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At a Council by adjournment 10 March 1697. Capt. Ichabod Plasted accot. brought to this Board, who were present ut supra. The accot. on file and adjusted the ballance 1615 138 24. Approved of and allowed and to be paid out of the Treasury.*

Ordered, that the Secretary notify to the Selectmen of every town that they attend on the Lt. Governor & Council at Portsmouth 5th April next, and bring an account of their Towne bounds.

The Lt. Governor having dissolved the Assemblyordered by advice of the Council that a new Assembly be called to meet at Portsmouth the 5th April next and that a precept be given by the Secretary to the Sheriff accordingly, 11th March 1697-8.

Province of New Hampshire, 1698.

At a Council held at Portsmouth,
Thursday 5th April.


Lt. Governor.

Jno. Hinks Esq. President.
Nath. Fryer)
Peter Coffin ( Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan )
Rob. Elliott )

Rich. Waldrons And adjourned to morrow morning 10 a clock.

Council by adjournment present ut supra.

6th April. The Selectmen for the several towns in this Province who were summoned to attend this Board to bring in an account of the limits of their town bounds, appeared by themselves or Attorney, and accordingly brought them all in and were all read distinct.

*See preceding account.

The Selectmen of Hampton and Exeter appeared to this Board by virtue of a summons about the Petition of Jno. [XLII.] Magoon. Several evidences brought in, as on file, and being duly heard by the Council, adjourned to morrow 10 a clock morning.

At a Council by adjournment to this 7th April.

Present ut Supra. . Jno. Dams petition for some relief to his Garrison ; answered that for want of money in ye Treasury they can not be at any farther charge until the Assembly raise it.

The case of Jno. Magoon is for present respited until the next Council day which is to be the first Tuesday in May next; & that then Peter Coffin Esq. be there, and bring with him the Will of Jno. Magoons father, and any other papers relating to said Magoons' land or estate out of the Town records.

Ordered, that the assessors & ye Selectmen of the town of Exeter have notice that they attend the Council at Portsmoth ye first Tuesday in May next, to answer what shall be there objected against them on the behalf of Peter Coffin

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Upon petition of Margaret Langmaid, desired by the Council that Rob. Elliott Esq. advance forty shillings in money due to the said Langmaid in part of her sons wages, due for his service at the Kings Fort at New Castle, & to be repaid him out of the first money raised to that end.

Ordered, by the Lt. Governor, Council & General Assembly, that a day of Public Fast and Humiliation be kept throughout this Province, Thursday 21st this instant April. Adjourned to morrow 10 of the clock.

At a Council by adjournment 8th April 1698.

Present ut supra, except Mr. Fryer. Whereas Rich. Waldron Esq. hath made it evident to this Board that he hath exported thirty hhd. of rum out of [xliv.] this Province, which was imported here in the Richa and Margaret, Sam. Allcock master, & yt it was exported within the time limited by Law,

Order that notice be given to the officer that he do repay back the 2-3 of the duty of sd rum, according to law unto Rich. Waldron Esq.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth,
3rd May, 1698.

Lt. Governor Partridge.

John Hinks Esq. President.
Nath. Fryer)
Rob. Elliott Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan
Hen. Greene )

Rich. Waldrons

Esqs. Ordered, Treasurer Vaughan Esq. pay to Rob. Elliott Esq. fifty six shill. or so much for interest due to him for money lent the Province.

Ordered, to pay Capt. Jacob Plasted the ball. of his account 16, 13, 0.

Ordered, to send notice to Peter Coffin Esq. to be at Council ye 2 Tuesday in June next, & bring with him those papers relating to Jno. Mogoon as by a former order of Council.

Mr. Andrew Wiggins, his petition about his land bounds, was read; and answered when the other town bounds are settled his will also be considered.

Major Wm. Vaughan Esq. Treasurer (as was ordered)

brought in his accounts. The Lt. Governor and Council perused & allowed the same and ballance due to him £25, 13, 1, as P. acct. on file. 13 June, 1698.

Har So far, from the beginning of Lt. Governor Partridge taking upon him ye Government, are the minutes of Council sent for England by Capt. Jno. Lang.


Province New Hamp.

At a Council held at Portsmouth 7th June, 1698.


Lt. Governor Partridge. Peter Coffin,

Wm. Vaughan, , Henry Greene, )

Rich. Waldron. ) My Lord Bellimonts letter to the Lt. Governor and Council, was read and communicated to the Council.

Ordered, that notice be given to the Selectmen of Portsmouth that John Reed, a disabled soldier be taken care of by them for his subsistance, and that Major Vaughan sa soon as money is in the Treasury, shall have order to pay them his wages due.

Ordered that another soldier be sent by Maj. Vaughan to Heards Garrison from whence said Jno. Reed came to supply that vacancy.

Province New Hampshire.

At a Council held at Portsmouth 14th June, 1698. Present.

Lt. Governor. Jno. Hinks, )

Rich. Waldron, ) Nath. Fryer, Esqs.

Peter Coffin, Wm. Vaughan, )

Hen. Greene,

Jno. Watsons petition being read as on file-Ordered, that the Treasurer be desired to take security for him for the payment of what is due to the Province from him, in one months time; and when security is given, to order him out of prison, he paying the charge.

Allowed Hannah Permitt of New Castle three pounds six shillings by her account on file for liquors ordered to be given to the two companys of soldiers.

Allowed James Robinson of New Castle, Cooper, by his acct. on file 16s, 6d.

It appearing to this Board in the business of Jno. Mogoon (long depending) by papers and otherwise that he ought to [xlvi.] remain at Exiter, Ordered, that the town of Exiter do receive the said Jno. Mogoon into their town as an inhabitant, and that the Town of Hampton pay the fees due to the Secretary in all that affair and for other charge each town to bear their own.

Allowed Rowland Jenkings departure as a soldier at Heards Garrison at Dover from the 15th June 1697 to the 4th October following, as by account on file; and to be paid 41b. 8s.

Secretary Penny's his acct. being brought in amounting to twenty pounds nineteen shillings, as on file, said acct. being examined and found due to him 20, 19, 0, to this 24 day of June 1698, was then by Lt. Governor & Council allowed of.

New Hampshire.

At a Council held at New Castle
27th June 1698.
Lt. Governor.
John Hinks Esq.

Wm. Vaughan, l Eis
Rich. Waldron, }

Nath. Fryer,
Rob. Elliott,

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