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understand their Majesties have been graciously pleased to approve of, and impowered you to continue the same till further order; and we, who were under your government, having been for some time destitute of power sufficient to put ourselves into a capacity of defence against the common enemy; and having, with great expectation, awaited their Majesties' order for a settlement amongst us, which, not yet arriving, considering how liable also we are to destruction by the enemy, which of ourselves we cannot prevent, we are therefore necessitated at present to supplicate your Honors for government and protection, as formerly, until their Majesties' pleasure shall be known concerning us: hereby obliging ourselves to a due submission thereto, and payment of our equal proportion (according to our capacity), of the charge that shall arise for the defence of the country against the common enemy; praying also that such persons may be commissionated to command the militia as have already been or shall be chosen by the trained soldiers in the respective towns, desiring your Honors to grant us this our request, and your petitioners shall ever pray.

Christian Dodevah,
Andrew Wiggin,
Thomas Wiggin,
Thomas Read,
Thomas Wiggin,
Simon Wiggin,
Isaac Cole,
Roger Keller (or -ley),
George Person,
George Veasie,
Wid. Morgan,
Samuel Powell,
William Wentworth,
Nicholas Gorden,
Philip Hanson,
Jonathan Clarke,
Thomas Veasie,
Alexander Gorden,
John Doolor,
Silvanus Wentworth,
Thomas Dudlee,
Moses Gilman, Jr.,
Joan Fickett,
John Sinklee,

Nathaniel Wright,
Thomas Wiggin,
The mark X of Philip Duday,
William Hilane,
John Wadleigh,
Daniel Bean,
William Ardell,
Samuel Hilton,
The mark X of James Thomas,
Charles Glidden,
The mark X of Robert Smart,
The mark X of Ed. Rowe,
William Hilton, his X mark,
William Perkins, his X mark,
Robert Smart, Jr.,
John Symons, his X mark,
Henry Williams,
John Wheeler, by order,
John Hilton,

Steven Robeson,
Robert Wadlee,
John Sinkler, Jr.,
Ed. Daniel,

Robert Powell,

Natha. Hall, Mark Stacey,

Ed. Messer, Ben. Jones,

Rich. Shannon, Humphrey Willson,

Tho. Jackson, Edward Gilman,

Will. Scammon, Peter Coffyn,

Richard Morgan, Jr., Edward Gilman,

Geo. Roberts, John Gilman,

Henry Langstaffe, sen., his X John Foulsam,

mark, John Gilman, Sen.,

Rich. Rowe, his X mark, Nathaniel Pinkham,

John Camn, Moses Leavitt,

John Nutter, Kinsley Hall,

Henry Lancaster,
Francis Lyford,

George Brown, his X mark,
The mark X of Philip Cotter, Samuel Rowlenes,
Stephen Dudley,

Joseph Stower,
Nathaniel Ladd,

John Keniston, James Gilman,

Ichabod J. Rawlins, The mark X of Edward Dyar, James Sinkler, Moses Gilman,

Ben Loot, Jodel Judkin,

George Ricker, his X mark, Ephraim Foulsham,

John Foster, John Wilson,

Maturin Ricker, his X mark, William Moore,

John Willey, his X mark, Tho. Rawlins, his X mark, John Cook, his + mark, Nehemiah Lee,

Elizabeth Horne, her +- mark, John Gillman,

Mark Goyles, his + mark,
William Taylor, his X mark, William Kin,
David Larance,

Joseph Cann,
Billy Dudley,

Edward Allen, Samuel Leavitt,

John Cooke, his X mark, Theophilus Dudley,

John Ellis, his + mark, Jonathan Thing,

William Waymouth, Samuel Gilman,

Thomas Roberts, Theo. Smith,

William Wills, his + mark, Samuel Bean,

John Duren, Samuel Thing,

Thomas Austin, John Bean,

Isaac Stokes, his X mark, Ehazar Elkins, his X mark, Tho. Whitehouse, his + mark, Thomas Skees, his X mark, Leonard Hamilton, The mark of Nicholas X Nares, Hateevil Roberts, John Scribner,

Joseph Roberts, The mark of John X Bean, Ralph Hall,

David Robison, his X mark, John Roberts,
The mark of Anthony x Hern, Tho. Tebbets,
Jeremiah Gilman,

William Furber, senior,
Nath. Fryer,

Roger Roscar, John Derry, his X mark, John Bickford, John Church,

Robert Elliot, Robert Evans, senior,

Thomas Cobbett, Samuel Heard,

John Hatch, Thomas Downes,

Shadrach Walton, by his order, Ezek. Wentworth, his X mark, Joshua Fryer, John Ham,

Elias Stileman, Jenkin Jones,

Nath. Fryer, junior, Gersham Wentworth, his x John Davis, mark,

James Smith, Nath. Heard,

Nathaniel Hill, John Cook, his X mark, John Cotton, Francis Pitman, his + mark, John Woodman, John Horne, his + mark, John Gerrish, John Hayes,

Thomas Packer, Robert Burnam,

Thomas Edgerly, Jeremiah Burnum,

Jno. Rand, Richard Duallons,

Zecharias Foill, John Buss,

Tho. Roberts, T. R. his mark, Joseph Meder, his + mark, John Hale, John Meder, junior,

Thomas Young, Stephen Willey his X mark, William Furbur, Joseph Davis,

Thomas Chesley, Barned Squire, his + mark, Philip Cheles, Nicholas Dunn,

Robert Watson, Moses Davis,

Stephen Jones, Beriah Higgins,

Thomas Arsh, his + mark, Thomas Bickford,

Edward Lethers, his + mark,
Charles Adams, C. A. his mark, Philip Chesley, his + mark,
William Wiltens, his X mark, John Pitman,
Benjamin Matthus, his + mark, James Derry, his + mark,
John Bunker, B. O. his mark, Charles Allin,
Joseph Kent,

John Johnston,
Salathiel Denbow, his X mark, John Foss, his X mark,
Stephen Jenkins, his X mark, Tho. Lewis,
Philip Doules, by order, John Sherburn,
William Durgen, by order, John Cate,
Thomas Grafton,

Richard Goss, his + mark,
John Skipway,

Ed. Kaser, his + mark,

Samuel Wentworth,

William Pitman, John Tucker, senior,

Edward Cate, George Snell,

Nathaniel Ayers, John Chenolln,

Fran. Jones, his + mark, The + mark of Splan Lovell, The + mark of Peter Wells, Daniel Wentworth,

John Savage, The R, mark of Richard Monson, John Philbrook, his + mark, The + mark of Pettie Balt, The + mark of Robert KinckJohn Jackson,

bon, The + mark of Lewis William, Mark Ayers, John Davis, junior,

The + mark of Thomas Evy, The X mark of Robert Pudding-John Bruster, ton,

John Wesbruck, Samuel Neal,

Richard Waterhouse, William Cotton,

George Fabin, Samuel Wentworth,

Elisha Friard, John Baillett, his + mark, Richard Webber, John Snell,

John Oliver, Aaron Moses,

Tho. Lucey, The mark + of Wm. Richards, Jacob Lavers, John Holmes,

Tho. Beck, Samuel Burnum,

Jonathan Lewis, George Walker,

Nicholas Walden, Wm. Seavey,

John Tucker, junior, John Sevay,

Edmund Keerick, Nathaniel Sevay,

Daniel Westall,
The mark X of Thomas Davis, John Treenick,
George Tebly,

John Hill,
The mark X of Sam. Rand, Henry Sherburn,
The mark X of Francis Rand, Abraham Lewis,
The mark X of Chellis Bracket, William Deves, his X mark,
The mark X of John Warden, Nicholas Bennet,
Walter Neal,

Timothy Davis,
John Pickerin, sen.,

The + mark of Thomas PudTobias Langdon,

dington, John Partridge,

Thomas Jackson, W. Partridge,

Thomas Edments, John Fletcher,

James Tucker, Samuel Blagdon,

William Cate, Jno. Plaisted,

The + mark of Job Westbrook, Elisha Plaisted,

John Pickerin, junior, Samuel Clark,

William Bond, his + mark, Matthew Nelson,

Richard Martyn,

Geo. Haullrig,

William Vaughan, Joseph Alexander,

Richard Waldron, John Wakcom,

Samuel Keats, John Baker,

Samuel Penhallow, Benjamin Cotton,

William Partridge, Obadiah Morse,

John Cutt, John Westbrook, his + mark, John Light, John Denest,

John Smith, John Sherborn, senior, by his Humphrey Perkins, order,

Thomas Dearborn, Nathaniel Drake,

The mark X of William Lane, John Foss, sen., his + mark, Nathaniel Bachilor, John Berry, sen., his X mark, The mark + of Samuel Shaw, William Wallis,

John Moulton, jun.,
The X mark of George Wallis, Nathaniel Sanborn,
John Sherburn,

Samuel Sherburne,
The X mark of Issem Misyoy, John Tuck,
The X mark of Jestenyan Daniel Ruicard,

Edmund Johnson,
Thomas - kam,

John Leavitt, The X mark of John Lewis, Joseph Cass, John Partridge,

William Field, Philip Lewis,

Benjamin Fifield, The X mark of Leonard Weeks, Nathaniel Bacheler, jr., by orJohn Emlen,

der, Edward Gove,

Samuel Colcord, The X mark of Morris Hobbs, Joseph Moulton, John Moulton, senior,

Richard Sanbourn, Daniel Tilton,

Christopher Page, The X mark of Isaac Godfree, Abraham Drake, Thomas Webster,

Benjamin Molton, John Sanbourn,

Isaac Maston, his + mark, John Taylor,

Samuel Robay, John Godfree,

John Cram, Morris Hobbs,

Samuel Fogg, Joseph Sanbun,

The mark + of Aaron Sleeper, Jonathan Philbrick,

Thomas Philbrick, sen., Abraham Drake,

Mr. + Sowter.

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