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At a Council held at New Castle

Thursday 14th Sber 1697.


Jno. Hinks Esq. President.
Nath. Fryer)
Peter Coffin Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan
Rob. Elliott )

Rich. Waldron Esqs. Upon reading a letter from Capt. Rob. Hancock commander of his Majesty's Ship Faukland, wherein he makes application for eighteen men to make up the established number ye King allows the Ship: P. xxxv.

Ordered, that notice be given by the Secretary from this Board to Capt. Rob. Hancock, yt the Council are very solicitous to do whatsoever lies in their power for the promoting his Maj’tys interest and service; but considering the present circumstances of this Province, being by sea & land wholly frontier to the enemy, and all our men ’listed in his Maj’tys Fort & Garrisons, being many too few for our own defence: We having been necessitated to pray the assistance of forty men from the Lt. Governor of the Massachusetts Province, which are now drawn off again, and left us very weak; the small concern of shipping belonging to this Province being now most abroad; We being also beholden to our neighbor government for men to man those few vessels are sent abroad from this Province,—all which considered, we are in no present capacity of affording the supply desired. The above order notified to Capt Hancock accordingly.

At a Council held at New Castle

Monday 25th 8ber. 1697.


John Hinks Esq. President.
Nath. Fryer)
Peter Coffin Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan le
Ròb. Elliott)

Rich. Waldrons

Those sundry acctts as on the other side and not before entered, were allowed and passed. To money disbursements for subsistance of laborers

£sd and soldiers at the Fort £120 and interest 6 months 4 168

124 168

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To half years pay and subsistance from the 10th of

May to the 10th of Ober as P. particulars on file
To old arrears due to the Fort in Walton's time, P.


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To the Sherif Rich Jose, fitting the prison
To the Secretary Henry Penney P. account
To Jno. Hinks Esq. P. acct.
To Capt Kinsley Hall for subsistance of the Massa-

chusetts soldiers P. acct.
To Rob. Elliott Esq. P. acct.
To Capt Tuttles acct. for subsistance of soldier as P.

account To Capt Woodmans for subsistance of soldiers To Major Vaughan for subsistance of Capt Negros men

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To Hannah Permitt for subsistance of soldiers belong-

ing to Capt Whyting
To Eliza West ditto
To Jno. Amazen passing of horses
To Lucy Stileman, subste of soldiers
To Elish. Bryard attending the Council
To Jos. Read, smyth to the Fort
To Jno. Holicom, acct, subsistance
To Jno. Nay a soldier one month and a day P. Capt

Tuttles certificate
To Joseph Maston a soldier, 4 weeks and a day P.
Capt Tuttles certificate and assigned over to Capt
Tuttles and Theod. Tippits

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To so much brought over £329 Os 8d,
To Theod. Atkinson P. acct.
To Jho Lewis bread for soldiers
To widow Grafton entertaining a sick soldier

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To 4 soldiers dismissed of Capt Negros' company going home

1 40

5 9 2 To sundry allowances made of acct's which were before entered and approved of-amounts

679 18 4

1014 8 2 The above accts. amounting to one thousand fourteen pounds eight shill. and two pence are all allowed by the Council, and the Secretary is to give order to the Treasurer for the payment of the same, forthwith, excepting only

262 2 5 as P. particulars hereunto annexed, who must stay for their pay until the next rate be collected.

HENRY PENNY Secretary, To Rich Joce

10 0 0 To laborers at the Fort

64 4 0 To horses and Gundelos

16 4 2 To soldiers subsistance at Portsmo

4 7 8 XXXVII. To Doct. Packer To Batsons

77 6 To Walker

1 8 0 To Wm. Furber

1 0 0 To Footman

7 4 0 To Bickford the Ferryman

14 8

27 14 2 carried to next leaf

122 10 0 brought from the other side) To Daniel Tilton

9 14 3 To the half years pay and subsistance to the Fort to the tenth of November next

77 15 0 To Capt. Hall's acct. for subsistance of soldiers

6 6 9 To Capt. Tuttle's at Dover ditto

20 120 To Capt. Woodman ditto Oyster river

25 4 0


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To sundry orders given the Treasurer to pay

the several sums following viz. To Mr. Geo. Jaffery To Mrs. Permitt.

8 14 7 1 15 0

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To the soldiers labor at the new platform, paid to Mr Atkinson

11 17 0 To the Massachusetts soldiers and disbursements

272 14 0 To an order for the disbursement and at

Portsmouth P. acct.
To an order for Mrs. Permitt
To Jno. Hinks Esq.
To an order for sundries at New Castle
To an order for sundries at Hampton
To an order for sundries at Dover
To an order for the soldiers at the Fort to be

paid Jno. Hinks Esq.
To an order for paying 124:16:8 for subsist-

ance and labor for the soldiers at the Fort to be paid Rob. Elliott Esq. To 4 soldiers of the Massachusetts when dismissed to pay their charge home

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Association in New Hampshire, to stand by the Protestant suc

cession—1697. (Copied from Farm. & Moore's Hist. Coll., Vol. I. p. 126.] Whereas there has been a horrid and detestable conspiracy formed and carried on by the Papists and other wicked and traitorous persons, for assassinating his Majesty's royal person, in order to encourage an invasion from France on England, to subvert our religion, laws and liberty-Wee, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do heartily, sincerely and solemnly profess, testify and declare that his present Majesty King William is rightfull and lawful King of the Realms of England, Scotland and Ireland; and that neither the late King James nor the pretended Prince of Wales, nor any other person bath any right whatsoever to the same. And we do mutually promise and engage to stand by and assist each other to the utmost of our power in the support and defence of his Majesty's most sacred person and government, against the late King James and all his adherents. And in case his Majesty come to any violent or untimely death (wbich God forbid !) we do hereby further freely and unanimously oblige ourselves to unite, associate and stand by each other in revenging the same upon his enemies and their adherents, and in supporting and defending the succession of the Crown, according to an Act made in the first year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary, entituled “An Act declaring the rights and liberties of the subject, and settling the succession of the Crown.”

Signed 14th 10 mo. 1697. John Plaisted

William Vaughan Samuel Leavitt

Richard Waldron John Redman

John Usher, Lt. Gov. David Lavans(1)

Nath. Fryer John Hall

Peter Coffin Thomas Chesley

Robert Elliott Richard Jones

Shadrack Walton Theodore Atkinson

Samuel Dow John Tucke

John Hatch William Patridge, Lt. Governor.

Commission of William Partridge, Esq., Lieut. Governor of the

Province of New Hampshire. William the THIRD by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, defender of the Fayth &c. to our trusty and well beloved WILLIAM PARTRIDGE, Esq. Greeting. WEE Reposing especiall Trust & Confidence in your Prudence, Courage & Loyalty, have thought fitt to nominate and appoint, and we do by these presents nominate and appoint you the said William Partridge to be our Lieut. Governor of our Province of New Hampshire in America: To have, hold, exercise & enjoy the said office and place of our Lieut. Governor of our said Province of New Hampshire, with all the Rights, Privilidges proffits & advantages to the same belonging and appertaining, for and during our pleasure, to be at any time signified under our Royall Signett & Signe manuall, which said signature shall to all intents & purposes, revoke and make null this our Commission. And in case of the death or absence of our Governor in cheife of our said Province of New Hampshire for the time being, Wee doe hereby authorize and require you or such other our Lieut. Governor as we shall at any time hereafter appoint under our royall Signett & Signe mannuell to execute and performe all and singular the powers and directions contained in our commission,

(1) David Larang-Lawrence?

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