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B. II. p. 148.

At a Councill held at New Castle

August 11th, 1694.


Nath'. Fryar, Esq. President. Robt. Elliott)

William Vaughan la Peter Coffin Esqs.

Richa, Waldron 3 llen. Green) The President acquainted the Board of what the Lt. Governor spake concerning the Mr (master) of mast-ships not showing their clearings to him, as to acts of Parliament.

Ordered, That notice be given from the Board, to the officers thereto appointed, that they take care that if the master of the mast ships complained of, omit their duty in the breach of any of their Maj’ties' Laws, they be prosecuted [according] to law.

The Council was dismist.

B. II. p. 149.

Boston, 20 October, 1694. Gent This day Wm. Stoughton, Elisha Cooke, Isaac Addington, Esqs. discoursed with myself relating to supply ye Province Hampshire with men &c. for reliefe and defence of ye Province: whoe, I acquainted that I was desired by yourselves, to make aplication to Sir Wm. Phips & Council, for men and ammunition & provision for your posts; whoe signified to me that their law had now made provision for supply of, and reliefe to other places, and that they were ready and willing to the same; but withal, do judge the Province Hampshire ought to pay for men, amunition and provision, proportionable with themselves, of which are desirous to know what may be done therein; & withal acquaintt me that many soldiers whoe had been in the Province to serve itt, were very ill treated; the which I am altogether ignorant of.

That there may be no neglect on my part, accordingly writ to Capt. Fryer to call you, gentlemen of the Council, to consult what may be proper to be done therein, as to ye whole or part; and upon receipt of your conclusions and result therein, and notification from yourselves, what may be proper for me to doe, I shall withal readiness doe that which may be for the preservation and well-being of ye Province; and that no time may be neglected, pour speedy answer hereto will be requisite:

which is all at present from

Gent" yrs.

B. II. p. 150.

Boston, 18th October, 1694. Gentl".

Yors of 13th instant is come to my hands-in which take notice of your willingness to bear a proportionable part according to ye present circumstances of ye Province; & that when an Assembly is called, you hope nothing will be wanting according to your circumstances & ability of the Province: In answer to which I shall be ready and willing to doe what may be proper for their Maj'ty's service and good of the Province.

Therefore, upon signification to me from yourselves, when that itt may be proper and convenient to have an Assembly called, I shall returne to the Province Hampshire and issue out precepts accordingly.

Had you, in yours 13th instant, signified when you desired an Assembly might be called, for their Maj’tie's service, I should have dispatched for accomplishing the same; however, in ye mean time, I shall endeavor to inform my self from this Government, what they judge proportionable, soe that itt may be duly considered and provided for; and your answer hereunto by first opportunity is expected, by, Gentlemen, yor friend

JOHN USHER. Superscribed — “For Capt. Natheniel Fryer Comme-in-chief, Prest. of the Council, Province of Hampshire.

In their Maj’ties' service."

B. II. p. 151.

New Castle, 3d, gbr, 1694. Ilonble Sir · Being informed by our Lt. Govern' of your readiness to give us assistance against the common enemy, upon our signification of what number of men we desire, and what we will contribute to the charge thereof;—we say: · That having late advices of ye enemy's design against us, and hearing from the Eastward that ye Indians encamped are already out, whom we may hourly expect to make an attack upon us; wee think it necessarily incumbent on us to consider and do what may be most proper for defence of their Maj’ties' subjects; & for-asmuch as this Province, being a frontier to the enemy both at sea & land, is at extraordinary charge for soldiers to strengthen the upper towns, and keep their Maj’ties' post at New Castle in a posture of defence against a sea invasion; besides the constant watching, warding and scouting of our inhabitants, which takes up much of their time: considering also that the preservation of this Province will be very much for their Maj’ties' interest, as well as the loss will be detrimental to your own Government, by giving the enemy the greater encouragement & advantage against you, wee therefore now make our application to you, and desire that for their Maj’ties' service, you would please forthwith to send us 60 soldiers for the better defence of this Province; and, notwithstanding the great charges aforesaid daily growing upon us, we shall take care for supply of said soldiers with provision and amunition during their continuance within this government. An answer hereto we pray by this messenger.

Superscribed - "Letter to Sir Wm. Phipps gbr 34, 1694.”

B. II. p. 152.
Honrble Sirs.

Yours of the 3d currant was this day laid by his Excy before the Board, wherein you propose to be assisted with sixty soldiers from this Province; and that you will subsist them and supply ammunition; representing the extraordinary charge you are at, and the difficulties attending their Maj’ties' subjects within your parts by frequent passing upon duty: In all which you cannot but be sensible that we have much more to say on behalf of this Province; besides that our outposts, which we are at very great expense to support, are no little security to your Province; however, are willing to give what assistance we are able, to our neighbors and fellow subjects; and have advised his Exo that he give orders for levying the numbers of men you desire - expecting that over and above what you propose for subsistence and ammunition, you do further advance one third part at least of their pay; which you cannot think to be out of proportion, but will be readily consented to by you. His Excy is about to prepare orders for raising of the men, who will be got ready with what speed may be, and desire your answer to these: By order of his Excy, the Governor and Council,

ISA. ADDINGTON, Sec". Boston, November 6th, 1694.

Superscribed -“For their Maj’ties service.
To the Honblo John Usher, Esq. Lieut. Governor, the
Councill and Assembly of their Majys Province

of New Hampshire." THESE.

B. II. p. 153. [Speech in the handwriting of Lieut. Governor Usher, but without signature.]

New Castle, 6th November, '94 Gentl", — Having to the last Assembly presented the then state of the Province and laid before them the absolute necessity of raiseing money for suport of ye Governm', repairing of their Maj’ties fourt & paymett of Debts due from the Province, (and though there was then a long cession) yet could not prevail for raiseing any money; & having my speech to the then Assembly now recommended to your consideration ; — have the less to say.

I judge you are nott unacquainted with the enemy's destroying many of their Maj'ties' subjects at Oyster River since the setting of the last Assembly: shall say, had money ben raised that my hands might have ben strengthened, the enemy should never have gone off without a repulse, as they did. One third of ye Province was ordered for reliefe, and to pursue and kill the enemy; but by reason of the not having of provisions, the soldiers returned without doing any execution. I called ye captains to consult what may be proper to be done in case of another attack by ve enemy: with much difficulty concluded a number should be in readiness to march; but as to provision, could not find any encouragement ye same should be provided.

I have issued out warrants to the several Towns for a number of men to be impressed, to be ready at an hour's warning, for march; and, if the enemy makes an attack while I am in the Province, God willing, I design in person to be att ye head of ye forces appointed to be raised.

Judge one thousand or fifteen hundred pounds will be necessary to be raised; butt as yet not having acct what the Province is indebted, nor what rationally may be expected; the which when I am informed of, shall lay perticulars before you.

As to what hath been in my power, hath hitherto endeavored to discharge my duty with a good conscience to God, and my King, for ye good & preservation of this Province: as formerly, soe again, if you strengthen not my hands for support and defence of

the place, if ruin comes, the blaimable cause will not lay att my door.

Att all times have manifested my rediness to serve you to uttermost of my power; having ben ready and willing as to ye powers of the king's prerogative, which is invested in myself, to execute the same for the well-being of ye place.

I shall only add, we have acct two bodies of the enemy is out; the which with other circumstances doe require your expedition as to matters laid before you.

And as I assure you, nothing shall be wanting on my part, as to what may be proper for me to do for well being of ye place; (having due regard to the king's honor and prerogative), soe hope nothing will be on yours.

B. II. p. 69.

At a Council held at New Castle

November 30, 1694.


The Lieut. Governor.
Robt. Elliott)

Nath'. Wear
Peter (offin Esqs.

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.
Hen. Green)

Richard Waldron ) Ordered, That notice be given from this Board to the several towns, viz Portsmouth, Hampton, Exeter and New Castle, and Oyster River, that all persons bring in their claims, what the province is indebted to them since 15th May last, to Capt. Dow, Capt. Packer, Capt. Woodman, who are appointed to receive the same at New Castle, on Tuesday the 6th inst, and that the Committee make return of the same, the same day at 2 o'clock.

Ordered, That those that have, or shall hereafter go express to Boston or elsewhere for their Maj’ties' service, are to be paid out of the public Treasury.

Held by adjornment, 7th inst.

Present - [The same.] Capt. Henry Dow, Capt. Tho. Packer, Capt. Jno. Woodman, being a committee to receive the accounts of the Province debts since 15th May last made their return - amount- £322: 19:2d, as on file.

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