must ride the country to know how many Masts his workmen had cutt, and of what dimensions, and the places where they are cutt.

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[P. 220.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on

Thursday, the 19th February, 1707.
Wm. Vaughan, )
Robert Ellott,

Saml. Penhallow, ,

Esqs. John Plaisted,
John Gerrish,

s Pursuant to his Excellency's letter of the 16th of February, instant, relating to the Indian Enemy probably being about our Frontiers, being read at this Board,

Ordered that Colonel Hilton immediately go out with a good Scout, at such convenient distance at the head of the Frontiers as may be needful, to make discovery of the enemy.

Capt. Holland's Bond.

[MS. Corr. Vol. I, p. 13.) Know all men by these presents that wee, Thomas Holland, now of Portsmouth, in the Province of New Hampshire, in New England, mast and marrin", Thomas Packer of the same place, chirurgeon, and George Jaffrey of Portsmouth aforesaid, merchant, are held and firmly bound unto George, prince of Denmark, Lord High Admiral of England, in the sume of one Thousand pounds sterling, mony of England, to be paid to the said George, prince of Denmark, Lord High Admiral of England, or his successor in the said office, to the which payment, well and truly to be made, wee binde us and either of us, our and either of our heirs, Execrs and Adm" joyntly and severally, firmely by these presents, sealed with our Seals; Dated the first day of March, anno R. Reginæ Anne nunc Anglicæ, &c. sexto, Annoque Domini, 1707.

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas, his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq. Governor of her Majestie's province of New Hampshire and the Massachusetts bay in New England, hath by his Commission or Letter of Mark [Marque] bearing date with these presents, authorized & impowered the said Thomas Holland, comander of the ship Neptune, burthen two hundred Tunns, or there abouts, mounted with sixteen gunns, with the said shipp and Company to warr, fight, take, kill, suppresse, and destroy any pirates, privateers, or other the subjects or vassals of France or Spane, the declared enemys of the Crown of England; and whereas, alsoe, the said Thomas Holland, hath received Instructions from the said Joseph Dudley, Esq. relating to the Commission abovesaid, as by the sd Commission and Instructions, reference being thereunto had, will plainly and at large appeare: If therefor, he the said Thomas Holland, doe and shall well and truly observe, performe, fulfill and keep all and every the clauses and Articles mentioned in the said Commission and Instructions, which on his part are or is to be observed, performed, fulfilled and

kept, that then this obligation to be voyde or else to stand in force.

Signed and deliver in the p'sence of

Tho. HOLLAND, [Seal] - [?] Hunking,

Tho. PACKER, Seal] Cha. Story.

Geo. JAFFREY. (Seal] Report of a Committee on the State of the Fort, William and

(MS. Cor. Vol. I, p. 21.)

May 11th, 1708. According to an order of the Governor and Council of the eighth instant, Major Vaughan, Mr. Elliott and myselfe, have visited Her Majesty's Fort William and Mary, at Castle Island, in the Province of New Hampshire:

(1) And find necessary to have the sides of the powder house to be claboarded, to prevent the stormy wether leaking through to the damage of the Powder: there will be wanting clapboards and nails for that use.

(2) Several of the Carriages to be repaired, and all of them wants to be tarred over, to preserve them from the wether. There will be tarr & some large spikes, and a carpentier wanting for that service.

(3) The sod work wants to be repaired in several places of the ramparts and parrapet: ther is wanting sods and men for that.

(4) That the chevaux de friez be fixt from the point of the Block House to the Line of Pallisados which inclose the wall. There will be two carpenters wanting.

(5) That there be port-holes cutt in the Line of pallisados, with a small brestwork cast up for small arms.

J. REDKNAP. 10th May, 1708.

The Council accepts of this returne and continue Major Vaughan and Mr. Elliott to improve the workmen, and to provide necessarys for their labour at the abovesaid Fort, in finishing the work there, according to this returne.

Chas. Story,

Secretary. (NOTE. There seems to be a chasm in the Records of Council from February, 19th, 1707-8, to August 2d, 1708.-ED.)

[P. 221.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth on
Monday, the 20 day of August, 1708.

Peter Coffin, )

Wm. Vaughan, )
Robert Ellott, Esqs. John Gerrish, Esqs.
Nathl. Weare,

John Plaisted, )

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