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there? Dam answered, he knew not. F. sd they could not maintayn them, but must releas them. D. sd he wished thereby he might not bring himself into troble thereby. F. sd he hoped there would come noe troble thereby, and then offered a Paper for sa D. to sign, which accordingly gd D. did." “ The above is the truth and nothing else.

Acknowledged by

JOAN DAM, Sen'. The Ltt. Govern? past sentence by & wth the advice of the Judges: That whereas the sd Furber has past afronts & contempt upon his warrants & for affronting the Ltt. Govern' he is sentenced to pay a fine of twentie pounds money, to stand comitted until he has payd itt, and entred into Bonds wth security 200 2bs. for his good behaviour for 12 mo. & day, & to be uncapable of ever being in any Publick Station; and to pay fees.

B. II. p 106.
Bill, cost & charges aget Wm. Furber att Court Martiall, held at
New Castle, Sept. 29th, 1696.

£ s. d. To the Judges

02:10:00 To 3 special warrants,

00:15:00 To the marshall for summoning &

apprehending him & bringing him to the Fourt

01:00:00 To drawing up the charge

00:04:00 For his apearance

00:02:00 For entering Judgment

00:04:06 For drawing the warrants

00:03:06 For his receiving into the Fourt

00:06:00 For what charges for his committmtt

during the time in custodie, & For a release


5:15:00 John USHER.

B. II. p. 107.

To the Honble John Usher, Esq. Comander-inCheife, &c. of his Majestys Province of New Hampshire. The Humble Petition of William Furber. .

Humbly sheweth: That your Petitioner humbly desires yo? Hon' to consider of his condition wch by his folly he has brought upon himself, by his miscarriage in suffering the souldiers to goe from their Post without speciall order; and pitty him, by pardoning of him, for that crime; and more especially beggs your Hon' to pass by and forgive his miscarriage to yor Hon? yesterday by turning himself from yor Hon", and doeing that wch was unseemly; and lays himself att your Hon” feett being willing to suffer what your Hon pleases to comand; desireing yo' Hon's favour, will take care how he offends again; and shall ever pray as in duty bound, for your Hon* prosperitie.


By the Honble John Usher, Commander in Chiefe &c. of Province of New Hampshire. You are Required in his Majestys name to impress John Seal Paisted, Richa Jose, John Downing, John Shackford,

m William Pittman, John Bickford, Thomas Letherby, Daniel Fogg, Nich. Walden and Nich. Fletcher, with arms and ammunition compleat according to law; wch men so imprest are to march forthwith to Dover & Oyster River to Capts. Tuttle & Woodman, as underneath directed, there to be Posted in Garri• sons and remaine to doe duty in watching and warding, & not to

be released for two months, or farther order; or pay down the sum of four pounds money the person that does not goe; and hereof fail not as you and they will answer the contrary att their & your perill. Given under my hand & seale att arms, att New Castle this 29th September, 1696.

JOHN USHER. To Wm. Redford, Capt.

Att Oyster River.

At Dover.
Jno Plaisted,

Wm. Pittman,
Richa Jose,

Tho. Letherby,
Jno. Downing,

Dan' Fogg,
Jno. Shackford,

Nich. Walden,
Jno. Bickford,

Nich. Fletcher.
Jn'a. Whidden.

* This name is crossed.

B. II. p. 100.

At a meeting of the Militia officers

at New Castle, September 29th, 1696. Maj? Joseph Smith, Capt. Dow, Capt. Hall, Capt. Tuttle, Capt. Woodman, Lieut. Moses in behalf of Capt. Langdon, by leave of the Honble the Lt. Govern.

Gentlemen,-The cause of my calling you together, is, To know what way and methods shall be taken to raise subsistence for the soulders.

The Lt. Governor declared there was but two ways to provide for the subsistence: First, for the President & Council to impress Provision, or, That men must be imprest with Provisions.

And that if the Souldrs be draune off, the blameable cause will not lye at his doare.

Resolved, That the severall Capts. press men & Provisions, or men with Provisions.


Records of Council.

Note by the Editor. [The RECORDS OF COUNCIL which follow, are copied from a MS. volume in the Secretary's Office, arranged by the late John Farmer, Esq., from November 3d, 1696, to June 9, 1699. The said Records are in the hand-writing of Mr. Farmer, transcribed by him from a MS. volume also in the Secretary's Office, in the hand of Henry Penny, Esq., Secretary of the Council. The copy by the Editor has been carefully compared with the original record by Mr. Penny.

Interspersed with the RECORDS of Council will be found many papers of much value, relating to, and explanatory of, the acts of the Council, in the same period. The reader should be apprised, that, for a full understanding of the subjects treated of in the Records of Council,it will often be necessary to refer to the “JOURNAL OF THE COUNCIL AND ASSEMBLY,” which follow the said Records in this volume, for the same period.]

At a Council held at New Castle

November 34, 1696.


The President [John Hinks?] Henry Green)

Joseph Smith , Robt. Elliott Esqs.

Kingsley Hall Nath Wear

Mr. William Stratton, presented a petition to this Board, setting forth that he was Master of the Brigantine Tryalle, and taken in Newfoundland, and was ordered to bring back the prisoners to Boston, and was detained by one Mr. Richard Anthony, and Mr. E. Stratton ; and Mr. Anthony, being present, Mr. Stratton produced the grand Bill of State for the Brigantine Tryalle from Mr. Peter Butler to Mr. Barpute and Mr. Bassett owners &c. of said vessel; and orders for said Wm. Stratton to be master of the said Brigantine bound from Boston to Newfoundland as per papers filed : Which being, Mr. Anthony was demanded what he had to show, whether he had a bill of sale. Answered, he showed it to the Lt. Governor, but had it not. The Council demanded of ga Anthony whether he had a condemnation for sa Brigantine. Mr. Anthony being demanded as above, answered No.

Mr. Anthony making nothing appear why the vessel should not go to Boston to her owners, the Council ordered the said Stratton to take out his clearing from the officers; and that he might have his permit to sail for Boston, & that if Mr. Anthony has anything to say, the law was open and he might arrest the vessel, otherwise the vessel has liberty to go.

Ordered, that the Deputy Secty. be of the Commity to receive the Claims.

Whereas, application has been made by Capt. Tuttle and Capt. Woodman that they are out of provisions in the frontiers, and without further and speedier supply of subsistance the soldrs must be drawn off, and nothing appearing in the Treasury to supply with provisions, It is therefore ordered, that a copy hereof be forthwith sent to Lt. Col. Thomas Packer, signed by the President with advice from this Board, to visit the Garrisons in Dover and Oyster River, and wherever he shall find the inhabitants willing to subsist the soldiers. Passed until further care can be taken for subsistance there to continue so many as are posted there, and such as are not willing to subsist the soldiers aforesaid, to draw them off until further orders, taking their answers from under their hands; and the Lt. Coll. shall have power to order men out of Hampton & Portsmouth in proportion for those that remain posted, for which this shall be the Lt. Col's Warrant.

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