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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1857, by

0. PRESCOTT HILLER, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.



The following light papers have been written in intervals of relaxation from graver duties and studies. They are intended to express the thoughts and feelings of an American, in visiting some of the interesting scenes of his “father-land.” They may not, perhaps, offer much to interest English readers : they are intended more particularly for the eyes of such of the writer's own countrymen, as have not been favored with the same opportunities of visiting spots hallowed by so many golden memories and associations. Remembering the delight with which he himself once perused works of this character, he now, in his turn, felt it a kind of duty to endeavor to communicate a similar gratification to others. Some of the scenes here described, have, indeed, been often pointed out before, but they could not well be passed by without notice. Others, he trusts, will be found new: at least, they are such as the writer has not seen described elsewhere. And even those that are old will, he flatters himself, be found presented under new aspects; for when a writer relates with simplicity what he has beheld with his own eyes, there will always be a certain freshness in the description, which will give the subject an air of novelty, and invest it with a new interest. If the following pages shall be the means of affording such gratification to his readers, the writer's purpose will be answered.

APRIL 7, 1857.

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