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that her just Arms may be prospered in the Action of this present year; that the forses sent forth on her Majestys service within this Province against the bloody and murderous salvages, may be under the good Conduct of Heaven, and be succeeded in taking just Revenges of the perfidious enemy for the innocent blood by them shed; that our Seacoast and inland frontiers may be gaurded with Divine protection; that the remainder of the Harvest may be plentiful; that the Protestants in Europe may be preserved and prevaile, &c.

And that the Secretary issue forthe Proclamations accordingly.

Ordered, that Proclamations go forth to Prorogue the Assembly, till Friday, the 24th Instant; and that the Secretary issue forth Proclamations accordingly.

His Excellency's letter of the 11th Instant directed to the Honourable, the Lieut. Governour, was read at this Board relating to resettling of Kingstown.

Ordered, the same be referred till his Excellency's coming.

Seal. y

[P. 89.]


INSTRUCTIONS for our trusty and well beloved

)Joseph Dudley, Esq. our Governour and Comder-in-Chief in and over our Province of New Hampshire, in New England, in America, relating to matters in dispute between Samuel Allen, Esq. the proprietor of our said Province, and the Inhabitants of the same.

Given at our Court, at Windsor, the 26th day of July, 1703, in the second year of our Reign.

Whereas, John Usher, Esq. whom we have been pleased to constitute onr Lieutenant Governour of our Province of New Hampshire, is near related by marriage to Samuel Allen, Esq. the proprietor of the said Province; and whereas there are matters in dispute and Causes depending between the said Allen and others our good subjects concerning titles of land in that Province: We have thought it requisite to direct that the said Usher shall not interineddle in any manner with the appointing of Judges or Juries, or otherwise in matters relating to such disputes, between the said Allen and any person or persons whatsoever. And our will and pleasure is and Wee doe accordingly hereby expressly Order, That you our Governor in Chief of our said Province doe give all necessary directions in the appointing of Judges, Juries, and other officers for the trial and decision of such Causes, and that you do take particular care in inspecting whatsoever relates thereunto, to the end that impartial Justice may be administered to all our good subjects therein concerned.

A. R. Vera Copia, Attest.

Chas. STORY, Secretary.

Commission of Lieut. Governor John Usher, Esq.

s“ Commissions” in Secretary's Office.]

ANNE R. ANNE, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, Scotland, France

and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To our trusty and well beloved John USHER, Esq. Greeting:

Whereas our late dear brother, King William the Third, of blessed memory, did in and by his Commission, bearing date the 26th day of June, 1696, nominate and appoint William Partridge, Esq. to be Lieut. Governor of the Province of New Hampshire, in New England, which Commission, by the Demise of our said dear brother is determined:-And wee do, by these presents, declare to be determined accordingly: And whereas, by our Commission, under our Great Seale of England, bearing date the ... day of ... in the first yeare of our Reigne wee have constituted and appointed our trusty and well beloved Joseph Dudley, Esq. our Captaine General and Governour-in-Chief, in and over our said Province of New Hampshire in New England;-Wee, reposing especial trust and confidence in your Loyaltie, Courage and Circumspection, doe, by these presents, constitute and appoint you, the said JOHN USHER, to be our Lieutenant Governour of our said Province of New Hampshire, in New England: To

HAVE, hold, Exercise and Enjoy the said place and office for and during our pleasure, with all Rights, Priviledges, Profits, Perquisites and Advantages to the same belonging or appertaining; and further, in case of the death or absence of the said Joseph Dudley, Wee do hereby authorise and Impower you to execute and performe all and singular the powers and directions contained in our said Commission to the said Joseph Dudley, and such Instructions as are already or hereafter shall, from time to time be sent unto him, soe nevertheless, that you observe and follow such orders and directions as you shall receive from us or from the said Joseph Dudley, or any other Cheife Governour of our said Province of New Hampshire, for the time being. And all and singular our officers, ministers and loving subjects of our said Province, and others whome it may concern, are hereby commanded to take due notice hereof, and to give their ready obedience accordingly.

Given at our Court at Windsor, the 10th day of June, 1703, in the second year of our Reigne.

By her Majesty's Command.


[P. 91.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Hampton,

the 22d day of October, 1703.

The Honourable John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Governor.
Wm. Partridge,) Nathl. Weare,
John Hinkes, Esqs. Henry Dow, Esqs.
Peter Coffin, )

Saml. Penhallow, )
The Honorable John Usher, Esq. presented to this Board
her Majesty's Letters Patents, bearing date at Windsor
Court the 14th day of June 1703, constituting him the said
John Usher, to be Lieut. Governor of said Province of New
Hampshire, and determining the Commission of William
Partridge, Esq. late Lieut. Governour of said Province,
which was read at this Board.

Ordered, that the Secretary give the Accustomed Oaths to the said John Usher, Esq. Lieutenant Governour as aforesaid.

Johy USHER, Esq. Lieut. Governor of said Province, took the oaths appointed by law instead of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and subscribed the Test and Declaration appointed in such Cases.

The Honble the Lieut. Governor acquainted this Board that he was a stranger to the present affairs of this Province, and therefore desired this Board to let him know if there were anything to be done proper for her Majesty's service, or the good of this Province, he should be very ready to take care about the same.

[P. 92.] Mr. Weare signified that there were several men belonging to Hampton working at her Maj'tys Fort, had been there a considerable time, prayed that they might be drawn off.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth, on Wednesday the 27th October, 1703.

The Honourable John Usher, Esq. Lieutent Governour.

Wm. Partridge, ) Peter Coffin,
John Hinkes, Esqs. George Jeffrey, Esqs.
Robert Elliott,

Saml. Penhallow, )

Henry Dow, Esq. William Partridge, Esq. made a motion to the Honourable, the Lieutenant Governour at this Board, that he having a Ship in the River which wanted to be fitted to sea with all expedition, and required his daily attendance upon her, he being bound a voyage to England, desired that he might be dismissed as being a member of this Board ; which his Honour granted, and accordingly he is dismissed as being a member of this Board.

His Honour the Lieut. Governour proposed to this Board, that whereas there are but two soldjers belonging to her

ilajesty's Fort Wm. and Mary at New Castle, under the Queen's pay are not sufficient for the safeguard of said Fort, therefore thinks it highly reasonable that there be four men more added to the said Fort as Soldjers under the Queen's pay, to make the number six. [P. 93.] Ordered, at this Board that there be four men entered into the Queen's pay from tomorrow morning as souldjers, (besides the persons already entered into pay) and to continue there at said Fort, one month from this present day.

His Hon' the Lieut. Govern' acquainted this Board that there is wanting at her Majesty's Fort at New Castle paper fitting for Carthrages for the Great Guns, there being neither paper nor Canvis.

Ordered, that the Treasurer forthwith provide a Rimm of sufficient Cartharidge paper for the great gunns at said Fort, and pay for the same out of the Treasury.

His Hon' the Lieut. Govern' also acquainted this Board that there are wanting to the Fort Boat one Graplin, and six Oars.

Ordered, that the Treasurer with all expedition provide the same, and pay himselfe out of the Treasury.

His Hon' the Lieut. Govern' alsoe acquainted this Board that there is wanting at the Fort, wood and lights.

Ordered, that wood and oyle for light sufficient for the said Fort be provided for out of the Treasury.

Ordered, that the Selectmen and Militia Officers shall have full power in each town of this Province, if they shall see meet, to order all corn and grain to be brought under the safety of some Garrison in the town where the Owners thereof shall live ; and in case any person shall refuse to bring in the same accordingly, that then it shall be in the power of said Selectmen and Militia Officers to cause the said corn and grain to be Secured as aforesaid, and shall pay the charge accreued out of the said Corn and grain.

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