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Whereupon Robert Elliott Esq. withdrew.

The Council is adjourned till Tuesday the thirteenth day of December at 10 a clock in the morning.


Joseph Smith


Province of New Hampshire.
New Castle.

At a Council held by adjournment at New Castle.
Martis die Decembris 13, 1698.

The Right Hon. Saml Allen Esq. Gov.
Nath. Fryer)
Peter Coffin Esqs.
Robert Elliott )

Kinsley Hall Capt Kinsley Hall, * Esq. having been summoned as one of the Council admitted by Lieut. Gov. Usher, was again admitted one of the members of his Maj’tys Council in this Province and took the Oaths appointed to be taken instead of the oaths of Supremacy and allegiance, and repeated and subscribed the Declaration.

Robert Elliott Esq. refused to sit at this Board as a member of the Council. If these gentlemen who were appointed & admitted by Lieut. Governor Usher were continued to be of the Council, and if John Usher, Esq. were Lieut Governor here, and the minutes hereof being read unto him, he said it was right noted [?] and withdrew.

Ordered, that whereas through the non-appearance of the Judges on the 7th day of this instant December the Inferior Court of Common Pleas fell, there should be a special Court on Tuesday the third day of Jany ye next for the hearing & determining the causes should have been tried at said Inferior Court.

Removal of Henry Green, Esq., from the office of Judge. [It appears by Records of the Court of Common Pleas, Wednesday, 7th December, 1698, that the Hon. Henry Green, Justice, failed

* Capt. Kinsley Hall was of Exeter.

to be present at the Court: whereupon Gov. Samuel Allen on the 23d of sd month, formally removed him from the office of Judge.]

" Whereas &c. the sd Henry Green, Esq. without making any excuse or giving any notice, not regarding yor oath as Judge of sd Court, did refuse, neglect, omit to be p'sent at the accustomed place of sd Court, being hoiden at Portsinouth, to the great damage of of Soveraign Lord the King, & diverse of his good subjects, by reason whereof no Court was or could be held on gd seventh day of Decemb', and whereas, by reason of yr age & impotency, you are very unable & insufficient to execute the sa place: Wee do therefore, hereby discharge and remove you from the office of Judge of our Inferior Court of Common Pleas, as also from being one of our Justices of Peace in op sd Province; hereby injoyning you that you do not henceforth exercise or execute the sd places of Judge of or Inferior Court of Common Pleas or Justice of Peace within or sa Province, unless you should receive Power from us.

Witness Samuel Allen, Esq. of Govern' of our said Province of New Hampshire.

Given under of hand and seale of Province, at New Castle, the twenty-third of Decemb' in the tenth year of or Reign, Annoque Domi. 1698.


[On the 15th of January, following, Richard Jose, Esq. was removed from the office of high sheriffe.]

“Whereas you, Richard Jose, Esq. late high sheriffe of of Province, by reason of yr sickness, impotency, & weakness of body, be thought very unfitt, unable and insufficient to performe & execute the duty of said office and place of high sheriff; I do therefore, hereby discharge and remove you from the go office of or high sheriff, -strictly charging and commanding you, that you no more exercise or execute sd office of or high sheriff'; but that you do deliver unto William Ardell, Esq. whom I have commissioned, constituted & appointed to be or present high sheriff, all writts, recognizances, & papers that are in yr hands, relating to the ga office; and that you do account with Wm. Ardell aforesa, our said high sheriff, for all monies, goods and profitts whatsoever belonging unto us, which hath been levied or ought or might have been levied for his Majests service. Given under my hand and seale of Province, the 15th day of Jan", Anno Regis William tertii & decimo, Annoq Dom.” 1698-9.*

SAMUEL ALLEN. Ordered, that there be a public day of Thanksgiving observed throughout this Province on Thursday the twelfth day of January next, for that God hath been pleased graciously to preserve His Maj’ty; for the safe arrival of Saml. Allen, Esq. Governor; the continuance of our Gospel liberties,

* The two for going articles found in “Copy of Commissions ” in Scc'ry's office.-ED.

sending is a plentiful harvest, and restraining the heathen enemies; and that the Secretary [LI] do draw up a Proclamation accordingly into form and send it to the several Ministers in this Province.

(From MS. copy in Secretary's office.] A PROCLAMATION FOR THANKSGIVING. Province of New Hampshire.

New Castle, Dec. 13, 1698.

Being deeply sensible of the Expressions of divine goodness & mercie towards us, evidently appearing in the signal Preserving or Soveraign Lord the King's Majtie, carrying him thro' the many difficulties and hazards of a tedious & bloody Warr, and from many hellish plots & Conspiracies, and making him at length the happie lustrument of establishing a gen" Peace thro'out all Europe; in gratiously preserving the lionble Samuel Allen, Esq. our Gorern", & bringing him to us in safety, thro' the midst ot' maine dangers and difficulties; in the continuance of or precious gospel Liberties; in the plentiful Harvest vouchsafed us the Summer past, after so great scarcity, which for some time p’vailed in the midst of us; and in so long restraining the Heathen Enemie from making their barbarous incoursjons upon 118:

We do therefore appoint Thursday the twelfth day of Jannext ensuiny, to be celebrated thro'out this Province, as a day of Publick Thanksgiving unto Almighty God, forbidding all servile labour on y day; And do recommend it to the several Ministers & Assemblies, therein to be kept with all solemnity, and attended with a right ordered conversation, so as that God may be glorified by us, & we may have farther hopes of seeing his salvation. By order of the Hon'ble the Governor & Council.

SAMPSON SHEAFE, Secretary. Ordered, that Maj. William Vaughan do deliver all the books, Court Rolls, Writings, escripts, minutes and records whatsoever delivered unto him the thirteenth day of June 1696, and all Records, Books, Court Rolls, Writings and Minutes since, which may be, ought, or should be in his hands, unto Sampson Sheafe, Secretary, and Register of this Province, the said Sheafe giving him his receipt for the same.

Ordered, what soldiers are at Capt. Rich. Gerrish's Garrison be dismissed & discharged, and that Capt. John Tuttle have notice hereof.

Adjourned till tomorrow morning at eight o'clock.

At a Council held by adjournment at New Castle.
Province of New Hampshire.
Mercurii die,* Decembris 14, 1698.

The Honorable Saml. Allen Esq. Governor.
Nathaniel Fryer )

Joseph Smith

sqs. Peter Coffin

Kingsley Hall ) Ordered, that there be Writs issued out to elect Assembly men to serve at a General Court or Assembly to convene at the accustomed place at New Castle, on Thursday the fifth day of January next. .

Order for the election of Representatives to the General Assembly.

(From MS. copy in Secretary's office.] WILLIAM the Third, by the Grace of God,-King, &c. To our

Sheriff or Marshall of o? Province of New Hampshire, &c., Greeting:

We command, that upon receipt hereof, you forthwith make out yo' precepts directed unto the Selectmen of each respective Towne within our Province of New Hampshie requiring them to cause the Freehold's and other Inhabitants of their several Towns, duly qualified, to assemble at such time & place as they shall appoint, to elect and depute, one or more p'rsons, (being freeholders and residents in the same towne) according to the nomber set and limited by the Act of the General Assembly of op aforesa Province, to serve for and represent them respectively, in a great and General Court or Assembly by us appointed to be convened, held and kept for our service at the accustomed place in New Castle, upon Thursday, the fifth day of January next ensuing the date of these p'sents, and to cause the p'son or p’sons so elected & depu

• The days of the week, as named by the Latins, were as follows:
Dies Solis Day of the Sun, or Sunday,
" Lunæ " of the Moon or Monday,
“ Martis " of Mars-Tuesday,
" Mercurii " of Mercury-Wednesday,
" Jovis " of Jupiter-Thursday,
“ Veneris " of Venus-Friday,

" Saturni “ of Saturn-Saturday, In these Records, Saturday is sometimes called "Sabbati," denoting the day of the Jeurish Sabbath.-See Rom. Antiq. p. 320. Ed. 1819; also Web. Dic. - ED.

ted by the Major part of the Electors p’sent at such election, to be timely notified & summoned by ye Constable or Constables of such Town, to attend of service in the sd General Assembly, on the day above prefixed, by nine in the morning, and so de die in diem, during their session and sessions, & to return the go precepts with the names of the p'son, or p'sons so elected & deputed, unto yo? self: Whereof you are to make return together with this Writt, and of yor doings therein, und' yo' hand unto o' Secretarie's office at New Castle, one day at the least, before the sd Courts sitting. Hereof you may not fail at yr perill. Witness, Samuel Allen, Esq. Govern" & Command" in Chief in and over or Province of New Hampshire, aforesd. Givin at New Castle und' the Publick Seal of of sd Province, the 18th day of Decembr in the tenth year of op Reign, Annoq: Dom. 1698.

By Command, SAMPSON SHEAFE, Sech.


Ordered, that it is the opinion of this Board that Capt. John Hinks ought to account with the Hon. Samuel Allen Esq. Governor of this Province for the Kings Stores and for the powder money that he hath rec'd and that he pay the ballance of said acct. unto the said Governor or his order, and that the Secretary give him notice thereof.

Adjourned to Thursday the fifth day of January next, at nine o'clock in the morning.

Prov. of New Hampshire.
At a Council held die Lunæ, & Jan' secundo, 1698.

The Hon. Samuel Allen Esq. Governor.

Peter Coffin )
Nathaniel Fryers

Kingsley Hall) Ordered, that whereas at a Council held on Tuesday the thirteenth day of December last past, there was an order of Council that a special Court of Common Pleas should be held on Tuesday the third day of Jan' next at the accus

John Usher

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