Gholson Road: Revolutionaries and Texas Rangers

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Donna Gholson Cook, 2003 - Fiction - 428 pages

Ruth Lee has channeled a wealth of information for the transformation of those on the planet at this time. Can You Pray? is the spiritual alchemist's bible, offering formulas for self-revelation and personal transmutation. The Teachers who speak through Ms. Lee are sometimes witty, other times stern in their advice to the Group, but the wisdom they bring is an undeniable resource in the scope of our changing times.

Carole J. Obley, author and teacher of Spiritual Development seminars, and a Certified Medium and graduate of Delphi University.



In this book, many soul-searching questions are brought to the surface, such as, Why am I here? Where will I go when I die? Teachers from other dimensions come to Earth to deliver wisdom and enlightenment to the human race.

Freddie Cecchini, The Business Minister, Creating Soul In Your Business, Making Life Easier, Certified by Deepak Chopra in Primordial Sound Meditation.


Published in the Spring of 2002, this is the printed version of a series of channeled sessions that occurred in 1997. Pittsburgh native Ruth Lee, sat with a physical group of individuals as she conversed with a Spirit group of teachers, some who have lived on Earth before, some from far-flung planets and some who refused to give up any personal information lest more attention be given to the messenger than the message. This ethereal group provided a blueprint for exploration into the deeper questions of life, and at the same time asking, "What if we had the ability to create our own reality?"

Ruth spoke and typed at the same time. When finished, the physical group were given the computer files and were asked to collectively produce the book, a task in which they were put to the test of implementing the knowledge of Truth presented in the book to create the interesting way to prove the validity of it's teachings and of their integration into the consciousness of those who witnessed their acquisition.

This is a book rich in eternal truths and presented in an "Old World" style of language that does much to communicate the rich wisdom expressed during channeled sessions.

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