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This book is prepared for the use of pupils in grammar schools; that is, for pupils who have already attended school three years and have been carefully drilled upon numbers from one to one hundred.

It reviews and emphasizes what has previously been learned, and advances by easily graded steps to the consideration of problems more difficult and complex. The steps are so arranged that but one difficulty at a time is presented, and a principle is laid down or a method indicated only when the statement seems necessary.

This is an auxiliary book, whose purpose is to aid pupils to do rapid, intelligent, accurate work in arithmetic. The mental training derived from the solution of problems in sight arithmetic is of the highest value.

The book contains sufficient data for the solution of all the examples given.

Before the daily work in written arithmetic, a ten-minute drill in this book upon work of the same kind will act as a mental stimulus and incentive that will enable pupils to do their written work with increased activity of thought and clearness of perception.

Again, when a class needs special drill upon the four fundamental processes or upon fractions, it will be profitable to turn to exercises bearing upon the subject in which the class needs strengthening.

The most difficult and complex examples given can be easily and accurately solved by any one who has been thoroughly drilled upon the preceding exercises. This thorough mental preparation enables pupils to solve the problems in written arithmetic, involving larger numbers, quickly, easily, and confidently, as the principles and methods involved are clearly apprehended through application to similar examples dealing with smaller numbers.

In the preparation of the book the author has received valuable suggestions from many teachers. He is especially indebted to Mr. CHARLES F. King, Master of the Dearborn School, Boston.

W. F. B. CAMBRIDGE, Jany. 1895.

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